Private Residence Investigation – Annabelle’s House – Stuart, FL – 03/2014

Annabelle’s House
Stuart, FL
March 2014

Annabelle and her son’s girlfriend, Krista told OPI there was negative energy in the house. Annabelle and her daughter had moved out, leaving all their belongings behind, 3 years ago. Krista moved in a few months ago, and she was experiencing activity, too. She lives in the house with Annabelle’s son, Keaton, and husband Jim. Krista heard a man’s voice and saw a silhouette watching her at night. Jim heard a woman’s voice. The house had belonged previously to a drug dealer, who had the property wired and placed surveillance cameras all around.

OPI found no unusual meter readings, except for in the living room. Dawn, our medium, saw 5 spirits in the home, 2 females, and 3 males. When Annabelle brought some people to the house, a young child’s spirit came with them, making the total of spirits 6. We found the most active places were the master bedroom and the converted garage bedroom, Krista and Keaton’s room.

When we entered the master bedroom, Dawn told us Heather was in the closet. Annabelle didn’t like the closet, she said. It gave her a “bad feeling.” Heather was in great pain. She brought both Dawn and me to tears. Dawn said she had been murdered at the age of 37 and was pregnant. In the house also was Irene, 41; Jim, 23; Chad 49; and Nate, 6, Dawn told us. We used the spirit box, flashlight, and cameras.

We began in the garage bedroom. During the session, I thought I heard Greg say something. He told me he didn’t, but I heard a voice. A male voice told us, “I’m no fun to be around.” We believe it was Jim. When we asked who was in the room, the reply was, “Everyone is here.” Jim seemed to have a liking for Krista. She told us someone watched while she was asleep. When I asked Jim if it was he, he told us, ”I do.” When we asked, “Do you like her?” a juvenile voice responded, “My mother.” The little boy, Nate, we think, considered her his mom. She did look older than her 18 years and perhaps resembled his mom. We believe Chad was in charge of the spirits. When we told them, “We mean no disrespect,” we believe it was he who responded, “Then get out!” There was some indistinguishable whispering and other noises in the room.

In the master bedroom, we asked to speak to Heather. “She’s afraid to,” a voice told us. Finally, through the spirit box, we heard, “heather speaking. Help me, alright!” Later we heard, “Charlotte, get out?” Charlotte was Heather’s friend, according to Dawn. We suppose she was asking if her friend escaped and or was killed, too. A woman’s voice told us, “He told me he wouldn’t leave me alone.” Someone, we consider it Chad, said, “Get out!” three times. Our trainees, Leah and TJ came in. A voice, heard on the EVPs said, “They’re here. It’s time to go. Hide.” “Say hi to TJ,” we asked Chad. “Hey!” a male voice rejoined. “I’m in control,” it continued. Leah seemed to establish a rapport with Nate and told us he was holding her hand. A child’s voice called for “Mommy.”

In the spare room, we asked if someone would light up the flashlight. The motion detector outside went on! We asked how many were in the house. “7,” was the answer. That was one more than we thought. We asked if we were speaking to Irene. “I don’t know. Could be,” a voice taunted. A child’s voice said, “That one.” A male voice continued, “Or this one?”

We ended the night in the garage bedroom, where we used the K2 to hold conversations with Nate. Through this we learned that Nate liked Krista’s hamster, knew who watched them while they slept, had lived with his parents and Grandma in Miami, and was enjoying the conversation.

The spirits all were willing to go at the end of the evening, so we helped Dawn help them to cross over. As always, it was a positive experience. We advised the family to keep the house “clean” by using Epsom salts around the perimeter and keeping positive outlooks. The house is quiet now, according to Annabelle. We will be ready to help the family again if needed.