Private Residence Investigation – Desiree’s House – St. Petersburg, FL – 10/2013

Desirees’ House
St. Petersburg, FL
Oct. 2013

Desiree claimed to have a presence in her home. She believed it was dark. She once saw a dark shadow in her bedroom doorway. The AC came on by itself. She lived in a home owned by her step-grandparents. The home was built in the 1970s, and retained a retro charm.

We found no unusual EMF readings either in or outside of the home. The activity was centered in the living room, although we did get some activity in the family room. Desiree told us her father, a skeptic, had some experience in the living room, too. We began in the living room. We used the spirit box, ovilus, K2, flashlight, and video camera. Our medium, Dawn had told us a total of four souls were there: a man named Mathew, 25; a 30 ish woman, Claudia; and two children, Jeff and Jackie, ages 3 and 5. For some reason, I kept calling Matthew, Michael. I discovered later that a young soul named Michael was following me. “We’d like to talk,” I began. “Then get on,” was the response. I asked for Michael. “Who’s Michael?” Continuing, we asked, “Is Matthew here?” “I’m here, Matthew!” a male voice answered. A female voice told us, “Hello, look at me!” It’s me!” I’m reminded of the time at the Stanley Hotel, when a voice told me that I knew her! The female voice then said in a sing song, “Somebody’s crazy!”

When we asked Claudia if she came from the 1930s, as Dawn reported, a voice replied, “I do. Hold on.” This was from the spirit box. We noticed the K2 flashing to red over and over, and the flashlight turned off and on. “We brought some new toys!” we announced. “Thank you,” a juvenile voice told us. Another said, “We thank you!” The children seemed to have been happy! We also had Raggedy Ann as a trigger, and she had twinkled some, but not often. “We play with things!” A voice told us. We heard some “shut ups” over the spirit box and also some cursing. “Who’s saying shut up?” I asked. “Shut up!” was the retort! I began to sense that Matthew might have a crush on Desiree. “Are you married?” we asked. “I’m not,” he told us. When I asked if he was the one telling me to shut up, he answered, “Correct.” That was the word he used to verify. During the investigation, the one we believe to be Matthew told us several times that he loved Desiree.

In the family room, we all heard a knocking on the wall! Although we tried to recreate it, we couldn’t. The walls are concrete block, and knocking on the outside did not sound the same at all! We also tried to get some EVPs in the master bedroom, which is being used as a storage room. We got nothing.

In the living room again, Desiree asked, “Do you enjoy waking me up?” A breathy, “ I do!” was her answer! The K2 seemed to respond to our questions, and consistently flashed to red. The REM pod went off several times, seemingly for an energy boost. When we asked .” Who is sucking it dry?” Our response was, “That would be me,” in a seemingly female voice. Desiree jokingly said, “I’ll cook everyone breakfast!” “There’s more!” a voice told her! I asked twice during EVP sessions what message anyone had for Desiree. Each time a male voice told me, “I love you,’ and “ I’m in love!”

Dawn was able to cross over all the souls. The children and Claudia went willingly, but Matthew wanted to stay with Desiree. Dawn confirmed what I already knew. He was enamored! Dawn reports that Claudia was about 30 and worked in a bank. She was killed in a robbery, pregnant. By an odd twist, her son survived, but died in a similar accident 4 years later. Jeff was killed in an airplane accident with his brother and dad. Jackie was a burn victim. The case is closed.