Private Residence Investigation – Melodie & Carlos’ House – Pacolet, SC – 12/2013

Melodie and Carlos’ Home
Pacolet, SC
Dec. 2013

Melodie contacted us first about her cousin, then decided she’d like an investigation, too. We investigated her cousin’s home, and then did hers. She and her husband live with their two sons and their dogs in a rural community. Their home is surrounded by fields and forests. Next door is an abandoned home, in disrepair. It’s in this area that they captured some fascinating orb and mist activity. We investigated both the house and the field. We had interesting results. Melodie’s cousin had died fairly recently, and her death devastated the family. Melodie thought she might be in the home.

We began to setup in the living room, with the intention of taking the equipment outside to start the investigation. The K2 meter began to flash to red repeatedly, so we started there. Using the K2 along with the flashlight for communication tools, we were told that Whitney was in the room. She told us she liked hunting and fishing and paranormal TV shows. Melodie and Carlos asked questions, because they knew Whitney. They agreed that the answers seemed like they were hers. Another entity also seemed to be communicating, because initially we were told “No” in answer to the question, “Do you like the animals”, but later, the response was “Yes” to the same question. We set up the REM pod, and told the soul to use it for energy so we could communicate. Several times the Rem pod activated. EVPs included “Help me,” “I want some energy,” and “help me more!” When we asked, “Can you turn on the flashlight?” we were told, “I love you!” The room eventually began to get warmer, and in response to a comment on the room getting hotter, a voice said, “hotter!”

We thought it a good time to get outside and check out the yard and field. We caught the names Felipe and Pepe through the spirit box. Although the homeowners know of no Hispanics in the area, they could be Spanish explores from the 16th or 17th centuries. Twice a voice said “freak” but it’s unclear if he was speaking to us or about himself. We also heard the word “Fatal” through the box. The people who used to live in the house have died. I invited the souls present to talk to the camera. A woman’s voice demanded, “Talk to it!” A male voice protested, “ don’t wanna do it.” “Do it,” she insisted. This was a case of two souls conversing with each other, but about a request from us. A voice requested, “Help me, MaryJo!” Greg was able to capture several photos showing energies.

Back in the living room, we continued our conversations with whoever was there. A high meter reading indicated paranormal activity. “Are you a cousin?” we inquired. “Your cousin!” was the retort. Did one of my cousins decided to come along? Through both the K2 and flashlight, the entity indicated he or she was not unhappy we were in the home. “Thank you,” we said. “You’re welcome,” was the reply! When we asked if there was anything to tell Melodie, the soul posed a question. “Why’d she bring you here?” It sounded like an older man. Greg took a picture, and I remarked, “Just like a model!” “Hottie!” was the response! A sense of humor! Another example of the humor was when everything was quiet for a time, so I began to get up to move to another location. The activity restarted, so I sat back down and commented, “I just get up and now you want to talk?” “Thank you,” the essence retorted.

Melodie and Carlos thought one of the boy’s rooms would be a good place to conduct a session. We used the spirit box. The name Eric came through. We were asked, “Where are you?” indicating that perhaps the entity didn’t see us, either. A juvenile voice asked for help. We asked if kids were in the house. The answer was “Five.” We asked “Do you come from around here?” “Grant,” was the answer. Again, we captured pictures of energies, one negative but mostly positive. One was right on my hair! It was quiet for a time, so we went back to the living room, where we had so much communication.

We began to talk about TV shows, music, and other topics Whitney liked. The K2 and flashlight indicated her answers, and Melodie told us she believed it was Whitney who was talking! We asked about NASCAR and the K2 flashed to red. A female voice said, “I’ll get the boy.” Melodie thinks it might be her grandmother, who often looked after the boys. Melodie also thought it was her grandmother who said, “Son of a bitch!” because that was one of her expressions. We asked about Homer, another relative. “He’s family,” we were told. Again the REM pod went off.

There was enough activity to indicate some paranormal presence. OPI cant’ say for sure it’s family there, but Melodie seems certain. She tells us that nothing negative has bothered her or the family, and is assured that her relatives are looking out for her. If anything does make the family uneasy, we’ll go back to investigate.