Private Residence Investigation – Carol’s House – Port Charlotte, FL – 10/2013

Carol’s House
Port Charlotte, FL
Oct. 2013

Since 2007, Carol claimed, a negative presence had been in her home. She wanted it gone! She reported many water and electric problems. We spoke to Carol several times before we arrived at her home. The house is fairly new, with three bedrooms, an enclosed pool, and a fenced yard. Carol lives with her dog, goat, prairie dog, and tarantulas. She was once a paramedic and is now a massage therapist. We had asked Dawn to visit ahead of us, and see what souls were in the house. She found four: Andreew, 42, gunshot victim, and three young women – all raped and tortured- Hailey, 24, Mia, 25, and Sydney, 26.

We investigated Carol’s bedroom and the two other bedrooms but concentrated on the family room, since most of the activity seemed to be happening there. Due to an unfortunate typo in Dawn’s message, we believed that Haley was only 4 instead of 24. We used Raggedy Ann as a trigger. We employed the flashlight as a means of communication, and it was successful. We asked if it was okay with them if OPI was here. “Oh, yes!” responded a male voice. We asked who was here. “Me,” replied a woman’s voice. When we asked if it was Sydney, the answer was “me.” We asked our usual, “Do you need help?” “We died,” was the heartbreaking answer. I was enveloped with a feeling of grief! I even cried. When I remarked that they were being cautious, I heard through the spirit box, “F*** you. F****you.” When we asked if they liked the prairie dog, Sandy, a male voice replied, “ I do. I ;love it!” Although we found out that Haley was not a child, we did captured child’s voice saying, “Doll’s for me!” The hand of Raggedy Ann did flicker several times. Was there a child passing through, or did Hayley decided to humor us? The ovilus gave us some very relevant words relating to the women: hunted, wrist cutting, rape, and blood curdling. We asked if they were here because Carol is a healer. The flashlight went on in an affirmative response. We asked about the water problems, “Shut up,” a male voice told us. As Greg walked by the hall, the motion detector light came on, but only once! He walked by that was several times, as did I, and the light only went on the one time! We also heard the word help.

In the guest room, I told the four souls that I empathized with their suffering. “Skip it!” I was told. Other EVPs include, “Cut me,” “I begged ‘im,” and a sigh. Mia, I believe, told me, “Hell, I hate you!” She told us she worked as a waitress.

In the other bedroom, converted to a music room, where Carol plays her drums, I spoke about how I love to garden, and how I like Carol’s flowers. “Do you like to garden?” “I do garden,” a male voice stated. Continuing to converse, I asked about favorite foods. “Pork chop,” a voice we believe was Andrew disclosed. I asked about favorite colors. A male spoke “bright green” and a woman “black.” I wanted to know if things look the same now as they did before. ‘Maybe,” a male voice revealed.

I did an EVP session in Carol’s room and found that the camera had been turned off! No evidence had been recorded
Dawn has been able to cross over all the spirits now. Sydney was the last to go. According to Dawn, she described some type of bunker in the woods, near water, where the young women were kept. Dawn believes they were from the 1980s, based on hairstyles. The name Bobby made Mia nervous, and there was a serial killer in the 80’s named Bobby Joe Long.