Private Residence Investigation – Joan’s House – Sylvan Beach, NY – 05/2014

Joan’s House
Sylvan Beach, NY
May, 2014

Joan was certain she had paranormal activity. One night her little granddaughter, who was asleep, was twitching and then abruptly sat up crying. She later told her mom that ”Grandma was poking me.” Joan says she was pushed out of bed, that she heard voices, and that she felt she was being watched. Her cottage is where the family gathers over the summer to spend time together and enjoy the lake and amusement park nearby. She didn’t feel comfortable being there or having the grandchildren there.

Dawn, our medium, had spoken to Joan first. Dawn told us she detected many, many spirits in the house, property, and along the lake. She found thousands, she said. Some were from the Civil War and some from the 1920s, as well as Indians. The area is historic, having been the site of Indian settlements and wars, the Revolutionary War, and part of the Erie Canal. Joan wanted OPI to find some evidence of activity in the house and validate her experiences and feelings.

We spent two nights there. Our baseline meter readings were normal. However, we had barely set up when we began to get spirit box activity, K2 activity and were taking pictures of energies. There were many voices that came through the box and that we heard later without the box. We started in the living room, and found that the common living area and the front bedroom were the most active. Since Dawn thought a group of spirit brothers were named Rye, I asked, “Do you know the Rye brothers?” A voice replied, “No, I don’t know them.” A woman’s voice told me, “Yes.” A child’s voice observed, “You have brown hair.” This may have been referring to Greg, since my hair is more blonde. Using the spirit box, a child’s voice asked for “Grandma, not Grandpa.” Another juvenile voice told us, “Too hard to go.” That might indicate a strong attachment to the house or property. I asked, “Were you trying to get Joan’s attention?” “I got it!” a satisfied voice told us. I had two flashlights, and asked, “Can you turn both of them off?” “That’s f***ing insulting!” a juvenile voice responded. This was after I ended the spirit box session. After I heard that, I told the soul I was not intending to insult anyone, but to clarify a presence, but the remark to me was rude. I had no response that I could hear. We did use the flashlights to ask yes/no questions, and it seemed that someone from the 1700s was there. It also seemed as if that soul liked hunting and venison. During that session, I heard music when I played it back, but we had no music on, and did not hear anything during the session. While some on the entities were ready to communicate with us, others told us “Get out,” “f***,” and other hostile words. Some asked for help.

We took a short walk to the lake and conducted a session there. I asked to speak to the souls on the shore, and was told, “There’s a lot of them!” My name was spoken by what sounded like a male voice. When we asked about bootleggers, the response was, “F*** you.” Perhaps he was concerned about his liquor being discovered. On the way back, we captured the figure of a soldier in a window of Joan’s house.

Back at the house, we communicated with those in the bedroom Joan didn’t like, the one where her granddaughter was poked and she was pushed out of bed. When I asked if anyone was here, I heard the names Helen, Beth, and Robert come through the box. A childlike voice told us, “They left me.” When I told Joan that, she told me that some years ago a little girl had drowned at the beach while her parents were having drinks in the bar. Could it have been her? We don’t know. An angry voice told me, “You’re gonna die.” Not all the souls were glad to be acknowledged. In answer to the question, “Did you live in Sylvan Beach?” a voice replied, “Beach rental.”

In the back bedroom, I was told several times to shut up. When I asked about prohibition, the response through the box was “Don’t go there!” A voice, not through the box pleaded, “Help me, please help me.” When I asked, what can we do to help you, a sad feminine voice answered, “Leave me alone.”

Since Dawn believed spirits were passing by the house to get to the lake, we went out to the yard. I remarked to Greg that I felt spirits all around me. He took a photo showing orbs all around me. “You are around me!” I exclaimed. A young voice responded, “Yes, yes!” Another told me, “Above.” There is a tiny orb above my head. When I asked how many spirits were out here, I got the answer, “26!” I heard a couple of shut ups, and insisted, “Stop telling me to shut up!” Determined to have the last word, a voice repeated, “Shut up!”

Back inside, we noticed the K2 meter flashing up to red. We asked some questions, and determined our communicator was a woman named Nina; that she had friends there; her favorite place was the kitchen-living room; she was a maid in the 1920s and 30s; was African American, and enjoyed the activity when the family was in the house. We used the spirit box, and heard a diverse collection: “hello,” “I want to kill ya,” and “I’m calling MaryJo.” The REM pod in the bedroom activated for a long time, so someone was storing up energy. We tried to communicate but heard few intelligent responses. When I asked if it was okay that Greg and I were there, the reply was, “Heck, no!”

The second day was quieter, getting less active as the day wore on. It seemed as if the spirits had their say and were satisfied at being acknowledged.

We did connect with one that claimed to be a little girl from town, through the K2. She told us she liked the house, had gotten sick, and died around 2004.

We checked the attic. There was no floor to walk on, so we stood on the ladder. I asked if there were any children up there. “I am, “was the response. “Any animals?” I asked. Someone trying to be funny told me, “Cattle and more.” Joan told me that the area used to be farmland, but I doubt the cattle were kept upstairs. Greg captured some pictures up there, some positive and some negative.

In the common area, a voice told us he was Patrick. Just making conversation, I said that I had eaten a blueberry muffin for breakfast. A female voice piped in, “I got one.”

In the front bedroom, a feminine voice asked, “What are you doin’?” and then “Have it shut up.” I think she meant the spirit box, since it can be noisy. A voice then asked, “What’d you find?” We communicated through the K2 with a soul who claimed he was angry at the family for being there. He took credit for poking the child, because he enjoyed it. He was in WWII, he said by flashing the meter. He thought the family who used to live in the house hurt his family. I explained that this was a different family, but I don’t think he accepted that. He indicated he had relatives in the area. A little later, I used the spirit box and asked for a rank, and the word corporal came through.

We were able to get two very convincing pictures. In one, a woman, man, and child are reflected in the blank TV screen. They are wearing 1860s type clothing and standing in the kitchen. In the other, two men are reflected in the blank TV again. They are standing behind us in the doorway.

By the evening we had almost no activity. However, the results of our investigation do validate Joan’s belief that her summer home had paranormal activity. There were both good and not so good souls there, from various time periods. There were men, women, and children. Dawn has crossed over all of the souls. The house should only have the activity associated with an energetic family.