Masonic Lodge – Mid Ohio – September 2013

Masonic Lodge
Sept. 2013

Masonic Lodges invoke mystery, legends, secret rituals, and the Knights Templar. Since 1733, the Masons have been part of American History. In truth, with all the secrets, the Masons are a group of men with focus on charity and history. We at Off the Trails Paranormal Investigations were honored at being allowed a short time to do an investigation. We were able to come away with several pictures showing energies, a flashlight conversation, personal experiences, and many EVPs proving that the Masons may choose to remain in the Lodge! The ones we encountered were all gentlemen, and not a single curse word was uttered! For me, this was unique, since nearly every investigation involves some cursing and obscenities from someone!

The building we were in is the second Masonic Lodge on the sight. It was built in the 1950s. The first, built in the late 1800s, had burned down. We began in the pool hall. Families were allowed here. A voice that could have been either a young person or a woman told us, “Going for my mom. Damn it.” There was some chanting. We did get some pictures showing various energies, which all seemed to be positive! We asked, “Do you like hanging out here?” “Forever,” was the response. One of the members seemed to have loved pool! As conversation, I mentioned we had eaten in a Mexican restaurant. “What was your favorite Mexican food?” we asked. The replay was, “Fiery chicken.” We asked about the rules. “Enough” came from our ovilus! Maybe somebody wanted to keep those rules a secret! Fair enough! An unusual comment came when I said that I was ending the EVP session, and asked if there was something somebody wanted to tell us. “ Yeah . . . no freedom.” This was a man’s voice. We’re not sure what he meant by that.

In the hall outside, we engaged someone in a flashlight conversation. The light turns on and off in response to yes/no questions. The soul we were speaking with told us he knew our friend, Sam. He told us his name was Garland Johnson, a member who had died quite recently. He touched my leg, and we learned from Sam that he enjoyed a good joke. Someone who was there told us, “Have something wrong with my throat.” That was followed by a sigh. It was said with a raspy, whispery voice. It may have been Garland, but we don’t know for sure. When I asked him to turn on the light if he was the one touching me, the light went on!” A man‘s voice said, “That’s me!” when I asked, “Are you Garland Johnson?” As we ended our conversation, our ovilus gave us the word “pleasant”. It was a pleasant conversation, indeed.

We went into a great hall with a balcony. This is used for ceremonies and for family gatherings. We had some EVPs. A male voice intoned, “Count who’s present!” Our friend Shelley was there. She works with a civic group making pancakes at fundraisers. “Do you watch her?” we asked. There was tittering, as though someone was caught doing something a little naughty. When we asked, “Are you at the lodge because of your good time?” we received the reply, “Well, yes!” in a tone implying that was obvious! A minute or two later there were some musical notes, not heard by us at the time, but intriguing. Greg took some pictures of orbs, and the ovilus said, “East.” Shelley pointed out that it was the eastern side of the room! When we asked if someone here knows Sam, the puzzling answer was, “Not here.” Does that mean not from the lodge. If so, why was he there? Does it mean he knows him from a different life? Does it mean that our friend Sam is not the one he knows? We will never know, but it does provide some interesting thought! Finally, just before we left, I asked if it was okay that we were here. “You’re asking.” Again, what does that mean! It’s another baffling retort!

In conclusion, we believe there is paranormal activity at the lodge. None of it was harmful or threatening. It all seemed positive, although enigmatic. We’d love to spend more time there and learn more!