Denice’s Antiques and Collectibles – St. Augustine, FL – 08/2015

Denice’s Antiques and Collectibles
St. Augustine, FL
Aug. 2015

On this, our second visit to the shop, we found the garage area to be the most active, although Denice finds the area under the stairs to be her most interesting. The shop is on Aviles Street in the old part of St. Augustine, the oldest continually occupied European settled city in North America. The city is so rich in history and diversity! We love it! This building once housed a jail. Later, it was owned by a man named Ted, who doesn’t seem to like other people visiting “his home.” On this visit, Greg and I were joined by Paula.

We began in the garage, behind the store, and found it to most active! Turning on the spirit box, we distinctly heard the word “mommy.” This could be a reference to Denice who says children inhabit the building, and look upon her as their mother. We also have an EVP in which a woman’s voice says something sounding like “wilawila latchee” and a few other words that weren’t English and didn’t sound Spanish. It could be a Timucua, the people who lived here before Ponce de Leon came looking for the fountain of youth and the Spaniards settled. A male voice said the word “bitches” several times. It may have been Ted, not liking the fact that we were there. Another voice ordered, “Come on over here!” When I commented, “You are being aggressive,” the ovilus said “aggressive” and the answer “yes” came through the spirit box. We knocked twice, and herd an answering knock. The K2 interacted frequently, flashing to orange. This was done upon request as well as voluntarily. We took the opportunity to chat a bit, and using the K2 discovered that the spirit communicating liked chicken with grits, apple pie, and beer. It’s always gratifying to be able to know something about the person they are. We heard some tapping noises upstairs. Over the garage is the back porch to the small apartment Ted lived in. Paula and I investigated, and could find no reason for the noise. We wondered if Madison, Denice’s late young friend was with us. “Don’t call me,” a female voice said. Madison, though, was a young man. When we sympathized, “We are so sorry about what happened to you,” the K2 did flicker. Greg took several pictures showing both negative and positive energies. The activity seemed to slow, so we ventured into another room.

In the room with all the videos and records, we captured several clear EVPs. “Poke your nose,” was one that didn’t seem friendly. We also got the name Deana. We also hear, “What are you?” and “Where are you?” indicating someone couldn’t see us, but could hear us! We also heard the name Bubba. When I announced that I was ending the spirit box session, a male voice told us, “Don’t.” The REM feature on the SB 11 did react somewhat, but it was generally a quiet session.

Finally, we went to the room under the stairs, which always is a good spot for Denice. We had very little luck, however. Our only two clear EVPs were a child’s voice saying “Hey there!” and a female telling us, “Go back!” We did hear two bumping sounds. The first one did not get recorded! The second sound did, though. The K2 flickered once, and we had some pictures of a bright energy, which we think is protection.

All in all, we did have some results but not what we hoped. We understand that spirits don’t perform on request, and there is no scheduled matinee. There are many factors involved in investigation: weather, investigative traffic, personalities, time, season, etc. Maybe the next time, we will have more activity. We did have good results in the garage, so we will probably start there again.