Old Clay County Jail & Courthouse Investigation – 02/2013

Old Clay County Jail and Courthouse

Our first visit to the old jail went very well, so we returned! This time we were able to investigate the courthouse, too! And, we had Angel with us, making the OPI team total four. We also had energy from Dawn to assist us although she couldn’t be there in person! Green Cove Springs was once a wild town, with bootleggers, axe murderers, and racial discrimination.

We decided to start with the Courthouse. Meter readings were normal, but we felt presences! The building is beautiful, with original wood floors, a double staircase, large windows, and patterned ceilings. After setting up the cameras, we went out to supper.

Once we returned, Greg went from room to room taking photos. Angel and I started doing EVP sessions. They were very productive! When we asked for names, our answer was, “Hell, no!” In one clip, my full spectrum lights were reflected in a display case. A creepy voice intoned, “I’ll produce the lights, yes.” The answer to the question, “Is anybody in here?” was, “We are!” “Do you come here sometimes?” we asked. A man’s Southern accent replied, “I do.” Another EVP was “I hate you”. Angel and I had a short flashlight conversation with someone in the ladies room. She claimed to be the girlfriend of one of the accused men. When questioned more, she seemed confused.

While Rob manned the monitor, Greg, Angel, and I ascended to the courtroom for a role play. Greg was the judge, sentencing some of the accused. He specifically called out Outley, Reed, and Baker. There were some heavy footsteps picked up by the video camera. We were all still, so it wasn’t any of us. We used the spirit box. A woman’s voice came through saying “Oh, no!” When we asked Baker about infecting his stepdaughter with syphilis, a man said, the word “daughter”. When I commented that the spirit box was “Saying a lot,” a man’s voice repeated, “sayin’ a lot.” I asked if Reuben Reed was sorry for what he had done. “I seek pardon,” was our response! When we inquired about the ax murder of his wife, a man’s voice said, “bloodied up.” I felt a very cold air envelop me. “Who touched me?” I inquired. A man said, with real attitude, “I did!” There were many more interactions, best heard on the video using headphones.

Angel and I went into a meeting room on the first floor with a flashlight. We didn’t seem to be getting any definitive answers, so we told the spirit, “If you don’t want to talk to us right now, turn on the light, and we’ll leave you alone.” The light immediately flashed on! We thanked her/him for her/his time and left.

In another room, we used the spirit box. When we asked, “What is Angel wearing”@ a voice responded, “Gray and brown.” She was wearing her gray OPI hoodie and she has brown hair! I asked if somebody could knock for us, and there was a faint tapping in response!

Rob reported a shadow, and our static night vision cameras caught some intelligent orb activity!

We decided to go over to the jail. Angel and I conducted a spirit box session in the museum section of the offices. Sheriff Cherry is one on the 7 officers who was killed in the line of duty. His body was brought into that room. I asked, “Is Cherry here” “No.” ”Sherriff Wilson?” “What?” was the retort. Another voice told us, “I lived there.” Jailers lived on the other side of the jail with their families, separated by only a sturdy door. When the session was ending, I told whoever was there that we would now be entering the jail, and “You are welcome to come along.” “Alright,” we heard.

The jail was not as active this time, as our first visit. We had no phantom smells, jail doors clanking or full apparitions, but we did get plenty of communication through EVP’s and the spirit box. I went into Abe’s cell and asked about bringing the chair over. I heard a thump and a long sigh. Abe’s’ wife used to come and sit outside his window with their children and talk with him. Many believe he was convicted because he was black. In the cell block I told the inmates, “I want to know your story.” A man sassily relied, “I don’t have one!” “Do you know where King is” I asked. “Who?” was the answer. “Did you dump him in the swamp?” “Yes!” King disappeared and has never been found! Twice I asked to speak to Lizzie, a young woman who was found dead in her cell while awaiting transfer to the mental hospital. One of the replies I heard was “She’s dead.” Another was a drawn out sigh. These are intelligent responses to my questions! Again, there are many more response, best heard using headphones!

We found the investigations most interesting! We will return when we can. Thanks to Vishi and Lisa for their help!