Ada & Rafe’s House – Madison, ME – 11/2013

Ada and Rafe’s House
Madison, ME
Nov. 2013

When Ada contacted OPI, her young son was experiencing a “ghost boy” in the house. She was seeing shadows and hearing noises. A back room seemed to be the center of the activity. When we arrived, the house was in an established neighborhood of older homes. Ada and Rafe were in the process of doing some overdue remodeling on their home.

Meter sweeps showed a high amount of EMF from the old outlets and switches. We focused on the upstairs where most of the activity seemed to occur. Greg saw a shadow dart across the room. We had many pictures showing energies. Through EVP sessions, we determined that 3 souls were there, but had never lived in the house. One was a little boy, who told us a dog had bitten him. Ada’s son said the boy had something wrong with his face, so maybe it was the dog bite. The little boy didn’t like dogs, but did like the cat the family had. He told us his name was Carmen. Researching, we found the name was common in Italian and Hispanic families. The other 2 spirits were adults, and claimed to be cousins. We heard both a child’s voice and a man’s ask for help. They said they were from the 2000’s. The woman told us her name was Denise. We heard the name Ham, too. Rafe had nailed a board over an opening in the floor in a back storage room for the children’s safety. “Let us out,” implored a voice. Rafe told us he would re-open the hole. When we asked how they liked having the promise, a woman’s voice told me, “I love it. I can go. Love it.” Apparently they believed that was their only exit. The little boy told us Ada’s son was “my brother” and that he liked their daughter, too. We used the flashlight to communicate as well as the spirit box and ovilus.

The homeowners asked us not to use any pictures or videos of their home, and we respect their request.