Pennhurst Asylum – Spring City, PA – July 2016


Pennhurst Asylum
Spring City, PA
July 2016

Pennhurst Asylum opened in November, 1908 for those who could not care for themselves or whose family was unwilling to care for them. They were physically and mentally disabled. In 1913, the theory of eugenics gained popularity. This theory proposed that anyone who was mentally unfit was a criminal and a danger to society. They were, therefore, to be put away. This theory caught the attention of Adolph Hitler, who capitalized on it in the 1930s! By 1913, the asylum was overcrowded. Epileptics, physically deformed, mentally and/or emotionally disabled, and mutes, to name a few were, lived there. The quality of care deteriorated. In 1916, cottages were built for women, to prevent, at least in part, unwanted pregnancies. Pennhurst was a small town, with a railroad stop, greenhouse, dairy farm, swimming pool, treatment plants and power house. It became more and more overcrowded and the residents suffered. They were left alone much of the time, uncared for. Treatment was often inhumane. In the 1980s, following a television expose, Pennhurst closed. People were horrified to see how the patents were treated! Today much of the old Pennhurst has fallen into ruin. Some buildings have been maintained and are used as offices. Mayflower is open to paranormal investigators.

OPI investigated the Mayflower building and found evidence of paranormal activity. We had a full team for this one! Mayflower is a large building, with three floors. One of the rooms is the infamous “chair room” which was used to pull the teeth of biting patients, without anesthesia. So much suffering occurred in the building, for so many years! The grief and anger within the walls is something we clearly felt. Those of us with sensitivities were affected by the agony, both physical and emotional, that the people who lived there endured. This is not a place for a fun investigation.

We split into two groups. Greg, Bernie, Luke, Angel and I in one, and TJ, Rena, Sandy, Leah, and Linda in the other. We went to different floors, to lessen the possibility of noise contamination. My group started on the second floor, in a bathroom. Bathroom can be places where people go when they are feeling emotional, so they can be alone. We used the SB11 to get these Class A EVPs. A child’s voice stated, “You understand!” “Wow,” was the reaction when we said that Bernie and Luke had come from Virginia Beach. Someone asked, “Do you know where Bernie is?” She must have a fan! When we asked, “Are there any spirits here who are hurtful?” we heard the answer, “18.” That’s a lot of spirits! Considering how wronged patients were at this facility, there must be a lot who are angry and want to strike back. When asked, “Do you ever leave Pennhurst? A male voice replied, “No!” We had some Class Bs and Class Cs, too. They include: “I love you; Jimmy; teacher”; and a giggle.

The “chair room” is supposedly the room where patients had their teeth extracted without Novocain or any type of anesthetic. This was done as a punishment for biting. An old cane wheel chair is the only item in there now. We again utilized the SB11. We asked if a member of the staff was with us. “Let me continue!” a female admonished us. We wondered, “Do you ever go to the train station?” “Yes, ma’am,” a young girl’s voice told us. “Who brought you here?” we continued. “My mama,” she replied. When we asked, “Are you watching us now?” we received an answer that shows humor. ‘You were in here!” a child’s voice retorted. These were our Class As. Some other EVPs were “I touched it: Who goes there; and damn spirits.” Luke, who is developing his mediumship abilities, told us there were some children with us.

On the second floor landing, we all felt cobwebs on our face, but couldn’t find the cobwebs. This is a form of spirit touching.

In the soundproof room, we had a conversation using the K2 as means of answering yes/no questions. We believe the spirit we communicated with was an older man, but with a limited mental capacity.
Our K2s and Mel meters didn’t register any significant readings.

We investigated several other areas in the building. However, one of our cameras malfunctioned, and the sound was not recorded. This is a big disappointment to us. We had interactions, but lost the wording and the noises.

The other group heard footsteps and noises that were not from any of us. Sandi captured a voice in the soundproof room. It sounds like a male trying to speak, but perhaps can’t articulate. This would connect to those who were considered “imbeciles”, someone who had their teeth pulled out or someone who was deaf.

The following video clips contain EVP’s from our recent investigation of Pennhurst Asylum. We highly recommend use of high quality head sets when listening. Ear buds don’t provide adequate noise cancellation.