About Us

Team Members

Offthetrails Paranormal is an experienced paranormal investigative and research team that prides itself in our professionalism and results. We treat each case with the utmost respect and attention to detail. There are five members to our team:

MaryJo Fister: Co-lead Investigator, Case Manager, Researcher

Ms. Fister has had many personal experiences with the paranormal throughout her life, and has used those experiences as fuel to discover the truth about the paranormal activities that she and many others have felt.

Greg Bush: Co-lead Investigator

Mr. Bush has also had many personal experiences and has set out on a quest to record and document proof of paranormal activity.  Mr. Bush is also Assistant Case Manager for the team.

Will Indovina: Investigator

Mr. Indovina brings with him a wide range of experience in paranormal investigating and puts that to good use in his own investigative style.

Angela Indovina:  Investigator

Ms. Indovina has had personal experiences with the paranormal since age 2, and has a strong curiosity combined with a healthy dose of skepticism to balance out her investigative talents.