Private Residence Investigation – Martin & Lora’s Home – Port St. Lucie, FL – 11/2013

Martin & Lora’s House
Port St. Lucie, FL
Nov. 2013

Martin called OPI with assertions of shadows, noises, and his sister being scratched and choked. He, his friend, and his sister all slept in the same room now because they were afraid to be alone at night. They had taken some recordings, which we reviewed. There did seem to be a voice responding to their questions. We asked Dawn to check out the souls who might be there, and she came up w with a total of 5. Three were murder victims, 2 men and a young woman. Two children, fire fatalities were also in the home. We arrived around 6:30 p.m. The family seemed genuinely scared. Friends came over to bear witness to the claims. They, too, were afraid. The hot spots seemed to be the daughter’s, Charli’s room, Martin’s room, and the family room. Meter readings were normal, except in one of the kitchen chairs. The K2 repeatedly flashed to orange, indicating a strong presence. During the course of the investigation, we did get activity in both rooms as well as in the living room. The house had been a model home for a builder some years ago. Before the family bought it, renters had occupied the house.

I put the flashlight on the couch, and immediately it went off and on. Someone was trying to communicate. Through yes/no questioning, we determined that it was Victor, the older of the two men. He was very angry. He was angry with us for being there, and for the family for not acknowledging him and the others earlier. Dawn alleged that the two men, Victor and Bobby, were father and son, and the young woman, Vicky, was the daughter and sister. The young children were named Shelley and Bruce. They were brother and sister, but unrelated to the others. I asked if one of them would tell me in what year he was born. “Yes . . . not yet,” was the response. “I’m gonna have to trip,”a male voice claimed. I asked that to try to gain a time frame of the event that led them here. I then asked if both Victor and Bobby were here. A male voice told me, ‘Right now,” while a female voice said, “Yes.” I asked if Victor was the one sitting in the kitchen chair earlier, but he told me, ‘No.”

We continued the investigation in Martin’s room using the spirit box. I asked for Bobby. “What’s up?” A male voice uttered immediately. “Do you like it here?” we queried. “I do!” he responded. There was some type of chanting in the background and children’s voices. Shelley and Bruce, perhaps? A voice called my name, MaryJo. I told the souls there I wanted to hear their stories. “Will you tell me” “OK, I will. Where’s your pencil? I think that indicates a sense of humor. Then a poignant comment was made. “I’m empty. Gunshot!” Dawn had told us earlier that she thought the three adults had been shot and/or stabbed. This comment correlates with her findings. In answer to the questions, “Is Vicky here?” we heard through the spirit box, “Ready.” Then there seemed to be two voices speaking to each other, but unintelligible. “Who touched my hand when I was in the living room,” I asked. “That was Shelley came the reply.

Lora told us that when she moved into the house, there were bullet holes in the garage door. Did this clue somehow lead the family to believe that this was their home? Martin’s room was converted from the garage.

In the family room, we continued the flashlight conversation. I asked, “If you are angry, turn the light off.” It went off. I continued, “If you are angry with me for being here, turn the light back on.” It went back on. “I consoled them, “We are not here to make you go.” “Okay, okay,” was the response. I then turned my attention to Shelley and Bruce. I asked if they were related. “My brother,” replied a juvenile voice. Then the words “kill, kill.” The little girl voice commented “Bracelet.” I was wearing a rainbow bracelet. We set up our Raggedy Ann meter as a trigger object. I asked if Shelly had once had a Raggedy Ann. Through the spirit box, I heard the word “yes.” I repeated “Yes?” “Yes!” came her answer again. “That’s you and her,” said a male voice, not through the spirit box. We then got several “shut ups”. Dawn told me Shelly liked to play hopscotch. When I asked her about it, and asked her to turn on the light if she did, the light came on.

Back in Martin’s room, Dawn asked Bobby to let us smell the gunpowder as a favor. We all did smell gunpowder!

In Charli’s room, a girl’s voice called “Robert.” It seemed as though there was a conversation going on between unseen entities. “Buck it up,” encouraged a female voice. “”Shut up,” said a male voice. The same male voice said, “Wake up.” There were several energy pictures taken in this room. When I ended the session, I asked if there was anything else anyone wanted to say. “Nothing,” was the retort.

In Laura’s room, I requested, “Tell me what you want to say!” A female voice told me, “Can’t talk here.” “I’d like to help!” I encouraged. “How I came here?” questioned a voice. Did she not realize how she came to be in this house?

Back in the family room, I heard “Help me” over the spirit box several times, once even hearing “MaryJo, help me!” Those souls who were here did want help. A male voice, though, told me to “Bend over.” I didn’t. The Raggedy Ann suddenly fell over. Later on, just before she fell, a voice can be heard saying, “Push it down.”

Outside, we did get some pictures of entities, although most activity was in the house.

Because Dawn told us they wanted to cross over, we did manage to cross them all. The family reported that they all slept in their own room that night and feel better about being in the house. We encouraged them to sprinkle the salts around the house to prevent any negative spirits from entering, and let us know if they need help again. The case is closed.