Equipment We Use

Here is a sampling of the equipment we use in our investigations, along with a brief description of how they work:

MEL Meter: Measures both the temperature and level of electro-magnetic fields in the surrounding area. Electro-magnetic fields are energy fields given off by spirits.

K2 Meter: Very similar to the MEL Meter except that it doesn’t measure temperature and is slightly less sensitive than the MEL.

Ovilus: A device that carries a 2500 word data base and allows spirits to “speak” with us. The energy is converted into an electronic voice. We’ve had some very good results with this piece of equipment.

Video Ovilus: A video version of the Ovilus. It includes a pair of video glasses that allow the wearer to see what the Ovilus is detecting and prints out the words on the viewfinder.

Spirit Box: This device scans the radio waves and allows spirits to answer questions we ask. It scans the white noise level where it is said that spirits communicate from.

Digital Voice Recorder: A very sensitive recording device that picks up spirit voices being spoken through the above mentioned white noise.

Full Spectrum Video Camera: This camera sees on all spectrums of the light field, not just the ones that can be seen with the naked eye. Spirits can often be seen within these non-visible light spectrums.

Full Spectrum Digital Camera: Much the same as the video camera, except that it takes still pictures only. It is recommended that you take many shots, as spirits may tend to show up in one and not the other.

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera: Sees through temperature. This camera is an invaluable tool for us because it sees temperature changes which may be a spirit and allows us to capture that thermal image.

REM Pod: This is an electromagnetic field booster that provides extra energy to spirits, helping them to manifest themselves. It also has an alarm that goes off in the form of colored lights when a spirit comes in contact with it.

Spectral Detector: A device that attaches to a DSLR camera and monitors fluctuations in energy readings. When there is a change in that reading, it automatically triggers the camera and takes a picture.

Flashlight: A simple twist top flashlight that has become an invaluable piece of our equipment. It allows spirits to communicate with us through simple yes or no answers to our questions.

Static Night Vision Cameras: These are video cameras that we set up on tripods and leave running all night, recording what they see onto a DVR system. Later, we can review this evidence to see if we captured any spirit movements in rooms where the cameras were set up. We have a total of 14 night vision cameras.