Old South Pittsburg Hospital – South Pittsburg, TN

Old South Pittsburg Hospital

Old South Pittsburg Hospital is not that old. It was opened in 1959 and closed its doors in 1998. Its facilities include operating rooms, a Geriatric Ward, Maternity Ward, Psychiatric Ward, ER, Clinic, and Pharmacy. Tens of thousands came through the doors. Some are still there. Long before the hospital was built, Native Americans lived in the area and Civil War battles were fought nearby. There is a long history. Paranormal activity claims involve baby cries, touches, voices, apparitions, and slamming doors. There have been suicides in the hospital, as well as many natural deaths. As a paranormal research facility, the old hospital offers 22 and 44 hour lockdowns. There are 16 static night vision cameras running constantly. Off the Trails Paranormal Investigations witnessed some activity on our lockdown. However, it was a fairly quiet night.

We explored all three floors of the hospital and the basement. On the third floor, one of the doors which we had closed slammed repeatedly! Since the hospital is so quiet, Angel, Beau, and I were startled by the noise. The door was shut, and there was no wind to blow it open. In the basement, we asked “the laughing man” to laugh for us. We asked several times, not realizing until later on, listening to our EVPs that he had! It was a low and somewhat chilling laugh. In the pew room, named for all the pews, we had exceptionally high EMF readings, but had no luck actually contacting anyone. Rob did say he smelled chocolate. One of the spirits, a little girl named supposedly likes hot chocolate. In the hallway, on the first floor, near the doctor’s lounge, Angel and I smelled stale cigar smoke. The hospital has been closed for years, and the only smoking allowed in the building is not there. Moreover, the only smoking going on that night was Rob and cigarettes, not cigars. We all smelled cigarette smoke on the third floor, in one of the patient room, but there is not smoking allowed there. Both times the odors were fleeting. All of us at different times felt light touches on our faces, almost like cobwebs. However, this happened to us when we were not first in line, so someone else had walked before us. I asked after many of these touches, “Can you touch me someplace besides my face?” A moment later, I felt a light, cobweb-like touch on my leg. I believe that was a spirit responding to me. We tried to connect with one of the spirit children, but nobody seemed to want to play the night we were there. While Angel and I were walking down the hall talking about the pharmacy, a man’s voice is heard on the video saying “No, no, no!” We heard tapping at various places. Batteries were drained. Rob saw a shadow figure flash by in the hall. Greg saw it a moment later further down the hall. Rob also thought he saw someone peek around the door of base, but when he got up, there was nobody in the hall. We also tried to trigger activity by doing some role playing, asking for a nurse to assist Beau in the walker, and when we heard a siren, called for nurses and doctors to get ready for an emergency, but had no luck. We were very tired at the end of the night, and Angel, Beau and I took a nap in two of the more active rooms. We witnessed nothing, unfortunately. Rob and Greg continued investigating, doing three more sweeps of the facility. Would we return? Absolutely! Doug and Cyndy Lydick live in the hospital. They were very gracious while we were there, and told us they would like to expand the research.