Kenilworth Lodge – Sebring, FL – 10/2012

Kenilworth Lodge
Sebring, FL

In 1916, George Sebring had a vision. He saw a community where people were happy, healthy, and engaged in wholesome pursuits. He built a hotel to complement his town, Sebring. He called the hotel Kenilworth Lodge. Well to do people from the north came on his train to stay for a week or two, or for the season. Some returned to live permanently in the town. Some guests and staff remain. The train continued on to Indiantown and the Seminole Inn, the brainchild of his friend. Off the Trails Paranormal, O.P. I., investigated the hotel with American Ghost Adventurers. We found several spirits still there! Although we contacted many, none were particularly communicative this night.

Soon after checking in, we contacted the spirit of a little girl. I used my cell phone to attract and keep her attention. Unfortunately, her attention span was short! Or their span, because I believe there were two little girls, one 9, as an EVP said, “I’m 9.” The flashlight conversation indicated that another was younger.

In one of the guest room, we encountered a spirit who claimed she was a Hispanic woman, about 25, who had married a wealthy man. She said her name began with a “Z”. She held that she was friends with other spirits there! The night we were there, an English folk dance troupe was there performing. This spirit said she watched and danced with them!

In the basement, there are remnants of boutiques from bygone days. When we asked who might be there, a voice captured on an EVP answered, “Clark.” The ovilus said the word “zoo” and our friend from AGA, Stephanie, who accompanied us, works at a zoo. The word “hiding” came over the ovilus, but we didn’t know if the spirit meant it was hiding or we should be hiding. Since we never felt threatened, we didn’t think we should be hiding! The ovilus also said “enough; indicating the spirit was done communicating.

In another room, we spoke with a little girl spirit. Stephanie sang to her. When she asked if she liked the song, the little voice caught on an EVP answered, “Yesss.”

We met a woman ghost who had taken her life in one of the guest rooms. Beyond sharing that, she wanted to divulge nothing. Her sorrow made us sad.

Late in the night, or early in the morning, we were in the Governor’s Room. This was named for a Governor’s Meeting there in the 1920s. In a light hearted manner, we asked the politicians we met there about Prohibition. We discovered that they liked to drink gin, champagne, and whiskey! They did not like Prohibition! We also found that it was once a Masonic Lodge, in the 1930s.

The hotel is beautiful, and we are likely to return for more visits with the Kenilworth spirits. There are many we’d like to learn more about!