4th Floor – Anonymous Hotel – 09/2012

The 4th Floor, Anonymous Hotel

We were very happy to have the opportunity to investigate for a short time the unoccupied floor of a hotel. Staff reported it haunted. Two guests died there, and one staff member who had worked there for over 30 years, has been seen. We were able to check it out for ourselves, and believe they are right! We did get some interesting EVPS. A little girl’s voice says, ”Over here.” Two voices, sounding like women’s, are talking, although we can’t make out what they are saying. Photos do show a few orbs. If it is dust, there should be many, many more, since the rooms were not cleaned and we found them to be very dusty. The air was heavy, and one of our guests said she felt dizzy. They both heard footsteps. When we asked, immediately, if anybody wanted to speak with us, the ovilus uttered, “hide.” The Mel meter showed some activity, with a reading of 1.1. The ovilus had some very relevant words, including, die, bury, and rooms. It said some women’s names. Then it became very quiet, finally saying the word, “enough.” We are grateful to have had a chance to investigate a place no one else has!