Old South Pittsburg Hospital – 2nd Visit – South Pittsburg, TN – 06/2013

Old South Pittsburg Hospital
2nd Visit
44 Hour Lockdown
Pittsburg, Tennessee
June 10-12, 2013

Videos follow this text.

Day 1

This was our second trip here, and we were eager to get back. This time we came for the 44 hour lockdown. We believe that the ghosts will be more receptive to us after many hours. They would, we hoped, interact more with EVPs and possibly physical manifestations. This site is known for its EVPs, possibly because the caretaker, Doug, is more interested in them than apparitions. The presences here are more attuned to that. After lugging in all our equipment, bedding, clothes, and food, we began the set up. We set up 13 cameras on the second floor and basement. We had our meters, cameras, recorders, etc. We divided into 2 teams: MaryJo, Angel, and Beau and Greg and Rob. We had a new break room, which we like more than the old one. The bedrooms were the same.

While we were setting up the cameras and monitor in the basement workshop, I kept feeling cobwebs on my hands and arms. Since we were all milling around there, I knew that repeatedly running into webs was unlikely. Last year we had all had the experience of being touched like that. I asked whoever it was to please touch someone else on the team, so they would have the experience, but I remained the only target.

My team started at the 3rd floor Nurse’s Station. There are some stuffed animals, so we spoke to any children who are there. Even before I could speak, we have a voice saying, “MaryJo, Emma.” I asked if there were children there, and a male voice replied, “No.” However, that wasn’t entirely true. Ghosts don’t always tell the truth. I said, “We’re from Florida. It gets so hot there in the summer.” A child’s voice said, “Real hot in Florida.” I also heard on our EVPs, “Help me.” I heard that many times on this investigation. The “hissing man” followed me all over the hospital! Nearly every session, I heard his trademark “Hey!” in a hissy voice. By the time I left, we were almost friends!

We visited the Nursery next. It has many stuffed animals and other toys which can be used as trigger objects. As soon as we sat down and started recording, we heard on the EVPs a child sighing. My stomach growled and there was a giggle. I picked up the sound of a child singing, but couldn’t discern what the song was. I little girl’s voice said, “Help, I’m frightened!” When I heard that later, I felt sad.

In the Equipment Room, we used the green laser light. We asked whoever was there to go to the wall so we could see. “No room.” “Do you like the lights?” “No,” was the response. In the Delivery Room, a child’s voice asked, “What’s in the bag?” Angel was carrying her bag (flashlights, K-2 Meter, pencil and paper). We heard someone ask, “Doctor, do we have a nurse back home?”

Further on, in the OR with one bed, Beau role played. He asked the patient if he could bring them something. “Blankets, water. Would you like pizza?” A male voice replied, “No, thanks, I don’t.” Maybe he doesn’t like the pizza? We took pictures in each room, but didn’t find anything significant.

In the Psychiatric Hall, Room 307 has a pair of little girl boots. We heard “help me, help me” on our recording later. So many of them want help! Are they asking us for spiritual help or physical help? Is this residual or intelligent? Since that phrase is all we can hear, it’s very difficult to say. It does give us much to think about!

In Irene and Nellie’s room, he asked, “Is there anything we can do to help you?” “Nothing,” was the reply. We heard what sounded like two women whispering, but it was impossible to distinguish voices or what was being said. Irene was sharp tempered but Nellie was sweeter natured. We put our Raggedy Ann EMF meter on a shelf. Angel thought a small child was in the room. “Do you want to hug Raggedy Ann?” we asked. A child’s voice responded, “Love her!” Then, “I’m 9!”

In Martha’s room, we heard another “help me”. It’s something that really makes us think. What kind of help is being sought? Is there anything we can do to help?

We went down to the Old Records Room, now the Chapel. Beau asked for the chaplain. “I can reach him,” came a reply. I recited a line or two of “Jesus Loves Me’’. It’s a child’s hymn, and a little child’s voice commented, “How beautiful.” Beau asked if they knew the “Our Father” or “Hail Mary,” two old prayers. A voice responded, “Mmhm.” I decided to sing “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” as a trigger. “Sing with me!” I encouraged. “Yeah!” Then, “Keep up with . . .” we couldn’t understand the rest of the statement. But again, “help”.

In the kitchen, we ambled into the walk in cooler. Beau and I said something about Angel, who wasn’t there at the moment. The ovilus said the word “girl.” Then a girl’s voice said “Death.” Since we hadn’t heard that, I remarked, “Angel’s a girl.” “Ray’s /raises a girl” was one of our EVPs. Again, “Help.” We heard “help me” again in the storeroom. We really wish we could! Is it a residual call, or an intelligent reaching out? Back in the main part of the kitchen, I recalled the “puny bench” from last year which was broken. There was a chuckle, as if someone was sharing the jest.

In the Records Room on the 2nd Floor, Beau again role played, scolding someone for not getting him the records he wanted. He was the doctor. A female voice called him “Asshole.” “I got it”, came a later comment. “Don’t look down” was another. We aren’t sure what that means. “Do you need help?” we asked a little later. “Yeah.”

In the X-ray room, a voice observed, “I thought there were lots of people here.” It was just the Beau and I at the moment. Nearby in the Decontamination Room, an odd remark is “Mmm koo koo knocking.” Angel thinks this might be because no one was in the room at the time, and the presence there thought we were a bit strange for knocking.

Greg and Rob went to the basement. They heard a loud exhale, in their ears, but the recorder had been turned off! That was unfortunate! They eventually went to the nursery. A moan was captured on the digital voice recorder. Two minutes later they heard two claps.

Day 2

In the morning, we started again! We decided to return to some of the sites and interact with the ones who gave us the most interesting EVPs. In the nursery, we asked about the little girl who said she was frightened. “Who are you afraid of?” we asked. “My dad,” was her heart wrenching reply. Is she continuing to suffer at the hands of her tormentor? That’s very hard for us to deal with!

We role played at the Nurse’s Station on the 2nd floor. I pretended to need help. “Help me. I think I’m going to pass out.” I sat in the wheel chair. A voice echoed, “Help me.” Another voice said, “Let’s help her.” Angel and Beau said, “You need to check her out.” A male sounding voice replied, “Alright!” I then asked for medical marijuana. “I don’t think so!” was the retort. A nurse had died in the bathroom there. I commented that it must have been very sad, and tragic that help was so close, but too late. A male voice uttered, “Help her! Can you help her?”

We went next door in to ICU. “You’re disturbing us!” complained someone on the EVP. Male voices said, “I can hurt you!” and “Get me out of here.” Someone said “pants” perhaps because our clothes wouldn’t have been worn in the hospital in the 60s or 70s. We also heard an angry, “He’ll f*** you!” We asked, “Do you enjoy what you do?” The one word answer was, “No.”

In the kitchen, Beau role played again. “Help!” he called. “I’ve cut open my leg and need a doctor!” We heard footsteps running overhead, as if medical personnel were on the way. We were concerned for a minute that Doug, Cindy, or one of the team heard and misunderstood, but none of them came down. Before we ended the session an EVP came through, “Help us doctor! Please help us!” Was this a mimic of our role play? We heard some thumps there. I asked about the daily specials. “If you have some okra, cornbread, and a piece of chicken, that sounds good.” “Sounds good,” agreed someone. A little later, a voice asked, “Is there coffee?” Someone also called out to Beau, “Hey! Big kid!” I thought I saw something in the hall outside the kitchen. I mentioned it and the word “Double” came through our ovilus. “Don’t show me mine!” I joked. “No,” a voice agreed. Angel saw the name ‘Murphy” come through the ovilus. “Did you work in the kitchen” she asked. “Run,” said the ovilus. We interpreted that to mean, he ran the kitchen.

In the boiler room, the Mel meter jumped to 5.6. The name Jim came through the ovilus. James was one of the janitors! He died in the 1960s. Beau was commenting on the chirping, and a voice said, “Look, man.” We passed into the workshop, when a man’s voice called, “hey, baby!” A faint “help me” came through.

In the Nurse’s Station on the 2nd floor, during Greg and Rob’s session, a voice called, “Hurry, come here!” When Greg asked what color the laser light was, the response was purple. The light is red to us, but if you are seeing it with full spectrum, it’s purple! This gives validity to the theory that ghosts see in full spectrum. Another voice asked, “Will you help me?”

In another nursery session, an eerie voice requested, “I’d care for a song.” When we asked if there are nurses taking care of the babies, a rather indignant female voice proclaimed, “Yes!” In response to our query, “Who are you?” one of the residents said, “That’s not important!” “What would you like us to do?” netted the response through the ovilus “Change.” We asked if we should change our hair, clothes, or what. “Yeah,” said a childlike voice. Then a gravelly voice intoned, “Go back.” We were confused as to the phrasing of this until we researched a little bit. Hazel had a gravelly voice and used the expression, “go back”. She had also said” Go back, Walter!” the day before. We said we didn’t want to wake the babies. “They’re awake,” came the retort. Then a woman’s voice said, “Wake up.” Maybe they weren’t all awake. Finally, as we left the room, what sounded like a male voice can be heard saying, “Touch her now!” A few steps down the hall, Angel yelled that something had pulled out her earring. She said she felt cobwebs on her face, a kind of touching. She brushed back from her forehead, and the earring went! We found in across the hall and about 6 feet away from her! “Did you want it?” we asked. No response. “Do you not like it?” Again, no response.

Back down to the chapel! “Hi, I was here last night. Do you remember me?” I asked. A voice we heard later responded, “It was her!” I sang again. We heard echo singing. Angel tracked a large warm energy mass following me, with the FLIR. An orb shot across the camera view. The Mel meter went up! Two voices at the end called out, “Bless you!” and “Blessings!” I guess they appreciated my efforts, if not my voice.

In our second visit to the Records Room, the meter spiked to 5.6! There’s a sneeze that isn’t us! When we asked who was in there last night, a voice rejoined, “Were you?” The entities have a sense of humor!

The Hissing Man made his presence known again in the cardio-pulmonary Unit. “Hey!” A ghost said, “I love you.” The meter spiked to 3.0! When I ended the Spirit Box session, a voice implored, “Wait.” Again the meter showed a very high 10.1. There is no electricity in the room! Angel found a book on nutrition from the 70s. As we discussed the changing ideals in body types, a male voice commented, “That’s a little girl.” She liked hearing that!

Back to the nursery! Beau conducted the Spirit Box session. He had had 2 females tell him their names: Aubrey and Brigitta. A man with a Hispanic accent called for Elinar. “Don’t tell,” asked a woman. “I no can tell what.” The man responding indicated that the two of them were having a conversation, not interacting with us. Twice the phrase “kiss me” was said, as well as “I love you.”. When Beau asked how many were here, the answer was “2”, but when he asked again “How many?” the answer changed to “3 more.”

During our investigation in Room 307, the walkie went off. A voice said “Do you have the walkie?” We answered, but got no further feedback. Later on, we asked who on the team had contacted us. Nobody! “Hey!” We heard from the Hissing Man. In the hall, I heard a radio playing a song from the late 60s, “Hey, There Lonely Girl.” Neither Angel nor Beau heard it. I asked them to come over to me, they did, and the music stopped. Our EVP has what seems to be a P.A. system saying “Calling for . . .” and fades away. Obviously, there is no working electricity to make that function possible!

Greg and Rob did an encore EVP session in the basement. They heard an audible humming coming from the boiler room. It is on the recorder. This ties in with the voice Beau and I heard in the basement which we initially attributed to Angel.

In the kitchen, Greg and Rob noticed strong K2 meter hits for about 15 minutes. Each time they attempted a video recording, it stopped! Camera shy? Many time we have encountered this situation. We try to video and the activity stops.

Up in the nursery, they heard clicking noises. These were captured on the digital recorder. They also got an answering two knocks to “Shave and a Haircut.” This was also on the recording.

At the Nurse’s Station on the Main Floor, they had strong K2 activity. They believe it was Nurse Betty. She is active in the area. However, as in the kitchen, it stopped when they turned on the camera. Nurse Betty didn’t want to be on film, apparently.

We were all very tired by the end of the second day, but it was a good tired, of a task completed well. We had walked up and down stairs many times, explored the hallways and rooms, and could find our way around the hospital fairly well. We had encountered many ghosts!

We found a lot to intrigue us, many, many EVPS, personal experiences, orb photos, and the desire to return again! This is definitely a haunted site! Thanks to Doug and Cindy for the hospitality! We did find that some of the same old questions are tiresome to the residents, so we took Doug’s idea and did a lot of “conversating.” Sometimes, just holding a conversation or remarking on something will trigger a comment. Role plays we also found to be great triggers.