Investigative Updates

Upcoming Investigations:

Private Residence Investigation Follow-up – Stuart, FL – 01/29/2013

Private Residence Investigation Follow-up – Okeechobee, FL – 01/30/2013

Old Clay County Jail & Courthouse – Green Cove Springs, FL – 02/09/2013

Private Residence Investigation – Mansfield, OH – 03/03/2013

Prospect Place Mansion – Dresden, OH – 03/04/2013

Sedamsville Rectory – Sedamsville, OH – 03/06/2013

Dead Winter ParaCon – Somerset, KY – 03/08/2013 & 03/09/2013

Planned Investigations:

The following is a list of investigations that are currently in the planning and/or negotiation stages:

Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum – Weston, WV

Waverly Hills Sanatorium – Louisville, KY

Bobby Mackey’s Music World – Wilder, KY


Huguenot Cemetery – St. Augustine, FL – Oct. 2, 2011

Huguenot Cemetery, St. Augustine, FL

The Huguenot Cemetery in St. Augustine is one of the most popular tourist sites. Many people take pictures there and find orbs, mists, or other unexplained anomalies later. The gate is locked, and tourists can only view the cemetery from outside the wall. It dates from 1821 when yellow fever killed many of the city’s inhabitants. At the time, it was just outside of the north gate. Then non-Catholics were buried there; hence the name, Huguenot. Today, it is the center of town. The cemetery was closed to burial in 1884.

OPI visited and were able to capture on film a mist and bright orbs we believe are spirits. Our Mel meter showed spikes of activity that correlates with the orbs and mists. Since the site is on a busy highway, EVPs were inconclusive. Cars and other vehicles as well as tourists create a cacophony of sound. Our ovilus, however, spoke some very relevant words, such as fever, bury, and die. Judge Stickney is sometimes seen sitting in a tree, possibly looking for the people who stole his valuables, including his gold teeth. We do believe there is paranormal activity there.

Viking Cemetery – Ft. Pierce, FL

Viking Cemetery – Ft. Pierce, FL

The results of our investigation of the Viking Cemetery in Fort Pierce, Florida are vague. We saw no activity on our K2 meter, and heard none on the electronic voice phenomena. However, we did find orbs in the photographs, and an unexplained flash of light on a video frame. Greg, Beau, and I wandered throughout the cemetery using the K2 meter and either taking still photographs or videos. We spoke to the spirits and asked questions, but got no response. It wasn’t until we were back and analyzing our findings that we realized there had been some activity. Beau has a picture that is filled with orbs. We also have orbs in a picture Greg took of Beau and in two others. While reviewing the video, we realized there was an unexplained flash. It wasn’t a camera, since both Greg and Beau are in focus. There were no cars passing at that moment. The evidence is inconclusive and we may return again for further investigation. The Viking Cemetery was donated by citizens of the village of Viking in northern Fort Pierce, Jens and Agathe Helseth in 1905. Most of those buried there are Helseths, Summerlins, or Daniels. We found two infant graves – very sad. The cemetery has been used as recently as 2010.

Miss Carolines Guest House – St. Augustine, FL

Miss Carolines Guest House:  St. Augustine, FL
October 1st, 2011

Miss Caroline’s Guest House

Welcome to Miss Caroline’s, a historic home built between 1865 and 1885 by Miss Lucy Abbott and listed in the National Register of Historic Places in St. Augustine, Florida! Miss Caroline’s’ is now a restaurant and 3 room one bath guest house. Many, many people have experienced the paranormal here. The Captain is a main spirit, as is Rose. We spent the night here, in The Captain’s Room, hoping to meet the captain. While we had no personal experiences, we did catch an intriguing EVP while we were out of the room. There is a groan, slamming doors, and footsteps. No one was in the second floor at that time that we know about. Other spirits are a little girl and a woman named Rose. While in the ancient city, we also stopped at the Huguenot Cemetery, the fort Castillo de San Marcos, and the Catholic Mission Nombre de Dios to investigate. We have orbs in pictures at all three sites and an unexplained shadow in the cemetery.

We also were invited to check out the upstairs at Le Pavillon Restaurant just next door when we stopped in for supper. This has been here since 1868, first as a home. Two women are often seen in the upstairs dining room, which was a bedroom.

St. Augustine in the oldest European founded city in the USA, inhabited since 1565! There are bound to be spirits here!

The Cuban Club – Ybor City – Tampa, FL

The Cuban Club: Ybor City, Tampa, FL
September 24th, 2011

In 1917, the Cuban Club in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida, provided social activities and support for Cuban immigrants. During the early part of the century, Cuban Cigar making was a major economic activity. Many Cubans came here to participate. The Club had cultural events, a pool, and food that served as a venue for Cubans to gather and keep their culture alive. Since then, many events have contributed to the reported paranormal activity! We divided our time between three floors, including the theater where an actor reportedly committed suicide. Although we had few personal experiences, we did find some evidence! This included orbs and a mist, which was reflected in a mirror, along with a face. During one session, we communicated with the spirit of an actor in the theater by using a flashlight. The flashlight turning off meant “no”, but being on was answering “yes”. The light turned off and on as we questioned. He told us that he once had a lover here, but she wasn’t here now. An amusing moment was in the pool area. We were trying to communicate with a little boy is supposed to play ball there. When the question, “Is there someone with us?” was posed, the outside door rattle long and loud! We decided it was just a person outside trying to get in. We enjoyed our experience, and hope to repeat it at some time in the future!