Minnie’s House – Winter Park, FL – June 2016

Minnie’s House
Winter Park, FL
June 2016

Minnie had lived in her home, along with her dog, for some years. She had purchased it from an older couple, who used it as a vacation home. She had been experiencing strange things for a long time, and had sought help, through Voodoo, Santeria, Wiccan, Jewish and Christian channels. She’d spent a great deal of money! Nothing seemed to help. She couldn’t sleep at night, and heard voices saying threatening things.

On our arrival, we did baseline readings with the K2 and Mel meter, and everything seemed normal, except in Minnie’s bedroom. Near the lamp, the K2 meter went to yellow. It did this three times. She told us that she always heard something there.

Beginning in the kitchen/dining area Raggedy Ann’s hand twinkled. Using the spirit box, a male voice said, “F*** you, f*** you!” The same voice said, “Everyone,” when I asked who likes it here. A female said, “I’ve dealt with this one.” Perhaps she meant me, from another investigation. Did she follow us? When I asked, “How do you feel about us being here?” a woman’s voice told me, “We’re recording you.” This might have been because we were recording. Greg used the SLS Kinect and saw a figure kicking me. When I asked why, a young person’s voice declared, “I don’t like you.” And then he said, “I know your name.” Our psychic medium is Terri. An upset woman said, “I have to go!” Her voice quavered. A female voice said, “We need Terri. Terri’s done this.” Terri said this was at the point when she was telling the woman they all had to leave. This might have been the older couple who had once owned the house. A child’s voice declared, “I love mommy.” This we were surprised at, since a child had not been indicated before. When the dog, Addie, barked, a voice spoke. “He’s protecting, but he can’t break out.” Addie was in her cage at the time. The Geophone registered the color blue several times, indicating spirit presence. We caught the names Sophie, Nigel and Alva. These meant nothing to Minnie.

Minnie reported knocking in her den. . The Ovilus said “eat” and Minnie told us the side table is where she ate. We heard the names Richard and Pat. “Richard” was Class A. When I repeated, “Richard?” I heard, “That’s right.” I said, “We’re not scared of you, so don’t be scared of us.” “Run” was the word the Ovilus uttered. When I was asking if someone was there from the various belief systems, a voice said, “We don’t like you.” There were some Class C EVPs but nothing we could make out.

In the bedroom, I asked, “Who told me to run?” “The white one”, a voice replied. I heard “Hi, MaryJo” and “Hi Gregory.” These were Class Bs. When I wondered if the spirits knew about other ream members, Angel and Shawnie, a voice responded, “That’s right.” Another voice queried, “When is Audrey coming?” Audrey is one of our team members. Through the spirit box, a voice responded, “We think so, too,” when I commented that the K2 had pretty lights. A woman’s voice said, “Talk to the video.” A male voice commanded, “Chill!” We heard the names Humphrey and Betty, but Minnie didn’t recognize either. The geophone showed interaction twice by lighting up.

In the office, the Geophone again showed interaction. A woman’s voice demanded, ‘Leave it now!” When I sensed a lonely woman’s presence, I commented, “She’s lonely.” “You’re right”, a female voice agreed. When Greg took a picture, a male voice exclaimed, “Captured!”. We have several other Class B’s and C’s.

We saged the entire home, and salted the outside, to cleanse it. We recommended that Minnie sage daily for at least a week and then weekly for 6-8 weeks. We asked her to use sea salt or Epsom salts to bathe and put some in containers around the house, along with the salt lamps. Let the sunshine in daily. Maintain a positive attitude, and do what brings peace and calm. OPI also suggested that she state her boundaries and take over ownership of her house. To do this, she must use a firm voice and truly mean what she says. She did report having some paranormal activity later, but she told us that eventually the house was quieter.