Claretha’s House – Part 2 – Woodbine, GA – Sept, 2016

Claretha’s House, Part 2
Woodbine, GA
Sept. 2016

We’d had so much activity the first time! Claretha was feeling it more in the house than in the yard now, and asked us back. She and her son, Shaun, live on a huge parcel of land in a rural area. This time, Greg and I brought along Laura, Angel, and our new trainee, Clint. We divided into 2 teams: Greg and Laura as one, and Angel, Clint and myself as the other. We did a walk around the property and took photos. One taken at the tree showed a bright orb, high up, where in my mind’s eye I had seen a person hanging. I experienced a touch on my hand near the dog’s area.

My team began in the RV. We asked if somebody was running from something. Through the spirit box, we heard, “Not yet.” We asked about Claretha, and a female voice told us, “I don’t know her,” and “Who’s Claretha?” Also through the box, a male voice asked, “What’s up?” Both Angel and I experience the sensation of being in a moving vehicle. I wanted to hold on to something because the swaying was so real. Angel stood in the doorway, and the Ovilus gave the word “door.” We did have K2 interaction. We asked if a boy was with us, and the K2 lit up to the second light. A child’s voice said “big.” We asked,” Do you like using the K2?” and the light flashed to yellow. When asked, “Where are you from?” a child’s voice told us, “Washington, on a plane.” The K2 again flashed to green. There were also times the camera went out of focus for no apparent reason.

Greg and Laura did not experience the sensation of moving when they went in. Nor did they have any EVPs. The K2 reacted when they asked, “Do you like the trailer?” in the affirmative. Their camera went out of focus twice for no apparent reason. This might happen if a ghost or energy is crossing in front of the camera.

In Claretha’s bedroom, with my team, there were 3 distinct knocks. A man told us, “Rocky did it,” through the spirit box. Clint said he was pushed, as a child’s voice said, “Someone touched me.” A woman’s voice wailed, “I don’t know where he is.” This might be the circa 1850s black woman who in my mind’s eye had a small boy by the hand. She also said, “What you gonna do with me now?” A man declared, “He killed them.” Did he mean the woman and the boy? Or was someone else with her? The other team had a lot of K2 interaction. A spirit told them he was a child, played in the room, and was 8. He said he was Indian and was connected to the courthouse, not the church.

We turned the box on in the living room, and a young person responded, “How do?” The same voice said “Camper.” Using the K2, we asked if he had come with the courthouse steps. The K2 flashed yellow. “So you are connected with the courthouse,” we clarified. Again the meter flashed to yellow. We asked if Claretha was like your mom, and again the K2 flashed to yellow. We asked if he would do it again, and it happened. There was a Class B EVP that didn’t sound English.

Greg and Laura, in Shaun’s room, had much K2 communication. Again, the ghost said he was a child, and was not there to hurt Shaun. He confirmed that he comes and goes. He said to them, “Nothing hurts him” about Shaun. When asked his mommy’s name, the word “faja” is heard. It could be an attempt at “father” or a word from another language. There is also a yawn and a word that sounds like “tired.” With us, we had no valid EVPs, although the spirit box was drained.

Greg and Laura had K2 communication by the courthouse steps in the yard. It did light up on request. They believe a child is there.

We all joined together at the tree. We did get an image with the SLS of a small figure, child-sized, in front of the sign. It seemed to respond to a request, “Come here and take my hand.” It certainly appears as if a figure is touching my hand. Listening to the EVPs, I heard flute music, such as Native Americans might play. When we asked, “Did you lose someone here?” a Class B EVP answers, “I did!” in a male voice. We turned on the spirit box, and asked, “Who’s mourning here?” It sounds like a young woman replying, “We visit.” There is also a sob. When I asked if anyone wanted to talk about the servants (slaves) a female voice declared, “You’d break down!” We think this is a reference to the cruel way the “servants” were sometimes treated. A child’s voice asked for help. The Ovilus gave the words “war” and “Bible.” There is a photo of the bottom of the tree that looks like an elf or pixie face. It might be matrixing – our eyes playing tricks. However, it was there that we had the small figure.

We asked the homeowner to make sure each room gets some sunlight every day; have salt in each room; take salt baths as needed; sage when they feel it is important. We advised her to state her boundaries: “This is my house; anyone here must follow my rules. You are not to scare my child, me, or anyone in my home. “ Shaun might be a sensitive, and will have to learn to deal with spirits as he grows. It is not okay for them to bother him now. We don’t believe that anything is harmful at the present time, but will monitor the situation.