Old Gilchrist County Jail – Trenton, FL – June 2016


Gilchrist County Jail
2nd Visit
Trenton, FL
June 2016

When we visited the jail this first time, we had so much activity that we wanted to come back and further investigate. We did! Our team on this venture was Shawnie, Greg, Angel and me. There were no unusual readings in our baseline sweep. The electricity for the building is outside on a pole. It was a hot and muggy night, typical of Florida in the summer, and the bugs were out!

Our first session was held in Sam’s cell. It’s upstairs. We set up the meters and recorders. We were rewarded with several EVPs, including some Class As. We were using the SB11 and talking about the officers killed here. “I don’t like you,” juvenile voice announced. At about this time, the camera went out of focus for some reason. A male voice told us, “We want to help you.” We said, “We hope you don’t mind us being here.” A female voice retorted, “Alright, don’t really care.” She wasn’t very enthusiastic, but at least she wasn’t angry. She also said, “Shadowbox voodoo.” She might have been talking about the SB11, since it can help spirits to speak to us, and the jail is in a very rural area where some previous residents might not have been familiar with modern technology. It is not voodoo, though! There were several other times the camera went in and out of focus, as though something was passing in front of it. We have some Class Bus and Class C, too. One was childlike voice, not from the box, saying, “Looking for my mommy.” Children may have visited the jail to see a relative, or been with a policeman father. The family who lived in the house had children, too.

We decided to explore another cell. We had a few EVPs. Most were from the spirit box. Two were voices not. Only one would I classify as Class A: “I know you survived,” from a young child. We also experienced a warm sensation, making us even more uncomfortable on that hot night.

In the holding cell, we held a K2 conversation. We asked if the one who was with us was afraid to cross over, if that’s why he stayed in the jail. The answer was a ‘yes’ as the K2 flashed to yellow. We asked if he was afraid of being judged. Again, the K2 went to yellow, indicating a ‘yes.’ There were several questions that went unanswered. We then inquired if this was a touchy subject. Listening later, we a male voice affirm, “You know.” This was not through the box. We had the camera go in and out of focus again. We asked about Willy, the man who was found dead in the jail years ago. A woman’s voice, through the box told us, “Bill went.” It sounded like the same woman who didn’t care if we were there. Did Willy cross over, or just move on to another place? We‘re left wondering. Through the box came a disturbing revelation. “Daddy abused us. Don’t tell ‘em,” a male voice stated. We can’t know who he was talking about or when or where it happened. It does make us sad to hear things like that.

Since we had some good results with the K2, we tried it again in the tiny cell. We asked, “Did you see us traveling her?” The K2 went to yellow, indicating ‘yes.’ I told the team I had felt a presence in the car. Shawnie asked, “Did you visit MaryJo?” Again, a flash to yellow. We had the same affirmative answer to the rest of our questions. “Were you anxious to meet us? Where you in the car with us? “Did you make that noise?” There was also a male voice, heard later that said, “F*** you!”

In the end cell, with arrows painted on the wall, we set up Raggedy Ann for any child. “You can touch her,” we invited. A female voice replied, “I love her.” A male voice declared, “I can’t see her.” We don’t know who he was referring to. It could be the doll, the spirit, or the one of us who was asking questions.

Downstairs are two bedrooms, a bathroom and a combination kitchen family room. There was a fire there, and it is in total disrepair. We set up in the left bedroom. The camera went in and out of focus several times, for no apparent reason. We were all just standing still. We heard some Class A EVPS listening later. The street light went off, and the room was dark. A woman’s voice exclaimed, “Why, it’s dark now!” We commented that spirits might not like being reminded that they are no longer in this world. “No,” a male voice agreed.

We were all very uncomfortable and tired, so we called it an early night. We believe the old jail has spirits, and hope to visit them again.