Private Residence Investigation – Ariel’s House – Ellicot City, MD – 08/2013

Ariel’s House
Ellicot City, MD
Aug. 2013

Ariel called us because for some time she has been haunted. She is, she said, sensitive. She has two children, and Ariel has heard children laughing even when her kids aren’t at home. She has been touched, seen shadows out of the corner of her eye, and her dachshund sat and stared at “something”, She didn’t feel she or the children were in danger, but she wanted an explanation and validation.

Her three story townhouse was not old. However, the land is ancient. The spirit energy seemed to be connected to her, and not her property. She has had experiences in other houses.

We did our usual sweeps. Nothing showed unusual activity. However, in the playroom downstairs, I was poked in the back. It wasn’t hard, but someone wanted me to be aware of their presence. Greg and I both felt a presence in the family room.

We used our usual equipment and methods: spirit box, ovilus, flashlight, full spectrum cameras, and questions and answers. It became clear to us that the entities in Ariel’s house didn’t like me at all! In fact, they were hostile! We started in Ariel’s room. She told us that she saw a shadow in the doorway and a female figure between her closet and hall doorway. Her son joined us. Her children were among the best behaved we have encountered! “Have you known her since she was a little girl?” I asked. “Stop!” demanded a man’s voice. He continues, “I told you to stop! Want to hit you! Hey, you damn bitch. I hate you.” Hearing this was unpleasant. When I asked, “When did you meet her?” We got the answer, “23.” Ariel told us she was about 23 when she met her friend Alan. The energy reversed the talk on me with, “Can you see me? Can you turn the light on? We also heard the names Colette and Gilbert in that room. We asked, “Are there two of you here?” “Yes,” was the reply. We heard both a man’s and woman’s voices. We asked if they were related to Ariel. “Her brother,” was the answer. Then, “her grandpa.” They seemed determined to evade straight answers! A female cursed at me several times. Ariel showed her dad’s wedding ring. “What should I do with this? She asked. “Should I give it to Tyler?” The voice responded, “That’s her brother.” He seemed to know family relationships. But the tirade to me continued: “Get out of here! I’ll kill one of you! I’ll f**** you all to hell, bitch! Coming for you!” This entity really had an issue with me! Listening to it all later, it was disconcerting! Other EVP’s to Ariel were much more friendly such as, “I love you! We used the flashlight to communicate, so we were told we were talking to a man and he claimed to know Ariel. We caught two pictures showing energies at the door and in the closet, which are places Ariel says she sees things.

We also found a child in her son’s bedroom. The names we gleaned were Philip and Doobie. “I’m his sister, “claimed a female voice. A male voice admonished, “Respect! You’re not in your place.” I asked, “Do you want help?” “Fortunately, I have it,” retorted the voice. A hissy, “hate you” came through. I seemed to be the target for some real animosity! Why? We heard the name Alan, who was a very good friend of Ariel before he passed away. We asked, “Are you following her?” “Money, her bills, big ones“, was the puzzling response. Ariel sometimes found the closet door open in the morning when she had closed it at night. So we asked, “Will you open the door?” “Yeah, ain’t gonna happen today.” We have photos of energy at the electric outlet. We think it is taking the energy! Her son told us he saw an aqua colored ghost. We have pictures of aqua orbs!

In the little girl’s room, I asked the ghost, “Do you want to play with the flashlight?” “No,” was the retort. We used the spirit box for the session. “Do you like to follow Ariel?” Bored. Nothing,” was the reply. “Do you like the kids?” “F*** you,” was our answer. That was a male voice. “I do,” said another. When we asked if they meant to scare her, a voice retorted, “I do.” “Will you stop” we asked. “I like doing that,” a man’s voice told us. Ariel wanted the noise to stop at night. “Okay, I promise,” a man’s’ voice said. “Do you like pets.” We asked. “You need ‘em more, thanks.” We also heard the word “papa,” possibly indicating her father.

In the family room, I asked the spirit to come get a picture with Ariel and me. We have a photo of energy between us! In fact, we have three pictures that were a direct response to my invitation to “Get your picture taken.” Most of the photos taken show white or green orbs. They are in the places Ariel said she saw or sensed something.

We at OPI believe several entities are in the house. One is negative. The others are benign. According to our medium, they are her family and friends. We believe they are with Ariel, and will follow her. One told us he wouldn’t come when she moved. She is very sensitive, and my be attracting those who want help.