Bissman Building – Mansfield, OH – 3rd Visit – 03/03/2013

Bissman Building

OPI has had so much activity on our previous visits, we returned again! It was very cold! We discovered that there had been a major flood and soaked everything! Although it had been cleaned up as much as possible, there were icy spots! The paranormal dynamic, we believe, shifted. We couldn’t contact Ruthie at all. We did encounter a spirit that seemed to me to be negative! We have many relevant EVPs!

We began our investigation in the cellar. We asked for Murphy, who had communicated with us on earlier visits. We had no luck! We called for the girls who had once been part of the brothel. Two women’s voice’s curse, “M—–F—–s!” There are several orb photos, including a red one with a faint face inside. So many illegal happenings in the early 1900s! Could this be one of the gamblers or pimps? Or the man who murdered the little girl? We weren’t able to go into the wet storage room, because it was full of water and ice. This is where the rape and murder occurred. A man’s voice in the basement told me to “leave”, “Go to hell”, and “leave, dummy, leave.” Greg and I both heard women’s voices whispering, but couldn’t really make out what they were saying. In the dry storage room, Greg made a loud noise, and said, “It was me!” Another voice returned, “It wasn’t me!” I asked if anyone knew Ben Bismman, and a voice enjoined, “Know Ben – my brother.” About 30 seconds later, the same voice repeated, “Ben, my brother!”

On the 4th floor, I tried to contact Ruthie, who was a little girl in the early 1900s. Greg went downstairs to get new batteries. After a few minutes, I sensed a negative presence. I don’t normally get nervous, but this had me a little uneasy. A little later, while Greg was taking pictures, he caught a mist figure! I think it was the negative presence I felt. A friend, who is sensitive, told us that in the photo, she sees an older, blue collar worker. Our medium, Dawn, saw two figures, a man and a woman. In 1909, a man was killed on his last day at work. Could this be him, angry at having his life cut short? Or is it someone else? Who was the woman? I was unable to get any communication from Ruthie at all. Maybe she was afraid! EVPs when I asked for Ruthie, told me, “Ruthie is gone” and “Ruthie’s gone.” I heard a girl say “Ruthie, Ruthie” and a man speak the words, “Cry, cry.” Several seconds later, “I’ll kill you.” can be heard. We’re not sure who the voice is speaking to. Also on the 4th floor, a high pitched voice said, “Hit me, I like it!” We’re not sure who this might be!

The third floor, we conducted a Spirit Box session. In answer to our question about being connected to the Bissmans, we heard, “Yes!” “Why do you stay here?” we asked. “A bad boy!” was the reply. We were told to “get out” twice and “get out, okay.” “Is there something you want? we inquired. The answer was, “I don’t want it!” “Go back” another voice told us. We also heard a voice on the spirit box tell us, “Dorothy sounds the same.” Our teammate is named Dorothy. Is she the one the ghost was referring to? Or was there another Dorothy? One of the ghosts told us that they all know each other.

On the second floor, we again tried to contact Ruthie, but again had no luck. It was fairly quiet, except for the constant water flow. Joe told us that the water had been turned off by both the city of Mansfield and the Bissman Building, but it still ran! No one could quite explain it! It was very cold in the former roasting room. We caught an “Ah shit!” EVP!

In the garage or car museum, we were talking about an RV parked there. I made a comment about how much fun it would be to travel in it. I heard a man’s voice call out, “Not!” or “What?” I turned and hoped to see something or hear more. Later, reviewing photos, there is a figure of a man back in the corner, sitting in a chair! Was he the one who spoke? We asked to talk with the boy we contacted the last time we were there, but he never spoke to us.

Although we heard no footsteps or other unexplained sounds this time, and saw no shadow figures, we are sure spirits are present. We think that the flood may have caused either new ghosts to enter the building or previously dormant ghosts to become more active. Spirits are attracted to moving water due to the energy it produces. We’ll be happy to return when the opportunity presents itself!