Bobby Mackey’s Music World – Wilder, KY – 09/2014

Bobby Mackey’s Music World
Wilder, KY
Sept. 2014

Bobby Mackey’s has become something of a legend in the paranormal world, due to it being featured on TV shows including “Jerry Springer”, “A Haunting”, “TAPS,” and “Ghost Adventures”. There are many stories that have grown up around the club. Bobby has had the nightclub since the 1970s. He is a country singer. Before that, the building was a slaughterhouse, a nightclub, speakeasy, and a bowling alley. Hence, it has a history. Wilder is a small town near Cincinnati, Ohio.

The building itself is on the outskirts of town. It consists of a bar, dance floor, stage, cellar, upstairs apartment, pool hall, gift shop and restrooms. These, of course, have had various uses throughout the years. There are rumors of mob connections, and tales of two women, Pearl and Johanna, who died there or nearby. The man who was a caretaker in the 1970s claimed that a demonic entity inhabited the place. An old abandoned, filled in well in the cellar is reputed to be a portal to hell.

We were curious and decided to investigate. This particular night, the team was Greg, Angel, TJ and I. Since the well is so well known, we started there. According to local legend, two men killed a young woman – Pearl, the pregnant girlfriend of one of them, and threw her headless body into the well. We asked for a name, and through the spirit box, we heard “Greystone.” Who that is, we don’t know. We introduced ourselves and merited a “hello.” We asked if we were speaking to a gentleman. “F**k you!” a voice shouted. We asked if this was a woman. “F**k me!” replied the voice. “Rape you,” was a threat we heard over the box. An angry presence told us, “Shit! Damn! You’re not this princess, ya got that!” “You can’t beat me!” another voice declared. These may be the gangsters who helped run the speakeasy. We heard whispering and singing, although we couldn’t make out what was being said or sung. It sounded like chanting. A voice declared, “Not near you.” Perhaps it was Native Americans who once lived in the area. During a flashlight conversation, we were told that a Native American was present. Stories of Satanic rituals have circulated, too. When we asked how many spirits were there, a voice told us, “There’s just me.” We heard a child yell, so we tried using the laser light. “Overused,” was the thought expressed by someone.

We proceeded to The Room of Faces, so called because people see faces on the walls, due to discoloration. Greg took a picture, but it was very dark. We asked, “Is the dark picture you?” “Impossible! Not me!” replied a voice. Someone, apparently tiring of our questions, declared, “Oh! F**k! Ya gotta get over it!” In answer to our questions about gambling and poker, a voice told us, “Never played that!” Mackey’s was a popular gambling casino at one time, before Bobby took ownership and made it a honky tonk. “Is there anything you’d like to share with us?” we asked. The responses were, “”Wow! Can’t you hear us?” from a juvenile voice and “Can’t you hear us?” from a masculine voice. Ending the EVP session, I said “Thank you,” as usual, and had a “You’re welcome” in return!

In the dressing room area, Johanna is supposed to let her presence be known through the smell of roses. We all did smell roses there, although we didn’t get any EVPs. Johanna is supposed to have committed suicide after her father killed her lover. TJ was sitting in there when a picture showing a green orb was taken.

There is a tiny jail cell in the cellar, too. This was used allegedly by gangsters. When I remarked that it was very tiny, a voice uttered, “You’re sitting in my seat!” Seconds later, the same line was repeated! We were ordered to “Get out!” We did have a temperature change on the Mel meter, getting colder.

Upstairs in the pool hall, a man’s voice told Greg he was “stupid.” During our EVP session with the spirit box, a feminine voice asked us, “What’s your name?” Shortly afterwards, she demanded, “Stop bugging me!” Another voice asked, “Hey, man, what the 3 of them know?” There were 3 of us there! We heard the names Sarah and Wilma. A voice stated, “I’ve been so worried!” We don’t know who the spirit was or why it was worried. Did Sarah or Wilma have something to do with it? We don’t know. There is a picture of TJ with a dark energy.

Sitting at the bar, we had some activity. Some of the EVPs include:
“What’s up, sweetheart?”
“Skeeter, you’re workin’ here!”
“We’re focused! We drink! We’re dinin’!”

They are relevant for the location we were at, certainly. When we asked if anyone knew Carl, the former caretaker, the retort was, “Yeah, bitch!” When we asked if anyone knew Wanda Kay, who used to lead the tours there, a man’s voice demanded, “Go get her!” A man’s voice encouraged, “Don’t give up the fight for the soil!” and “We’re patriots!” We had asked if any spirits were there before the settlers. Perhaps it was a Revolutionary War soldier, or even a Civil War soldier. There are several photos showing both negative and positive energies there. Perhaps someone was protecting us.

Angel and I went into the Ladies Room. We did hear f**k through the spirit box a few times. In answer to our question, “Do you ever use this bathroom?” we heard, “There are people in here.” It was said in a very strange voice. At the end of the session, after I said thank you, a voice replied, “You’re welcome. We’re gonna quit.” Both hostile and polite spirits were in there. The most interesting time was when the bathroom light was accidently turned off by one of the overseers who was there with us.

Sitting in front of the stage, again through the spirit box, we caught the names Ruth, Eddy, and Patrick. When we asked about Pearl, a voice asked, “What about her?” Someone told us, “I work here. That’s real.” We were told to shut up, and again we had the word f**k. There didn’t seem to be much activity there while we were there. However, we did take a photo of a negative energy on the floor near the stage.

We did venture into the men’s room, although some visitors have reported very negative feelings and actual touching there. In fact, one customer in the 1990s claimed that a spirit beat him up in the men’s room. That’s the reason for the sign on the front door. It alerts anyone coming in that this is a haunted location. We had no activity.

In the Gift Shop, which had been the VIP room, a voice asked, “Is Beau here?” Beau is a member of our team, but wasn’t with us that night! We did get some responses to our questions, but not much that was relevant. The Mel meter in the hall between the Gift Shop and the stairs going up to the apartment registered an 8.0.

We also went up to the apartment that had been Carl’s when he worked there. It is really just 2 rooms and a bathroom. Again, we didn’t get much activity. We did feel a negative presence there, however. There is photograph of Angel surrounded by a red energy. Red means angry according to a theory.

While we did experience activity at Bobby Mackey’s, it wasn’t all that we had expected. It was interesting! Different nights and different people will get different results. Another night might gain us more activity. We do believe there are paranormal occurrences, and we may have been protected by good spirits.