Old Licking County Jail – Newark, OH – 09/2014

Old Licking County Jail
Newark, Ohio
Sept. 2014

During one of our many visits to Ohio, we were told about the Old Licking County Jail. It was an active site, people reported. Many people have described noises, feelings and seeing things. We were finally able to schedule a visit. The jail was erected in 1889. The deaths of 4 sheriffs and 14 inmates took place within the walls of the old jail. Several notorious murderers were housed here, including Laura Devlin, an old woman who killed her husband, sawed off his legs, arms and head, and then cooked them in her oven. A teen aged Dry Agent, Carl Etherington, was held in the jail for protection, but an angry mob broke in and killed him. Several people committed suicide while there. Hence, there have been many situations where angry or desperate feelings were within a resident during the final moments. The jail was home to the sheriff and the matrons for many years. The jail therefore includes living quarters as well as cells.

During this investigation, the team consisted of Greg, MaryJo, Dorothy, and Bernie. We started at the nurse’s station. We didn’t have much activity there, but did get a reply to the question, “Did the matron visit here?” “Yes!” We also heard the word “heaven.”

In the women’s cellblock on the 4th floor, an inmate set herself on fire in her bed. She later died in the hospital. As we approached the cell, we were told, “Leave her alone.” The MEL meter read 1.5, a substantial reading when there was no electric outlet nearby! One of the spirits there was quite angry. When we asked, “Tell us your name,” it repeated, “Tell us your name. That shit is my line!” We queried, “What do you do all day? “Nothin’,” we were told. Greg asked if the spirit was still there because of fear of retribution. “Suffer,” was the rejoinder. We also commented that it must have been hot in the summer, with no air conditioning. The answer back was, “Muggy.” Trying to communicate, we were told, “Shut up!” “Shove it!” and “F*** you!” by some entity in the women’s cell block. One stated, “I live alone.” The anger and sadness are obvious.

The jail kitchen was presided over by the matrons. Two of them were the Misses Link and David. With the SB11 as our prime communication device, we asked if the matron was here. “Not here,” we were told. We called to Miss Link. “Look at me. Can you see me?” voice questioned. We heard the sound of a woman crying. We heard a female voice saying “Oh my God,” and then “Get him! He’ll get away!” We wanted to help her! Supposedly, there was an inmate who would assault women prisoners when he was alone in the kitchen with them. There have been reports of women being touched there by an unseen hand. Dorothy asked the male spirit there if he was married. He said he wasn’t. She wanted to know if he had children. He answered, “Yes.” “Do they visit?” she wanted to know. He told her, “No.” He added, “I want to hit you.” Greg had a taste of blood in his mouth, and I smelled urine. It seemed a hostile place with this spirit.

In Carl Etherington’s room, we could all feel the despair and agony he must have felt in his final moments, waiting for the mob to get him and during the violent beating which resulted in his death. He was only 17! We heard some heart wrenching EVPs! “Help me!” “Stop it!” “Help!” “He was scared!” The K2 flashed on several occasions, and we registered a temperature change twice.

We visited Walter’s room. Walter Robinson murdered his girlfriend of many years after she agreed to marry him. We heard a bang, as if a cell door was closed, although no one else was in the jail but us and Eric Glosser, the supervisor of paranormal investigations for the property. A voice asked, “Why are you stuck in this place?” We knocked, and had a knock in response. Employing the SB11, we heard “help,” “hate you” and “Help me, help me, please!” The voice sounded like a woman’s. When we stated that I sensed despair, the reply was, “I’m dead!”, again in what sounds like a woman’s voice. Could the girlfriend have come to Walter’s cell?

Next we investigated the showers. The REM lights lit and the alarm sounded several times. An EVP, through the SB11, told us, “killed ‘im!” and “f*** you!” The MEL meter registered a .6, a fairly significant reading. There was a man who committed suicide in the bathroom by cutting his throat with a razor.

In the sheriff’s quarters, we called on Sheriff Embry. The spirit there corrected us. It wasn’t Embry, but Francis. We were told that his granddaughter had visited, so we mentioned it to him. “Granddaughter,” repeated the spirit. When Bernie, Dorothy and I stated that our dad was a cop, a voice told us, through the SB11, “Your dad must have been —“we couldn’t make out the last words. The voice continued, “Apparently, he’s still a good cop.” Does this spirit know our dad? We also heard the words “officer,” and “new-fangled equipment” which seem relevant to the site. When we ended the session, I said “Thank you” as usual. “You’re welcome,” I was told.

In the physician’s area, an entity told us, “Hurt me right there.” Later, a voice declared, “Kinda need medicine.” Someone was hostile. We were told “f*** you” twice and once “f***er”, too.

In the intake room, again using he spirit box, we recorded several EVPs. Laura Devlin has been reported here. She was eventually sent to an asylum for mental evaluation. “I’m not crazy!” “Harvey, get your cane!” “Harvey Devlin – Harvey just wanted . . .” The last part we couldn’t understand. Laura Devlin’s husband was Thomas, but Harvey might be a relative. When Dorothy asked, “Are you angry?” the reply was, “Yeah!” We had some K2 activity here and again a .6 MEL meter reading.

In the basement is solitary confinement. It’s reputed to be hotspot. When I asked, “How’d you get thrown in here?” the hostile reply was, “None of your business!” In response to our comment, “Nobody’s happy here,” we got, “You betcha!” Several times we heard pleas for help! It was a lonely place!

The Old Licking County Jail certainly has paranormal activity! When the opportunity arises, we’d like to investigate again! There is more to discover from the residents!