Poasttown Elementary School – Middletown, OH – 09/15

Poasttown Elementary School
Middletown, OH
Sept. 2015

Built in 1937, and used as a school until 1999, Poasttown, Elementary has had only one death. Owner Darrel Whisman bought the same building he went to school in, and that his family attended school in, in 2005. He and many others have reported paranormal activity since shortly thereafter. Two train accidents happened on the tracks very near, both on the 4th of July. The victims were brought to the place the school now sits on to be treated. Many died. Originally, Darrel rented out classrooms to businesses such as a gym and a massage studio. He has lived in the building since he bought it. OPI wanted to check it out for ourselves. Greg and I went it alone, not realizing just how many rooms are there. We did encountered paranormal activity! The cafeteria was the most active, although we recorded EVPs in every room we investigated. Why do spirits stay at the school? We think it’s because for many people, school days are the most carefree time. However, not all the spirits there were children, or positive.

We used our usual tools for investigating: K2, MEL Meter, digital voice recorder, Raggedy Ann for the children, cameras, camcorder, REM, SB11, laser, and flashlight. We added the EDI Meter, which is a combination of a MEL Meter, a K2 Meter and a Geophone all wrapped up in one, and periscope this time.

We began in the “Doll Room,” so called because of the various dolls sitting around. The K2 did show interaction. EVPs were plentiful. In answer to the question, “Is anybody around?” we heard, “Yes, I’m by my phone.” This seems to show a sense of humor. We also heard, “damn box” and “I’m Henry.” A child’s voice reported, “My mommy’s dead.” When asked, “Tell me about the building,” the Class A retort was, “Get out, get out! What do you want?” This was a male voice. The same voice again told us “Get out. I’m the devil.” This is a Class A EVP. He was trying to intimidate us, certainly. We don’t believe the devil is there, but someone who didn’t want us there! These were through the spirit box. The MEL showed a reading of .3 and a female voice, as I looked at the meter spoke, “.3.” She was looking at it, too! When we asked for a name, a woman’s voice told us, “Gloria.” There was quite a bit of activity.

We moved on to a room with punching bags suspended from the ceiling. I showed the periscope. It is fairly new, and we have only used it once or twice before. A female voice inquired, “What is that?” A Class A EVP mimicked me when I said, “Talk on our level” by repeating “our level.” The shadow detector feature on the REM pod was activated several times. We got the name Lucy. I reminded the spirit “You can touch the REM for energy.” “And then what? Then what?” a voice through the SB11 challenged! A voice said my name, MaryJo, and “What the hell was that?” as though mimicking someone on a paranormal show. I declared that I would punch the bags. “I’ll get you started!” a male voice offered. “I’m going to punch the bag!” I said. “What bag” was the question, since there were two of them. As I punched, the voice came through the spirit box, saying “left hook.” A minute or so later, the voice repeated, “left hook.” It is clearly audible. The motion detector again alerted us. There didn’t seem to be any rational reason for it. I moved around, but it wasn’t me. We were on the second floor, and any vehicles going by were not causing shadows.

Mrs. Tolf’s room, which appeared to be Social Studies, was our next site. Again, the K2 alerted us. The SB11 showed a cooling temperature. “Cold” said a voice. As a retired Social Studies teacher, I asked, “Did you learn the capital cities?” The K2 flashed. I read the names of the school board when the school was built in the late 1930s and asked if the names were familiar. Again, the K2 responded in the affirmative. A woman’s voice began, “Let me tell you.” A male voice asked, “Who are you?” When I asked, “Were you a teacher here?” a voice replied, “Are you one?” The activity was positive, until a disdainful voice came through saying, “The doll is amusing.” It was a male voice. The MEL showed a 66.6 reading and the EDI Meter showed a 62.8. We believe the darker energy was again trying to scare us with the 666.

Next was the library. I told whoever was listening that I used to read Stuart Little to my students. “Stuart Little,” a child’s voice repeated. I asked about other books I thought children might read, and when I said ‘Tarzan’ a man’s voice declared, “stupid.” A child’s voice asked, “Apple, Miss Jo?” This might be a child from early in the school’s history. They call the little girl who died here Sara. A child told us, “I find Sara.”

After a while, we went to the map room. It’s a very small room, more of a closet, with shelves lining the walls. This is where we encountered the dark energy in the photos. The sign outside the door said Mrs. Gephardt. A man’s accented voice declared, “I come for you.” Greg took a photo and I said, “Picture time!” “Thank you,” said a child’s voice. It is clearly heard. What seems like the same dark male voice again demanded, “Get out of here!” The MEL Meter reading was .6. It did feel heavy in the room.

The original nurse’s room, turned into a reading room, was our next stop. Here we had some excellent EVPs. We also have some evidence that shows spirits on one plane don’t know of the existence of those on another. A child and a man seem to be the two who interacted with us. He told us to get out, again. Through the SB11 a child’s voice said, “I like you. You’re not a punisher.” We also heard, “I do it,” “my belly,” ‘we’re ok,’ and “they left me.” When we asked, “Where are you from?” a voice responded, “Lincoln.” There is a school in the district that is Lincoln School! While there, we heard the train whistle, but never heard the train come through. We talked about kids getting sick with the flu, and a voice said “mommy.” I began to sing the song “You are my Sunshine.” A little child’s voice can be heard continuing it. I asked, “What’s your name, honey?” A male voice replied to that by saying, “I’m not honey! I’m Butch Gray! Butch! I’m not honey!” He sounded very offended, as though he thought I was talking to him! This is why we believe he didn’t know the child was in the room! We heard the name Barbara, so it might be her name. I did research the name Butch gray and discovered that a man with that name had lived in Middletown and was now deceased!

Mrs. Cold Iron’s room is the most like a typical classroom, with desks. I did a role play, pretending to be the teacher. We hoped for some student interaction. I asked if anybody could define a noun. A clear male voice, not through the box, said the word “teacher.” When I ask for a volunteer to answer the math problem, 5+5, a voice cautioned, “Don’t raise your hand!” I had Mrs. Johnson’s book on the teacher desk. “Do you know Mrs. Johnson?” I queried. “Who data?” was the answer. I wondered what it was like on the other side. “Hot,” a voice told me. It wasn’t hot in the room! I smelled marijuana, an odd smell for a grade school. When I commented to Greg, a male voice demanded, “Who did Coke?” We think it was the negative energy following us. I asked for an answering knock, and we got one! I felt a pressure on my chest, so asked if someone had had a chest problem. There was the sound of faint laughter.

It was getting late, so we went down to the cafeteria. We set up at one of the tables. This was the most active regarding meters! The K2 was showing activity, Raggedy Ann was lighting up, indicating activity, the EDI Meter was working as well. Using these as communication devices, we ascertained that we were in the presence of a woman who worked at the school cafeteria in the 1930s and 50s. She was happy at the school, and had looked at the people there as an extended family. She liked the big band music I played. She knew and liked Darrel, and was glad he bought the school. She had enjoyed Errol Flynn and Shirley Temple at the movies. It was the Jewish holy day Rosh Hashanah, so we asked if she was celebrating it. The activity slowed down, indicating to us that she didn’t want to talk about religion. Maybe she was Jewish, but didn’t want people to know, back in those days. She did like Bing Crosby music. She also signaled that she knew Butch Newkirk, the former janitor, who had died in a fire, many years ago. We used the SB11 but didn’t have as much interaction here with it. We did hear the word “Butch” and “Don’t leave” when I ended the session. The MEL again read 66.6, a signal that the negative energy was there. At the end of the recording the word f**k is clearly uttered, most likely by the same entity.

Our final place to investigate for the night was the boiler room. Darrel told us that sometimes people get a nervous feeling here, as though they are being watched. I sat in between the furnaces, and felt the same way, as if someone was right behind me. We asked if Butch was here. We meant the former janitor, not Butch Gray. The REM on the SB11 showed he was. However, we don’t know which Butch was with us. We did hear the word “kill” on the recording later. The EDI Meter was active, also indicating a presence. The Mel again read 66.6. When I asked, “Can you say, “Hi, MaryJo’,” a male voice replied, “Hey Miss Mo Do.” It seems the Negative energy was mocking and still attempting to frighten us. The EDI Meter was consistently showing spirit activity. “I’m goin’,” he answered when we asked if he had anything to tell Darrel. The SB11 was completely drained, due to the REM feature being used constantly.

We wished we could have gone to some of the other rooms Darrel showed us! The school definitely showed paranormal activity! Except for the one dark energy, the spirits there seem benign. The dark one could be the janitor, who we understand, sometimes likes to be hostile. He could be another entity entirely. If the opportunity arises, we would return, and take more team members with us so they can experience the energies we did!