Hales Bar Dam & Marina – Guild, TN – Sept. 2013

Hales Bar Dam and Marina
Guild, TN
Sept. 2013

Hales Bar Dam is well known for its paranormal activity. It’s been investigated by many teams, including the TV teams TAPS and Ghost Adventurers. The known history goes back to the 18th century, and the unknown before that. In the 1700s, Cherokee leaders allegedly cursed the site because the white settlers had taken the land from them. The population grew in the 1800s. The structure was begun in 1905. During the construction, there were hundreds of deaths, some racially motivated! The dam was built of limestone, theorized to be a conductor of energy. The building standing today was the powerhouse for the dam. Two floors are submerged under the river. The dam operated between 1913 and 1968. First TEPCO ran the dam, and then TVA took over in 1933. Under Nickajack Cove today, is a submerged cemetery from the early 1800’s. Under Bennet Lake is a cemetery dating from the 1780s. When the new Nickajack Dam was built in the 60s, Hales closed, and was dismantled in 1969. In the building today is a whirlpool above where the turbines are. At its deepest, it is 60 feet! Tunnels used to cross under the river so workers and schoolchildren could cross. Two girls on their way to school drowned in the tunnel in a cave in. One is believed to be named Rachel. There are three main areas in the building: the powerhouse, the control building, and the tunnels.

We arrived while it was still light and set up cameras. We noticed that every time we walked past the stairs, it was warm, and the Mel meter readings were bizarre! The temperature was in the hundreds, and the EMF readings in the 20s! This happened every time! We tried to think of a logical explanation but couldn’t!

We did a circuit: the tunnels, the powerhouse, the various rooms in the control building, and then back again. We relearned an important lesson! As investigators, we don’t really know who we are talking to. During one K2 conversation, we thought we were speaking to a benign, even friendly entity. Listening to the EVPs, we realized this was not the case. The K2 meter activity here was amazing! We had two meters, and both were consistently going to red and holding! There is a tremendous amount of energy! There are some sounds, which while eerie, are not paranormal. Birds, animals, and rushing water are part of the makeup. The most active places for us were the catwalk and a big open room in the control building. The human souls there were cooperative when asked for a picture. Some were bright energy, and some very dark.

When we finally left, about 4 a.m., we were satisfied that we had encountered a haunted building. The meter readings, photos, personal experiences, and later, the EVPs verified the activity.