Offthetrails Paranormal Investigations is a fifteen person team, based in Florida, with the mission of verifying or disproving claims of paranormal activity in private residences and public buildings.  We utilize state of the art technology combined with personal experience. We do travel throughout the Eastern half of the United States. Our team consists of MaryJo Fister (Lead Investigator, Case Manager, Researcher), Greg Bush (Lead Investigator), Will Indovina (Investigator), Angel Indovina (Investigator and Researcher), Leah Scott (Investigator and Sensitive), TJ Scott (Investigator), Rena Thompson (Investigator), Sandi Thompson (Investigator), Laura Lynch (Investigator), Audrey Morahan (Psychic), Kelly Jiminez (Investigator Trainee), and Terri Reed (Psychic Medium). In Ohio, we have Dorothy Moorhead (Investigator) and Barb Kiley (Investigator). All investigations are conducted professionally and courteously and are always free. Check us out on Facebook as well.


“I highly recommend them!!! Love OPI.” Melodie, SC

“Very professional, and dedicated to their job. I witnessed everything and it is legitimate! I never thought I would be able to see, hear and feel the paranormal in such a degree. I totally recommend the team. Thank you for investigating my home.” Priscilla, FL

“There are great teams out there, but these guys blew my mind when they offered to help us by giving us some equipment after my teams was lost in a flood. Many profess para unity, few really mean it.
Amazing team with good morals, love and dedication. I wish them all the best, and I’m sure they will go far. Stay true to yourselves no matter the pressure.” Dany, OK

“These folks are absolute professionals. Not a scam. They were upfront and were even good about explaining everything to my kids!” Abi, MD

“The absolute BEST!!! Very sincere, caring and genuine 100%!!!” Annmarie, FL

“They were great, and answered a lot of my childhood questions.” Randa, OH

“They were very nice people and they take care of their customers after the investigation and they really do care about the family and respect everything. I would recommend them to everyone and anyone who is having paranormal experiences at their house and or workplace. They are just amazing. That’s the only way to explain this team of great people.” Martin, FL

“You will never know how much I appreciate all you have done. Your team is unbelievably accurate.” Sandy, FL

We are proud members of The Ghost Adventures Crew. We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Zak, Aaron, Jay and Billy for accepting us into the GAC Family!

OPI is pleased to announce that we have been listed in Paranormal Societies, the online directory of paranormal teams.

The Online Paranormal Society Directory
ParanormalSocieties.com – The Online Paranormal Society Directory

Phone: (772)267-2034

E-Mail: mjandg@offthetrailsparanormalinvestigations.org

Visit Our Sister Site: http://www.offthetrails.com



The following video clips contain EVP’s from our recent investigations of Pennhurst Asylum and Fort Mifflin. We highly recommend use of high quality head sets when listening. Ear buds don’t provide adequate noise cancellation.


Fort Mifflin: