Private Residence Investigation – Cheryl & Sean’s House – White City, FL – 07/2013

Cheryl and Sean
White City, FL
July, 2013

Cheryl called OPI because she and her boyfriend, Sean, were feeling negativity in their home. They had recently moved into a new property on the river, and believed a presence in the house was causing them to fight. They were feeling very stressed. MaryJo, Greg, and Dawn went to investigate.

The home was old and charming, with beautiful views of the St. Lucie River. It was easy to see why they had fallen in love with it. Dawn believed that there were two souls by the river, young women who had been killed years before. In the house were three others, a man, his wife, and the wife’s boyfriend. The married couple was Eddie and Christine. The boyfriend was George. Eddie had killed himself after finding his wife with his friend. Christine fell sometime later. George had an accident and died.

Greg and I did our meter sweeps, and found nothing irregular.

We began the EVP session in the master bedroom upstairs. Two children’s’ voices called for “Mom!” While Cheryl is a parent, we’re not sure is they were specifically looking for her. We began a spirit box session. “You may report,” said a voice. “Is Eddie up here?” we asked. “Yes,” a male voice answered. “Who’s up here now?” “Me, George,” was our reply. “Do you dislike Cheryl?” A voice responded, “Of course.” Dawn told us Cheryl bore a resemblance to Christine, and Eddie thought Cheryl was his wife! When we asked, “How do you feel about us being here?” we had two different responses. A male told me, “I think you’re dub!” “I don’t!” countered a female voice. Another voice declared, “It’s MaryJo!” So they knew who I was. We did capture an orb shooting up. “We hate you!” announced a voice. Are you from White City,” we inquired. “The big one,” was the retort. Did they mean the World’s Fair White City from 1893? When we commented that Cheryl looks like someone, meaning Christine, we got an EVP of a man’s voice saying “Yeah.” When she remarked, “It hates me,” she received an affirmative, “Yeah.” Our last EVP here was a woman’s voice calling, “Eddie.”

We walked out into the lawn. I asked for Christine. “No.” Then a voice, heard later as an EVP, called out, “Christine, hold up!” When I announced the end to the session a voice spoke up, “Quick!” as though it didn’t want to continue! We attempted a flashlight conversation. “Don’t want to,” a man’s voice declared when I asked someone to turn off the lite.

Dawn saw a child in the closet in one of the children’s rooms. “Can you still play?” we asked. His answer was “Yes.” In another of the kid’s rooms, the spirit box gave us the proclamation “We’re devils.” We aren’t sure if the voice meant they were very mischievous children, or were trying to scare us. We also heard the usual, “F*** you!”

OPI believes that the house did have paranormal activity. Dawn was able to cross over the spirits. We did remind the residents that living by a river, they may always have some “guests” because spirits are attracted to moving water, and the house is very close to the banks.