The Gulfstream Hotel – Lake Worth, FL – February 2017

Gulfstream Hotel
Lake Worth, FL
Feb. 2017

At one time, in the 1920s and 1930s, the Gulfstream Hotel in Lake Worth was a place where the rich, famous, and beautiful people gathered to dance, dine, relax and be seen. Although added to the U.S. Register of Historic Places in 1983, it has been closed since the early 2000s. While it operated, employees sometimes reported paranormal activity. They said a little girl once fell down an elevator shaft, died, and was wandering the hotel. Ghosts were said to play with TVs, cause the lights to flicker, and do other pranks. The homeless now use it as a shelter, and the paint is peeling, ceilings are falling in, mold is everywhere, and so is debris. There have been plans to renovate the property, but so far, nothing has been done, due to strict codes. It will take tens of millions to complete the project. A few years ago, a horror movie was filmed in the building. Remains include a pentagram drawn on the floor, satanic symbols on the walls, and labels painted in the hallways for makeup, restrooms, etc.

On this investigation, OPI had MaryJo, Greg, Sandi, Laura, Audrey, and Christine. Sherri Cox was our guest investigator. We split into two teams: MaryJo, Sherri, Christine, and Sandi in one; and Greg, Audrey, and Laura in the other. War Party Paranormal, who hold the keys to the building, were with us.

My team began in room 323, where we were told by War Party that a man who was very sexual stayed. We used the Mel meter, camcorder and audio recorder. We role played that we were ladies of the evening and were there for him. He could choose the one he wanted. We didn’t seem to get any Class A responses, other than a, ”Hello!” spoken with a male voice. We did, however, get a “yes,” answering Sandi’s question, “Did you live here?” It was a male voice. (ClassB) Christine and I both felt a constriction around our necks, leading us to wonder if this man liked to choke others.

After a while, we went into the hall, near the elevator. We did hear a female say, “Hey, Penny!” What is interesting is that I am a member of the Irish Penny Brigade, a social group. Was the woman a member at one time? Or did she mistake us for someone else? There was a Class B ”Get out.”

We took a break, and Greg and I switched our teams. I now had Audrey and Laura, while he took Sandi, Sherri, and Christine.

We ventured up to Room 423. As we were conducting an EVP session, we heard a noise that seemed to come from the closet behind Laura. It is clearly heard on the recording. “Did you hear it,” Laura asked immediately after. When Audrey asked, “Is there anyone here with us?” there is an indistinguishable whisper. The camera kept going out of and back into focus, as though someone was walking in front of it, although none of us were.

We went back to Room 323. Again, I felt the throat constriction, and so did Audrey. However, this time, we though perhaps he choked himself, accidently. There were some other voices, but they aren’t clear. I think I heard a woman say, “Tell me a little,” after I asked about the hotel.

Down in the so called Pentagram Room, where parts of the movie were shot, we did get activity. We don’t know if this is because of the movie, the pentagram itself, or if someone has brought spirits in there. We turned on the SB11 for a short time. A man’s voice asked, “What were you?” A woman commented, “There’s another one.” The best EVP came next! I asked, “If you know our names, can you say them?” A woman’s voice answered, “Sandi, MaryJo, and Christine.” Christine wasn’t there, but she and Laura do have a passing resemblance in the dark. When we asked who the president is, I heard a voice answer, “Casino.” It’s not the name of our president, but Trump does own casinos. We continued our questions. “Tell us about the pentagram.” “It works,” was the response. When I said I was turning off the box, a male voice demanded, “Don’t touch the box.” About 30 seconds later, a voice said, “Hey!”

We decided to try what War Party calls “the little girls room.” It is a very dark and dingy corner room, very small. The movie crew claims that they saw a small girl in that area. There are many toys and pennies on the floor. It certainly doesn’t seem the kind of room a child would enjoy. The only truly clear EVPs are a voice telling us, “Alright, already!” when I end the spirit box session; a voice told us, “I’ll sit down.” We heard no child’s voice.

Greg’s team investigated near the elevator on the first floor. The camera went out of and into focus several times, although no one was moving in front of it. In answer to the question, “How many spirits are here?” a voice distinctly answered, “Seven.” There is a noise which seemed to come from the elevator. Remember, they aren’t working. When asked for a name, a voice responded, “Frank.” At the end of the third session, there was a barking noise, which may have come from outside.

While they were in Room 301, which is alleged to be active, the camera was going out of and into focus again. When the group asked again, “How man you you are there?” the answer was again, “Seven,” in confirmation of the first response. They asked for another name, but the retort was once again, “Seven!” When asked for another number, I heard, “37.” This may not be heard by others, as it is a Class B.

Unfortunately, we captured no shadow figures, nor saw any apparitions. The mold eventually made it hard for some of us to breathe, and my eyes began to burn. It is sad that such a once grand hotel has fallen into such disrepair. It should probably be condemned in its present state, but it is so difficult to not try to restore it to the splendid state it was once in. We could almost see the well-dressed ladies and gentlemen of a bygone era dancing across the ballroom, descending the staircase, and loitering at the bar.

Claretha’s House – Part 2 – Woodbine, GA – Sept, 2016

Claretha’s House, Part 2
Woodbine, GA
Sept. 2016

We’d had so much activity the first time! Claretha was feeling it more in the house than in the yard now, and asked us back. She and her son, Shaun, live on a huge parcel of land in a rural area. This time, Greg and I brought along Laura, Angel, and our new trainee, Clint. We divided into 2 teams: Greg and Laura as one, and Angel, Clint and myself as the other. We did a walk around the property and took photos. One taken at the tree showed a bright orb, high up, where in my mind’s eye I had seen a person hanging. I experienced a touch on my hand near the dog’s area.

My team began in the RV. We asked if somebody was running from something. Through the spirit box, we heard, “Not yet.” We asked about Claretha, and a female voice told us, “I don’t know her,” and “Who’s Claretha?” Also through the box, a male voice asked, “What’s up?” Both Angel and I experience the sensation of being in a moving vehicle. I wanted to hold on to something because the swaying was so real. Angel stood in the doorway, and the Ovilus gave the word “door.” We did have K2 interaction. We asked if a boy was with us, and the K2 lit up to the second light. A child’s voice said “big.” We asked,” Do you like using the K2?” and the light flashed to yellow. When asked, “Where are you from?” a child’s voice told us, “Washington, on a plane.” The K2 again flashed to green. There were also times the camera went out of focus for no apparent reason.

Greg and Laura did not experience the sensation of moving when they went in. Nor did they have any EVPs. The K2 reacted when they asked, “Do you like the trailer?” in the affirmative. Their camera went out of focus twice for no apparent reason. This might happen if a ghost or energy is crossing in front of the camera.

In Claretha’s bedroom, with my team, there were 3 distinct knocks. A man told us, “Rocky did it,” through the spirit box. Clint said he was pushed, as a child’s voice said, “Someone touched me.” A woman’s voice wailed, “I don’t know where he is.” This might be the circa 1850s black woman who in my mind’s eye had a small boy by the hand. She also said, “What you gonna do with me now?” A man declared, “He killed them.” Did he mean the woman and the boy? Or was someone else with her? The other team had a lot of K2 interaction. A spirit told them he was a child, played in the room, and was 8. He said he was Indian and was connected to the courthouse, not the church.

We turned the box on in the living room, and a young person responded, “How do?” The same voice said “Camper.” Using the K2, we asked if he had come with the courthouse steps. The K2 flashed yellow. “So you are connected with the courthouse,” we clarified. Again the meter flashed to yellow. We asked if Claretha was like your mom, and again the K2 flashed to yellow. We asked if he would do it again, and it happened. There was a Class B EVP that didn’t sound English.

Greg and Laura, in Shaun’s room, had much K2 communication. Again, the ghost said he was a child, and was not there to hurt Shaun. He confirmed that he comes and goes. He said to them, “Nothing hurts him” about Shaun. When asked his mommy’s name, the word “faja” is heard. It could be an attempt at “father” or a word from another language. There is also a yawn and a word that sounds like “tired.” With us, we had no valid EVPs, although the spirit box was drained.

Greg and Laura had K2 communication by the courthouse steps in the yard. It did light up on request. They believe a child is there.

We all joined together at the tree. We did get an image with the SLS of a small figure, child-sized, in front of the sign. It seemed to respond to a request, “Come here and take my hand.” It certainly appears as if a figure is touching my hand. Listening to the EVPs, I heard flute music, such as Native Americans might play. When we asked, “Did you lose someone here?” a Class B EVP answers, “I did!” in a male voice. We turned on the spirit box, and asked, “Who’s mourning here?” It sounds like a young woman replying, “We visit.” There is also a sob. When I asked if anyone wanted to talk about the servants (slaves) a female voice declared, “You’d break down!” We think this is a reference to the cruel way the “servants” were sometimes treated. A child’s voice asked for help. The Ovilus gave the words “war” and “Bible.” There is a photo of the bottom of the tree that looks like an elf or pixie face. It might be matrixing – our eyes playing tricks. However, it was there that we had the small figure.

We asked the homeowner to make sure each room gets some sunlight every day; have salt in each room; take salt baths as needed; sage when they feel it is important. We advised her to state her boundaries: “This is my house; anyone here must follow my rules. You are not to scare my child, me, or anyone in my home. “ Shaun might be a sensitive, and will have to learn to deal with spirits as he grows. It is not okay for them to bother him now. We don’t believe that anything is harmful at the present time, but will monitor the situation.

Minnie’s House – Winter Park, FL – June 2016

Minnie’s House
Winter Park, FL
June 2016

Minnie had lived in her home, along with her dog, for some years. She had purchased it from an older couple, who used it as a vacation home. She had been experiencing strange things for a long time, and had sought help, through Voodoo, Santeria, Wiccan, Jewish and Christian channels. She’d spent a great deal of money! Nothing seemed to help. She couldn’t sleep at night, and heard voices saying threatening things.

On our arrival, we did baseline readings with the K2 and Mel meter, and everything seemed normal, except in Minnie’s bedroom. Near the lamp, the K2 meter went to yellow. It did this three times. She told us that she always heard something there.

Beginning in the kitchen/dining area Raggedy Ann’s hand twinkled. Using the spirit box, a male voice said, “F*** you, f*** you!” The same voice said, “Everyone,” when I asked who likes it here. A female said, “I’ve dealt with this one.” Perhaps she meant me, from another investigation. Did she follow us? When I asked, “How do you feel about us being here?” a woman’s voice told me, “We’re recording you.” This might have been because we were recording. Greg used the SLS Kinect and saw a figure kicking me. When I asked why, a young person’s voice declared, “I don’t like you.” And then he said, “I know your name.” Our psychic medium is Terri. An upset woman said, “I have to go!” Her voice quavered. A female voice said, “We need Terri. Terri’s done this.” Terri said this was at the point when she was telling the woman they all had to leave. This might have been the older couple who had once owned the house. A child’s voice declared, “I love mommy.” This we were surprised at, since a child had not been indicated before. When the dog, Addie, barked, a voice spoke. “He’s protecting, but he can’t break out.” Addie was in her cage at the time. The Geophone registered the color blue several times, indicating spirit presence. We caught the names Sophie, Nigel and Alva. These meant nothing to Minnie.

Minnie reported knocking in her den. . The Ovilus said “eat” and Minnie told us the side table is where she ate. We heard the names Richard and Pat. “Richard” was Class A. When I repeated, “Richard?” I heard, “That’s right.” I said, “We’re not scared of you, so don’t be scared of us.” “Run” was the word the Ovilus uttered. When I was asking if someone was there from the various belief systems, a voice said, “We don’t like you.” There were some Class C EVPs but nothing we could make out.

In the bedroom, I asked, “Who told me to run?” “The white one”, a voice replied. I heard “Hi, MaryJo” and “Hi Gregory.” These were Class Bs. When I wondered if the spirits knew about other ream members, Angel and Shawnie, a voice responded, “That’s right.” Another voice queried, “When is Audrey coming?” Audrey is one of our team members. Through the spirit box, a voice responded, “We think so, too,” when I commented that the K2 had pretty lights. A woman’s voice said, “Talk to the video.” A male voice commanded, “Chill!” We heard the names Humphrey and Betty, but Minnie didn’t recognize either. The geophone showed interaction twice by lighting up.

In the office, the Geophone again showed interaction. A woman’s voice demanded, ‘Leave it now!” When I sensed a lonely woman’s presence, I commented, “She’s lonely.” “You’re right”, a female voice agreed. When Greg took a picture, a male voice exclaimed, “Captured!”. We have several other Class B’s and C’s.

We saged the entire home, and salted the outside, to cleanse it. We recommended that Minnie sage daily for at least a week and then weekly for 6-8 weeks. We asked her to use sea salt or Epsom salts to bathe and put some in containers around the house, along with the salt lamps. Let the sunshine in daily. Maintain a positive attitude, and do what brings peace and calm. OPI also suggested that she state her boundaries and take over ownership of her house. To do this, she must use a firm voice and truly mean what she says. She did report having some paranormal activity later, but she told us that eventually the house was quieter.

Kenilworth Lodge – Sebring, FL – July 2016


Kenilworth Lodge
Sebring, FL
July 2016

On this visit, OPI was represented by Greg, Angel, Sandi, Rena, TJ and MaryJo, was joined by our good friend, Larry, from the Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigations, based in Fellsmere. We investigated our four rooms; Rena and Angels, Rm. 215; Sandi’s, Rm. 218; Larry’s, Rm 210; and ours, Rm. 110. We had visited Kenilworth twice before, and found it active paranormally, and charming historically.

In 1916, George Sebring had a vision. He saw a community where people were happy, healthy, and engaged in wholesome pursuits. He built a hotel to complement his town, Sebring. He called the hotel Kenilworth Lodge. Well to do people from the north came on his train to stay for a week or two, or for the season. Some returned to live permanently in the town. Some guests and staff remain. The train continued on to Indiantown and the Seminole Inn, the brainchild of his friend. It was once a Masonic Lodge, in the 1930s.

Our first site was Sandi’s room, 218. We encountered spirit activity and did communicate. The REM activated, showing spirit presence. Later, listening to our recordings, we heard the name Mike. A male voice commented, “Can’t fool them.” We used the K2 for a yes/no question session. In this way, we ascertained that we were with a woman whose parents worked for the hotel once, and was aware of Mr. Sebring’s anti-Indian feelings. A woman’s voice told us, “Keep on talkin’.” Later, she commented, “Anyway!” perhaps as a way to move on the conversation. We heard these two on the SB11. These are our Class As. There were many other EVPs. In the Class B category, I heard a woman’s voice answer Rena, “In the laundry room.” Rena asked where she worked. Another voice questioned, “What do you want me to say?’ The camera went out of focus for a second, as though someone walked in front of it. We found the room worthy of note.

Larry’s room, 210 was very interesting. We communicated, through a flashlight, with a ghost who said he was a young man who had worked on the highway. He was killed there, in an accident, between 1912 and 1919. We wondered if his family had been informed of his death. He said they had by turning the light on. He also liked us talking to him. We asked if he’d like to talk to us through the spirits box, and he indicated he would. We turned it on, and a voice came through. “Hi. Larry, coming from the box,” said a male voice. This is hard to hear, so we call it a Class B. Two other voices came through. One said, “I’m Jessie,” and the other, “I’m Jonathon.” A Class A was the word ‘up’ when we asked to turn the light up. Ovilus words included ‘adultery’, ‘dragged out,’ and ‘diseased.’ It also gave us the name Mark. The flashlight indicated this was his name. They were words that could have been relevant and were intriguing. We all saw a flash of light, and could not determine where it came from. On the second floor, cars wouldn’t be responsible. It didn’t come from outside. It didn’t come from any of the equipment. Unfortunately, the camera didn’t record it. After a time, the room was quiet, and we thought that Mark, or whoever we had been talking to was finished.

We thought that if hotel staff were communicating, they might gather in the Housekeeping Closet. The back stairs would have been a place where they cold exchange a word of gossip or lend a sympathetic ear to their colleagues. Sandi and I went into the closet. It was very quiet. I did hear the sentence, “Our people should know,” as I was listening later. We wonder what they should know. Maybe that guests were in the backstairs closet? My team was playful, and shined a light through the keyhole. “Do you see that light?” I asked. The K2 flashed to yellow in response. We did get some Class C EVPs, but they are difficult to interpret. The temperature did change from a 76.4 to a 78.0 during the few minutes we were in there.

Our final session was in our room, 110. I had been in contact with someone who said she was a young girl who used to come there with her family. She liked the lake, which is across the road. At one time, there was a walkway from the front steps of the hotel to the beach. I hope to speak with her again. Sadly, it was a rather uneventful meeting. We did get a couple of EVPs, but no Class As. The word ‘lakefront’ was spoken when we asked about the lake. The word ‘dam’ or ‘damn’ came through the box. Other than that, we had nothing. It was late, so we called an end to our investigation for this night. Chances are, we’ll go back.

Private Residence Investigation – Clarie’s Property – Woodbine, GA – July 2016


Woodbine, GA

July 2016

Clarie contacted us because she and her young son were hearing noises and felt they were being watched. She had taken pictures in her yard and captured many with orbs and one of a shadow person. She also has the steps from the old courthouse, because she attended church service there as a young child. The property has been in the owner’s family for generations. The tree was near where the courthouse used to stand, and is over 200 years old. Locals believe there were several hangings here. Only one has been documented. However, it is in a very rural area, and many events could have occurred without public knowledge. Also, the courthouse records have burned, and so there is no way to tell with certainty how many deaths can be attributed to legal executions. Clarie’s Native American grandfather is alleged to be buried on the property, although I did not know this before we investigated. An old cemetery is in the back. A street light was going off for no mechanical reason. There are many opportunities in this mix for paranormal activity. We only investigated the yard on this trip.

We held our first session in the yard under the Hanging Tree. We took baseline meter readings, which were normal. There were power lines across and above the yard, but no other electrical appliances. We set up first under the tree. The responses were relevant and intelligent. Almost immediately, as I said, “We’re under the hanging tree”, we heard a moan. This was while listening to the EVPs. We turned on the SB11 and a male voice asked, “Who wants us?” A female voice said her name and “mama.” The male asked, “What are these guys doin’?” The words hid and decapitated appeared on the ovilus. When I asked if any spirits were from the 1900s, a male replied, “Abe,” and then a female chimed in, “Me, too.” I asked about the Klan, since the location would historically have been a Klan stronghold. “That’s rotten,” a male voice declared. I heard this at the time. I then asked, “Why don’t you want to talk about the Klan?” “The killed me!” a young male voice called out. We asked about the family of this person. “Family?” the voice repeated. He then told us, “I’m Nate.” I wondered aloud if he was the shadow Clarie saw. “Not me,” he said. When I asked how many were on the property, he told us, “21.” During this time, we also used the K2 as a communication device and asked yes/no questions. One of the people thought to be hung at the site was man who had stolen a cow to feed his starving family. When we asked if he was with us, the K2 flashed to red, indicating he was. I asked if he was trying to feed his family and again the K2 flashed to read, as a yes.

Next, I used my phone to play some old spiritual hymns. I questioned if they had struck a chord with anyone. The K2 showed that it had, somewhat. I also tried the dowsing rods, but had no clear results. The K2 did flash several times, demonstrating a presence. The bugs were a real nuisance, so we used more insect spray. I asked if anyone there had used it. “Instant,” a female voice told us, through the spirit box. What looks like an orb shot from the K2. I asked if a woman was here. A female voice, not from the spirit box, said, “Yes.” I told them they were scaring Clarie and her family. “I know,” she responded. A female with an island accent retorted, “Need to get over eet!” When I mentioned the little boy, “Bless the little children,” was the response. We asked the spirits to go to the light. The K2 flashed to red, and then did it again. I ended the SB11 session as I always do, by counting back from 3. When I said “2” a voice queried, “That 2?” “Ask Bill,” a male voice stated.

I walked underneath the tree, where it was colder than where I had been sitting. I wondered if Native Americans were nearby. The K2 flashed to red, then orange, and then the camera went out of focus momentarily. I played some Pow Wow music, causing the K2 to again flash to red. I asked if he/she would like to hear more. The K2 flashed to red. We believe these were affirmative responses to my questions.

We moved to the area where Clarie had the photo of the shadow, which seemed to be crouching and propping his head with his hands. The REM activated, signifying spirit energy. I told the spirits that we were from Port St. Lucie, and asked if they knew where that was. “I don’t,” a voice replied. Port St. Lucie was only founded in the mid 1960s, so anyone before that would have no idea of it. When we asked about spirts, a male voice answered, “Ah be one.” I think that shows humor. “Did you die on the property?” was answered with, “I guess so.” This might have been a route of the Underground Railroad, so I questioned if someone was running away. “Runaway,” a voice answered back. A male voice then declared, “We’ll raise him right!” in a New England accent. I asked the spirits to cross the dowsing rods, and they crossed! One of the few times we had a real reaction that night!

Our final site was the steps. Clarie had two sets of steps in her yard that came from the old courthouse. She told me when she was a little girl, her family’s Baptist services were held in the courthouse, and that is why she brought them home. Many prisoners walked these steps going into and out of the courthouse. We asked if anyone knew about the streetlight that went out from time to time, with no mechanical reason. There was a “Nooo,” in answer. We asked about the shadow figure, and a male voice said, “Cop.” I wanted to know if someone resented Clarie living there. The response was an affirmative, expressing anger at her race, which is Black American. Because she told me she had seen her son’s Ironman mask fall from the shelf, I asked about it. “A good sleep,” a female voice replied. Maybe she thought the boy would sleep better without the mask, that she thought it scary. I asked that the spirits stay out of the house, since they were scaring the family. A male voice indicated, “We a visit.” We had a few toys as trigger objects for children, and I commented that the toys couldn’t hurt anyone, that they were there for the children. A child like voice responded, “Thank you.” “Were you in the courthouse as a prisoner?” we asked. “Never!” was the adamant male response. A male voice said, “Beat ‘em boys.” As I closed the session and asked if there was anything anyone wanted to tell me, I heard a “Thank you,” over the SB 11. Greg was able to catch on the Kinect a figure near me.

We will be returning to the property on Sept. 10th to investigate the home, and perhaps the cemetery.

Fort Mifflin – Philadelphia, PA – July 2016


Fort Mifflin
Philadelphia, PA
July 2016

In 1771, Fort Mifflin was commissioned. It guarded the city of Philadelphia from Mud Island, along the Delaware River. It was used in the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, WWI and WWII. It was used, in fact, until the 1950s when it fell into disrepair. In the 1960s, the American government deeded the fort to the city of Philadelphia. The army Corps of Engineers still uses it. Fort Mifflin is the only military base in use that is older than the nation itself. Throughout the years, the fort has been largely restored, In 2006, new discoveries were made. There are several buildings which can be viewed including an artillery shed, soldier barracks, blacksmith shop, powder room, torpedo room, and casemates. During the day, it is open to tourists. By night, it’s open to paranormal investigators.

During the Revolutionary War, the fort was bombarded by the British, who laid siege. American soldiers were able to hold off the British for a time, against great odds. The British did capture the fort in 1777, but not until General Washington had his men safely at Valley Forge. This event is thought by some to be the battle that saved the war. The walls of the fort today show the evidence of the siege. This was the only time fort Mifflin saw military action. The fort was rebuilt in the 1790s. During the Civil War, it housed Confederate POWs. A Union deserter was one of the three men hanged there. In WWII anti-aircraft weapons were stored. The first Negro Coast Artillery unit was stationed there.

OPI investigated the fort and learned some other history. We split into two teams: Rena and Linda, and Greg, Angel, and me. We stayed as far from each other as we could, to diminish chances of noise contamination. However, the fort is directly in the flight path of the airport, and planes flew by constantly. We had to stop EVP sessions often because of the noise. We started in the torpedo room, underground and near the river. The meters showed no increase in EMF. Using the Spirit Box, we heard a voice say, “Roger that.” That is a military term and so was very relevant. We also heard a male voice tell us his name was “Jackie.” When we asked, “Did you want to go to war?” he told us, “No!” We wondered if he died in battle. The ovilus spoke the word “fear.” It also gave us the word “disaster.” The camera went out of focus for a second, and we heard the words, “Stop it!” We also heard knocking. We think Jackie was a young soldier, probably from the Revolution. Angel tried an experiment with the dowsing rods. She thought the question, and waited for the answer. When it came, she told us what she had asked. In this way, we learned that he was young, but forgot how old he is. He didn’t realize he could leave the fort now.

From the torpedo room we went to the solitary confinement cell. It, too, is underground. This was where William Howe was held in 1864. Howe was a Union deserter who led an attempted escape of 200 prisoners. He was hung at the fort before an audience who had bought tickets for the event! The REM activated several times. We used the SB 11 and did get a few responses. A voice told us,”No,” when I asked, “Did you ever read Uncle Tom’s Cabin?” This was a very popular anti-slavery novel of the time. The voice also told us to “Shut up!” We went to the next cell, but had no communication at all.

In the artillery shed, Raggedy Ann lit up a few times, indicating the presence of a child. There were, of course, children at the fort who were officers’ families. I did hear a noise that sounded like footsteps, but it was not recorded. A male voice said, “Hi.” We turned on the spirit box. When we said that we came all the way from Florida, a voice repeated, “Florida.” We asked for a name. “Hans,” a male voice responded. I repeated the name, and he replied, “Sure.” It was as if he didn’t really want to continue talking. These are Class A’s. I did hear the words “phase 4 “and “northerner”, but they are not as clear. Therefore we classed them as B’s. They do point to a military connection, and a Civil War one. A male voice, not through the box, said, “half blast.” This is directly related to the military installation.

The Powder Room was active. We all heard a strange chirping noise in the next room. We looked around outside, but couldn’t find a source. Greg banged on the door, and it stopped. Maybe birds? The K2 went to red. We asked if a woman was with us, and it went to red again. A voice asked, “What is that?” We think she was referring to the K2. When we turned on the spirit box, we asked for a name. “Elizabeth?” There was a woman named Elizabeth who lived at the fort in the 1860s. The voice told us,”Victoria.” Then, because I asked again, “Victoria, Victoria I told ya.” She seemed to be impatient with our inability to hear clearly! She told us she was from Canada, she was French, she was here with her sweetheart. We heard a child’s voice and that of a male come through. She may have been playing, though, because near the end of the session, a voice clearly said, “Sucker in the room.” It might have been directed to us. Or he might have been saying that she was the sucker, for talking to us. A male voice uttered, “The general has been shot! Go to hell!” He also informed us, “Barbey’s gone.” It was most interesting, because in my research I found that there was an Admiral Daniel Barbey who served in WWI and WWII. There are reenactments done at the fort. This man may have been reliving a moment.

The blacksmith shop has an eerie feel to it. We have many SB11 EVPs from there, several Class A’s. A female voice asked, “Tell me you love me.” A male said my name, MaryJo. When we asked if he knew Matt, the guide who stayed at the fort while we investigated, the reply was, “Please! Ya know.” We take this to mean it was a silly question, that of course he knows Matt. We asked, “Do you know Elizabeth?” “I did,” was the answer. Elizabeth is said to have hung herself when her daughter died. Another voice, female, assured us, “Thank God I’m a Rebel!” I couldn’t find a record of a woman being held prisoner there, so maybe she didn’t mean a rebel from the Civil War. When I asked, “Do you have anything to tell me, a male voice replied, “What I tell you?” We think he was being funny. At the end of the EVP session, there is the sound of someone whistling, and none of us were. Other less distinct but relevant phrases are there, too. A voice asked, “Where are the horses?” When we asked if the Klan ever met here, a voice responded, “I did.” We asked about Bernard, one of the “Resident ghosts” a man’s voice told us, “He moved on.” It would be interesting to find out if anyone sees Bernard anymore.

As we were taking a break, I saw a figure walking by the artillery shed, and then disappear into the shadow. Rena saw a figure later, on the parade grounds that disappeared. Greg and I both saw a figure come into the barracks, but when we turned, it was gone.

We went into several of the casemates, but found nothing of note.

Rena and Linda had several experiences, too. Rena’s behind was pinched.

The following video clips contain EVP’s from our recent investigation of Fort Mifflin. We highly recommend use of high quality head sets when listening. Ear buds don’t provide adequate noise cancellation.

Pennhurst Asylum – Spring City, PA – July 2016


Pennhurst Asylum
Spring City, PA
July 2016

Pennhurst Asylum opened in November, 1908 for those who could not care for themselves or whose family was unwilling to care for them. They were physically and mentally disabled. In 1913, the theory of eugenics gained popularity. This theory proposed that anyone who was mentally unfit was a criminal and a danger to society. They were, therefore, to be put away. This theory caught the attention of Adolph Hitler, who capitalized on it in the 1930s! By 1913, the asylum was overcrowded. Epileptics, physically deformed, mentally and/or emotionally disabled, and mutes, to name a few were, lived there. The quality of care deteriorated. In 1916, cottages were built for women, to prevent, at least in part, unwanted pregnancies. Pennhurst was a small town, with a railroad stop, greenhouse, dairy farm, swimming pool, treatment plants and power house. It became more and more overcrowded and the residents suffered. They were left alone much of the time, uncared for. Treatment was often inhumane. In the 1980s, following a television expose, Pennhurst closed. People were horrified to see how the patents were treated! Today much of the old Pennhurst has fallen into ruin. Some buildings have been maintained and are used as offices. Mayflower is open to paranormal investigators.

OPI investigated the Mayflower building and found evidence of paranormal activity. We had a full team for this one! Mayflower is a large building, with three floors. One of the rooms is the infamous “chair room” which was used to pull the teeth of biting patients, without anesthesia. So much suffering occurred in the building, for so many years! The grief and anger within the walls is something we clearly felt. Those of us with sensitivities were affected by the agony, both physical and emotional, that the people who lived there endured. This is not a place for a fun investigation.

We split into two groups. Greg, Bernie, Luke, Angel and I in one, and TJ, Rena, Sandy, Leah, and Linda in the other. We went to different floors, to lessen the possibility of noise contamination. My group started on the second floor, in a bathroom. Bathroom can be places where people go when they are feeling emotional, so they can be alone. We used the SB11 to get these Class A EVPs. A child’s voice stated, “You understand!” “Wow,” was the reaction when we said that Bernie and Luke had come from Virginia Beach. Someone asked, “Do you know where Bernie is?” She must have a fan! When we asked, “Are there any spirits here who are hurtful?” we heard the answer, “18.” That’s a lot of spirits! Considering how wronged patients were at this facility, there must be a lot who are angry and want to strike back. When asked, “Do you ever leave Pennhurst? A male voice replied, “No!” We had some Class Bs and Class Cs, too. They include: “I love you; Jimmy; teacher”; and a giggle.

The “chair room” is supposedly the room where patients had their teeth extracted without Novocain or any type of anesthetic. This was done as a punishment for biting. An old cane wheel chair is the only item in there now. We again utilized the SB11. We asked if a member of the staff was with us. “Let me continue!” a female admonished us. We wondered, “Do you ever go to the train station?” “Yes, ma’am,” a young girl’s voice told us. “Who brought you here?” we continued. “My mama,” she replied. When we asked, “Are you watching us now?” we received an answer that shows humor. ‘You were in here!” a child’s voice retorted. These were our Class As. Some other EVPs were “I touched it: Who goes there; and damn spirits.” Luke, who is developing his mediumship abilities, told us there were some children with us.

On the second floor landing, we all felt cobwebs on our face, but couldn’t find the cobwebs. This is a form of spirit touching.

In the soundproof room, we had a conversation using the K2 as means of answering yes/no questions. We believe the spirit we communicated with was an older man, but with a limited mental capacity.
Our K2s and Mel meters didn’t register any significant readings.

We investigated several other areas in the building. However, one of our cameras malfunctioned, and the sound was not recorded. This is a big disappointment to us. We had interactions, but lost the wording and the noises.

The other group heard footsteps and noises that were not from any of us. Sandi captured a voice in the soundproof room. It sounds like a male trying to speak, but perhaps can’t articulate. This would connect to those who were considered “imbeciles”, someone who had their teeth pulled out or someone who was deaf.

The following video clips contain EVP’s from our recent investigation of Pennhurst Asylum. We highly recommend use of high quality head sets when listening. Ear buds don’t provide adequate noise cancellation.

Private Residence Investigation – Dana Stango’s House – Port Orange, FL – May 2016


Port Orange, FL

May 2016

Dana wanted a team to investigate because she and her daughter had seen faces in the mirror, her forks were disappearing, it sounded as if someone had broken in but no one was there, and she felt cold spots. Dana wasn’t really afraid, but wanted to know what was happening. Her mom had died two years before, and she thought her mom might be the cause of some of the activity. She hoped her mom just wanted to communicate. The home was jointly owned by Dana and her mom, Carol, before Carol’s death. Before that it was owned by several others. Nothing that we know of happened that would have encouraged paranormal activity. Presently Dana lives with her teenage daughter and a roommate.

When the team arrived, we did our baseline sweeps. Nothing unusual was recorded. The team for this investigation was Greg, Angel, Shawnie, and me. We began in Carol’s old room. Carol answered to the name Gammy. We had several Class A EVP’s. I asked, “Can you tell us who you are?” A man’s voice replied, “Ray is here.” We asked, “Do you know Taylor?” A woman’s voice said, “We do know her.” Angel, Shawnie and I commented that Taylor looks young, and she’d be glad about it someday, as Angel and Shawnie are. “I think so, too!” a man told us. We heard that clearly at the time. Shawnie searched for the word that represented the shiny specks on the mirror. “Sparkles,” said Greg. “Diamonds,” a female voice said. The word beat came up on the ovilus. A man’s voice said, “Policeman.” There were several Class B’s and Class C’s, too. The suite had a large walk-in closet.

I felt a presence in the closet, so Shawnee and I went in. A voice said, “Hey, Shawnee,” and there were two knocks. I asked if this was a safe place. A female voice replied, “Stay in the closet.” Shawnie also felt the presence. A male wanted to perform a sexual act with her, and used some profane language. We felt a cold spot, and there were a few Class B’s. This was an area of personal experiences along with evidence.

Dana wanted to participate, so we included her in a session. When I turned on the spirit box, I asked if anyone could say hello to Dana. A male voice said “You’re welcome,” and another said, “Hi.” A female voice spoke the names Shawnee and Angela. This is interesting because we introduced her as Angel. When Dana asked if anyone wanted to play, a male voice answered, “Sure, why not.” Shawnie asked who was with us, and a boy’s voice told us, “Mike.” When Shawnie asked if Uncle Julius was with us, a woman told us, “Surely.” As Dana told us a story, two children’s voices said, “Hi mamma.” When I announced I’d be turning off the box, a man asked, “And you are?” When Greg told us the Kinect had died, a female voice said, ”OH!” There were some Class B’s and Class C’s.

The team moved on the family room. I asked if anyone was from St. Augustine. “Yeah,” a voice replied. “Help,” a voice said, just before Shawnie asked, “Do you need help?” The ovilus said wave, and I asked if somebody wanted us to wave. “That’d be good,” a young voice replied. As I spoke about going to the light, and what Terri told me about it, the light in the next room went on. None of us were in there. It went up two more levels. A woman’s voice answered us, “We’re going.” A young male voice said, “Found it.” Angel and Shawnie went over to investigate and found that the lamp needed to be tapped with some force to come on – it wasn’t just a strong gust of air that would make it turn on. A girls voice said, “Love you, Angel.” A voice from the SB 11 said, “I love you.” She repeated it. She also said, “Dana.” As I ended the session, I mentioned that “You made Dana happy.” “As did you,” a man’s voice answered.

We investigated the garage, especially the car. Dana says she gets many pictures of orbs in the car, and believes they are angels. We found no anomalies in the garage, and had no EVPs.

Finally, we checked the bathroom. This is where Dana and Taylor, her daughter have seen the faces in the mirror. We have no anomalies in the bathroom, except for a picture of a man’s face in the mirror. One EVP – I said I was here alone. “You’re not,” a voice declared.

Our conclusion is that there is paranormal activity in the house. We will probably return for further investigations.

Old Gilchrist County Jail – Trenton, FL – June 2016


Gilchrist County Jail
2nd Visit
Trenton, FL
June 2016

When we visited the jail this first time, we had so much activity that we wanted to come back and further investigate. We did! Our team on this venture was Shawnie, Greg, Angel and me. There were no unusual readings in our baseline sweep. The electricity for the building is outside on a pole. It was a hot and muggy night, typical of Florida in the summer, and the bugs were out!

Our first session was held in Sam’s cell. It’s upstairs. We set up the meters and recorders. We were rewarded with several EVPs, including some Class As. We were using the SB11 and talking about the officers killed here. “I don’t like you,” juvenile voice announced. At about this time, the camera went out of focus for some reason. A male voice told us, “We want to help you.” We said, “We hope you don’t mind us being here.” A female voice retorted, “Alright, don’t really care.” She wasn’t very enthusiastic, but at least she wasn’t angry. She also said, “Shadowbox voodoo.” She might have been talking about the SB11, since it can help spirits to speak to us, and the jail is in a very rural area where some previous residents might not have been familiar with modern technology. It is not voodoo, though! There were several other times the camera went in and out of focus, as though something was passing in front of it. We have some Class Bus and Class C, too. One was childlike voice, not from the box, saying, “Looking for my mommy.” Children may have visited the jail to see a relative, or been with a policeman father. The family who lived in the house had children, too.

We decided to explore another cell. We had a few EVPs. Most were from the spirit box. Two were voices not. Only one would I classify as Class A: “I know you survived,” from a young child. We also experienced a warm sensation, making us even more uncomfortable on that hot night.

In the holding cell, we held a K2 conversation. We asked if the one who was with us was afraid to cross over, if that’s why he stayed in the jail. The answer was a ‘yes’ as the K2 flashed to yellow. We asked if he was afraid of being judged. Again, the K2 went to yellow, indicating a ‘yes.’ There were several questions that went unanswered. We then inquired if this was a touchy subject. Listening later, we a male voice affirm, “You know.” This was not through the box. We had the camera go in and out of focus again. We asked about Willy, the man who was found dead in the jail years ago. A woman’s voice, through the box told us, “Bill went.” It sounded like the same woman who didn’t care if we were there. Did Willy cross over, or just move on to another place? We‘re left wondering. Through the box came a disturbing revelation. “Daddy abused us. Don’t tell ‘em,” a male voice stated. We can’t know who he was talking about or when or where it happened. It does make us sad to hear things like that.

Since we had some good results with the K2, we tried it again in the tiny cell. We asked, “Did you see us traveling her?” The K2 went to yellow, indicating ‘yes.’ I told the team I had felt a presence in the car. Shawnie asked, “Did you visit MaryJo?” Again, a flash to yellow. We had the same affirmative answer to the rest of our questions. “Were you anxious to meet us? Where you in the car with us? “Did you make that noise?” There was also a male voice, heard later that said, “F*** you!”

In the end cell, with arrows painted on the wall, we set up Raggedy Ann for any child. “You can touch her,” we invited. A female voice replied, “I love her.” A male voice declared, “I can’t see her.” We don’t know who he was referring to. It could be the doll, the spirit, or the one of us who was asking questions.

Downstairs are two bedrooms, a bathroom and a combination kitchen family room. There was a fire there, and it is in total disrepair. We set up in the left bedroom. The camera went in and out of focus several times, for no apparent reason. We were all just standing still. We heard some Class A EVPS listening later. The street light went off, and the room was dark. A woman’s voice exclaimed, “Why, it’s dark now!” We commented that spirits might not like being reminded that they are no longer in this world. “No,” a male voice agreed.

We were all very uncomfortable and tired, so we called it an early night. We believe the old jail has spirits, and hope to visit them again.

The Old School Investigation – Fellsmere, FL – 12/2015 & 01/2016

Old School
Fellsmere, FL
Dec. 2015/Jan 2016

In the early 1900s, Fellsmere was an idea in the mind of E. Nelson Fell. He wanted people from the northern states to move into the area to farm. The soil was rich, the weather usually warm. He even managed to bring the train to his new town, allowing easy access for potential new farmers and residents. In 1916 the first town school was built. It even has a basement of sorts, unusual in Florida. By the 1990s the school, abandoned for years, was slated for demolition. Thankfully, it was saved, and today houses the city government, Community Theater, and Boys and Girls Club. It also is host to several, if not many, spirits, most of them children! No violent deaths have ever been reported, and no suicides, but the spirits seem to like the old building with its wooden floors, high ceilings, and echoes. OPI spent two evenings investigating. Our team included Sandi, Shawnie, T.J., Greg and MaryJo. Larry of the Florida Bureau of Investigations, who has access to the building, accompanied us.

We used our Mel and K2 meters, recorders, still camera, video camera, spirit box, ovilus, and periscope. We did focus on the theater, choir room, Boys and Girls Blub area, and the electrics room. Sandi’s ovilus gave us the name Liam. Liam is a young boy who has been on investigations there before and interacted with one of the spirits. It is an unusual name, and we consider it relevant.

The 3rd floor is occupied by the choir room and theater. The stage area was an active spot. We did hear knocking on two occasions. Sandi said “hi” and a male voice responded, ‘Hi, how’d ya do?” It sounds like a regional expression. When asked where the office was located, a female voice answered, “Down the hall.” Several Class B and Class EVPs indicated a child or children, a man, and a woman there. A friend with dowsing rods asked if someone knew Liam, and the rods indicated an affirmative answer. Two of us felt a young boys presence in the room off the stage, but we had no evidence.

In the choir room, Raggedy Ann’s meter lights indicated a spirit interacted with the doll several times. We heard a bang, but it was probably Larry on another floor, The sounds are very audible in the school, and echoes and noise can be a problem if we aren’t careful. We would rather discount if in doubt. TJ sensed a woman in blue, most probably from the 1920 or 30s. She might have been a teacher there, but we have no evidence.

On the first floor, or basement, is the Boys and Girls Club. The art room and computer lab they use is on the 2nd floor. In the art room, the REM pod sounded several times, evidently being manipulated by some spirit or spirits. Words from the ovilus were odd: filthy, dark, grotesque, and adventurous. When we asked, “Can you clap?” we all heard a noise. We don’t believe it was from an outside source. In the lab, the ovilus words again were confusing: suicide, woof, and carnivore. We all heard a “snap” noise we classified as a Class A EVP.

In the basement level, in the club area, we had very little interaction. This puzzled us, because this seemed to be the location where the children’s energy would be highest. Young children are here every day after school, playing and interacting with each other.

Finally, we checked out the small room where the electrical equipment is. It is a fear cage, meaning the EMF readings were exceedingly high. This is reasonable, considering the amount of electricity passing through. We had a few Class Bs and Cs, but nothing we could call clearly audible.

While we found nothing spectacular, we did find enough to call the site haunted. We believe most of the spirits are children. They may have been playing Hide and Seek with us. The presence of one female and one male is also indicated, probably teachers. The community is small, and many spirits may feel comfortable staying in the location where they went to school, met with their friends, and enjoyed childhood. OPI hopes to return soon!