Private Residence Investigation – Archer’s House – Spring Hill, FL – 12/2014

Archer’s House
Spring Hill, FL
Dec. 2014

Archer and his family bought the house in 2009. Since the beginning, they had felt something was there, but activity had been increasing. They heard voices; the window unlocked; the door to the 12 year’s bedroom would lock on its own; the 3 year saw her toy animal crawling up the wall; the cat acted afraid; and Archer saw an image in the mirror. Everyone was nervous.

Dawn visited astrally, and told us she found several spirits in the house. Terri saw an older woman under a stir case. Archer told me there had been a stairs in the front of the house; going up to the yard, but it was gone now. He also told me another psychic had felt the presence of an older woman there.

Terri, Greg and I traveled to Spring Hill. Baseline meter readings were no higher than 0.1, except around the refrigerator and other places electricity leakage would be high. Since the parents heard a voice in the baby’s room, we started there. We did notice several temperature changes on the SB11. We also had the words,”kin, hurts, and Amen.” come through. Terri communicated with the older woman and a man who were there from generations ago! It was a different house! He had been taking care of her in her mental illness. She loved the children, especially the younger ones. She and her caretaker had had physical fights. Terri believes that he accidently killed her, choking her when he felt overwhelmed by his duties and her behavior. He was repentant! He had lost a hand during one the fights, so was unable to properly bury her. Her placed her near a rose bush and placed stones over her body. Terri thinks they might have been related in some way, perhaps a son in law and his wife’s mother. Maybe the words through the spirit box were those two trying to communicate with us.

In the 3 year old’s room, we heard the EVP. “Suicide is misery!” Did the man eventually kill himself in desperation over his act? Dawn believes that another young man committed suicide and was in the home.

Outside, Archer showed us where the steps had been, and Terri went to the spot she thought the death happened. A dark energy is over her in the photo. However, Terri judges that the body was buried elsewhere, probably where the house is now. Since it happened so long ago, so one else might have even been aware of her death. Both the woman and the man were ready to cross over, but the man went back for a little boy. He brought him along, too.

Back in the living room, we heard the SB11 say “Teresa Reed,” Terri’s full name. When she asked, “Did you say my name?” the reply was, “Yes’m! Thank you for my family.” A young spirit, possibly related to the older woman and man, was in the home, too. Terri encouraged her to cross over. She had a message for Terri about her heart, and even asked if Terri wanted her to wait. The next day, Terri was admitted to the ER with a heart problem! At the time, we had no idea Terri would be going to the hospital!

In the master bedroom, we conducted and EVP session for any other spirits on the property who wanted to step forward, especially those contacted by Dawn. Most of them did acknowledge me. One, Maria, giggled when I spoke her name, and announced, “I’m at the séance!” Of course, we weren’t really conducting a séance, but trying to communicate with those already in the room. Treyvonn was also there, speaking. He was looking for his mom, and we encouraged him to go to the light and find her.

The family reports that all is quiet, and they feel much better about being in the home. We will resume communication with them if they have any concerns or questions in the future.