Maura’s House – Port St. Lucie, FL – March 2014

Maura’s House
Port St. Lucie, FL
March, 2014

Mara told us over the phone that her visitors were seeing people in the house who shouldn’t be there. Her middle school aged daughter reported to her in tears that a woman was following her and telling her not to tell anybody. Her son was in preschool and had special needs. The family had 2 dogs that were acting stressed. Lights flickered off and on, the TV turned off and on and she sometimes smelt odd odors. Maura was feeling anxious and wanted answers.

Greg, Dawn, and I arrived at Mara’s house and met the family. We brought along Felipe as a guest investigator. He was interested in paranormal investigating. The hot spots seemed to be her bedroom and her daughter’s bedroom. Dawn, our medium, had ascertained that 3 spirits were in the home. Rita and her son, Aaron, who was 5 and had special needs were there. Also present was CJ who claimed he had been a firefighter and died in a fire. Two dog spirits were also there.

Meter readings were fairly normal in most of the house, but in the spare room, they seemed high. They were also a little high in the living room. There was a change in the temperature on the Mel meter as it rested on the dresser. The temperature dropped a few degrees. It may have been paranormal, but we hesitate to say for sure.

In the spare room, I asked if there was anything I could do, “My wife!” said a voice through the spirit box. “Find his wife,” implored a voice that sounded like a woman’s. I told CJ that since he had died fighting a fire, he was a hero. “Once,” was the answer. I heard “Shut up!” several times. It may be the noise the spirit box generates that spirits don’t like, or it could be my questions. I also heard a dog bark, not through the box! Remember there were 2 dog spirits present, according to Dawn. When I announced the end of the spirit box session, a voice responded, “Thank you.”

In Mara’s daughter’s room, we also did a spirit box session. We again asked Aaron what his favorite flavor was. The response was the same, “Chocolate.” A voice also asked, “Up, pick up,” as a very young child might asked to be picked up. Since I had a sense the child, Aaron, might like soccer, we asked, “Do you like soccer?” ‘I do. I do!” was the reply. Continuing the question, we queried, “Aaron, do you like to play soccer?” “Yippee!” Felipe was wearing a superhero T-shirt. We wondered if Aaron liked it. “I do!” A hostile man’s voice was on some of the EVPs saying “Shut up,” “F*** you,” and “Get out.” We don’t think it was CJ. It may have been someone passing through.

While I was conducting the EVP sessions with Felipe, Dawn and Greg were taking pictures throughout the house and yard. They were able to find several spirit energies.

During a short break in the family room, we saw the dogs, just outside on the patio, suddenly became very agitated. They were barking and whining and pawing at the door. We aren’t sure why they behaved this way! It may have been the spirits of the dogs, but we don’t know. Greg did capture a photo of two orbs above the dogs on the patio.

We moved into the living room. Greg and Dawn joined us. Greg was coughing, and a female voice demanded, “Shut up.” A male voice told us, “This place is lonely.” This was not heard through the spirit box, but an actual voice. We asked Aaron if he wanted to play with the flashlight. A voice retorted, “No, I’d like to play with my crayons.” We thought this was an amazing EVP! We heard the name Rebecca through the spirit box. A told whoever was here, “You’re going to get your picture taken.” A child’s or girl’s voice said, “No, don’t!” As we ended the session, a male voice rejoined, “Bless you!” We determined through a flashlight session that CJ came to the home as an attachment to a truck Mara’s mom had bought from a firefighter.

OPI concluded that there was some paranormal activity in the home. The family wanted the spirits to cross over. They were willing, and so we were able to help Dawn in the crossover. However, several days later, she had reported that several other spirits had come into the house. We are still working with her.