Kenilworth Lodge – Sebring, FL – July 2016


Kenilworth Lodge
Sebring, FL
July 2016

On this visit, OPI was represented by Greg, Angel, Sandi, Rena, TJ and MaryJo, was joined by our good friend, Larry, from the Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigations, based in Fellsmere. We investigated our four rooms; Rena and Angels, Rm. 215; Sandi’s, Rm. 218; Larry’s, Rm 210; and ours, Rm. 110. We had visited Kenilworth twice before, and found it active paranormally, and charming historically.

In 1916, George Sebring had a vision. He saw a community where people were happy, healthy, and engaged in wholesome pursuits. He built a hotel to complement his town, Sebring. He called the hotel Kenilworth Lodge. Well to do people from the north came on his train to stay for a week or two, or for the season. Some returned to live permanently in the town. Some guests and staff remain. The train continued on to Indiantown and the Seminole Inn, the brainchild of his friend. It was once a Masonic Lodge, in the 1930s.

Our first site was Sandi’s room, 218. We encountered spirit activity and did communicate. The REM activated, showing spirit presence. Later, listening to our recordings, we heard the name Mike. A male voice commented, “Can’t fool them.” We used the K2 for a yes/no question session. In this way, we ascertained that we were with a woman whose parents worked for the hotel once, and was aware of Mr. Sebring’s anti-Indian feelings. A woman’s voice told us, “Keep on talkin’.” Later, she commented, “Anyway!” perhaps as a way to move on the conversation. We heard these two on the SB11. These are our Class As. There were many other EVPs. In the Class B category, I heard a woman’s voice answer Rena, “In the laundry room.” Rena asked where she worked. Another voice questioned, “What do you want me to say?’ The camera went out of focus for a second, as though someone walked in front of it. We found the room worthy of note.

Larry’s room, 210 was very interesting. We communicated, through a flashlight, with a ghost who said he was a young man who had worked on the highway. He was killed there, in an accident, between 1912 and 1919. We wondered if his family had been informed of his death. He said they had by turning the light on. He also liked us talking to him. We asked if he’d like to talk to us through the spirits box, and he indicated he would. We turned it on, and a voice came through. “Hi. Larry, coming from the box,” said a male voice. This is hard to hear, so we call it a Class B. Two other voices came through. One said, “I’m Jessie,” and the other, “I’m Jonathon.” A Class A was the word ‘up’ when we asked to turn the light up. Ovilus words included ‘adultery’, ‘dragged out,’ and ‘diseased.’ It also gave us the name Mark. The flashlight indicated this was his name. They were words that could have been relevant and were intriguing. We all saw a flash of light, and could not determine where it came from. On the second floor, cars wouldn’t be responsible. It didn’t come from outside. It didn’t come from any of the equipment. Unfortunately, the camera didn’t record it. After a time, the room was quiet, and we thought that Mark, or whoever we had been talking to was finished.

We thought that if hotel staff were communicating, they might gather in the Housekeeping Closet. The back stairs would have been a place where they cold exchange a word of gossip or lend a sympathetic ear to their colleagues. Sandi and I went into the closet. It was very quiet. I did hear the sentence, “Our people should know,” as I was listening later. We wonder what they should know. Maybe that guests were in the backstairs closet? My team was playful, and shined a light through the keyhole. “Do you see that light?” I asked. The K2 flashed to yellow in response. We did get some Class C EVPs, but they are difficult to interpret. The temperature did change from a 76.4 to a 78.0 during the few minutes we were in there.

Our final session was in our room, 110. I had been in contact with someone who said she was a young girl who used to come there with her family. She liked the lake, which is across the road. At one time, there was a walkway from the front steps of the hotel to the beach. I hope to speak with her again. Sadly, it was a rather uneventful meeting. We did get a couple of EVPs, but no Class As. The word ‘lakefront’ was spoken when we asked about the lake. The word ‘dam’ or ‘damn’ came through the box. Other than that, we had nothing. It was late, so we called an end to our investigation for this night. Chances are, we’ll go back.