Mini Investigation – Sylvan Beach Amusement Park – Sylvan Beach, NY – 05/2014

Sylvan Beach Amusement Park
Sylvan Beach, NY
May 2014

Sylvan Beach Amusement Park has a long history, dating back to the late 1890s. It’s changed much over the decades, but is still bringing people in for the rides, games, and food. It sits on the lake, and even has a swimming pool. While OPI was investigating Joan’s house, we checked out the Midway. Long rumored to have activity, the midway even brought in TAPS in 2012. During our mini investigation, we found activity, too.

Walking along the midway by the closed arcades and using the spirit box, I asked, “Are you waiting for the park to open?” ‘I am!” a male voice answered. “I would think there are happy souls here,” I commented. “Would you?” came the challenging retort. “Possibly,” said a child’s voice. “Were you here for TAPS?” I asked. “Who’s that?” a voice asked. We guessed that they weren’t here in 2012 for the TAPS visit. We also heard the names Vince and Shaun. “I’d like to see these rides in the summer,” I mused. “That’s right,” the male voice told me. We saw a notice in a window advertising Halloween Ghost Walks. “Does it bring people in?” I asked. A voice answered, “Sort of.” We also hear a voice tell us, “I’m Sudra.” Sudra is a lower caste in India. An orb flew by. I queried about the slide, “Did you ever go on this?” “Once,” was the response. Greg was able to capture some photos showing both positive and negative energies. There are not all happy souls at the Midway.

I walked over to the beach, where I heard the name Madison. A child’s voice said, “They’re counting.”

We were there only a short time, but believe there is paranormal activity at the park.