Private Residence Investigation – Ayesha’s House – Cantonment, FL – 10/2013

Ayesha’s House
Cantonment, FL
Oct. 2013

When we heard from Ayesha the first time, she spoke about activity focused on her 5 year old autistic daughter. Her daughter was terrified, she told us. She sent pictures showing a seemingly very frightened little girl. There were orbs in pictures of her daughter. Ayesha herself had been cut twice. She was frightened. Other family members were her two sons, 11 and 14 and her fiancé. We spoke several times before OPI arrived to investigate.

Ayesha and her friend Rocky were with us. The activity seemed to be centered in the family room, living room, and master bedroom. Prior to our arrival, our medium, Dawn, had connected with the souls in the home. She told us that there were three energies – two women, Judi, 21, and Kristen, 40, and a man named William, aged 32.

We began in the living room. The word business came up on the ovilus. “I asked, “Do you want to expand on that?” “Not really,” said a male voice. Music can be heard on the EVPs just before we ask, “Do you have anything to tell Ayesha?” The response was a male voice saying, “Don’t go home!” “Do you have anything to tell us?” we asked. “Yes, shut up!” was the reply.
One of the souls was hostile.

We went into the master bedroom, using the spirit box. Because all three had died young, according to Dawn, I told them we were sorry for their untimely deaths. A female voice asked, “What? “What brought you here,” we asked. “Memories, Remember,” was the answer. We asked about each family member. When we asked about the fiancé, Anthony, the reply was “I hate ‘im. Anthony is cruel. Mocks them” When I played this back for Ayesha and Rocky, Rocky exclaimed, “I told you it’s too much negativity. Ayesha then confessed that Anthony sometimes becomes violent during arguments. I sensed that William was here to protect the family, especially Ayesha. When a voice proclaimed, “I love you,” this seemed to back up my feeling. Aeyshia told us her daughter had suddenly blurted out in school, “God bless you, my son.” We asked, “Who taught her to say that,” three voices responded: ‘Not me. Not me. I did.” As we ended the session, a voice told us, “God bless you!” This seemed to solidify the belief that one of the souls had taught the little girl to say, “God bless you, my son!”

In the family room, I asked, “Are you looking out for them, William?” “Correct.” We also heard the word mommy twice. We were using both the spirit box and speaking directly with them. When we asked, “What kind of work do you do?” The reply was “Spirit.” This may have been a reference to what we do! When we asked if there were any messages for us, we heard, “Go home. Get out.”

Back in the living room, we caught on orb flying up from the couch! We also had two interesting terms: rodeo dog, and wiseman. Aeyshia told us they meant nothing to her. A voice told us, “We know about you!”

We returned to the master bedroom. I asked for a picture, and moments later, we had a picture of energy. “Thank you for the picture!” I exclaimed. “Thank you,” was our retort. One of them cursed at me, and said, “We’re dead.” It sounded like a female voice.

When we showed the pictures to Dawn, she told us that the red and blue was William; the green was Judi; and the blue was Kristen. An older lady was also there. Red is either anger love, blue is tranquility, or green is healing. We believe William was showing his love toward Aeyshia, trying to help her.

Dawn told us she successfully crossed over all three. William initially resisted, but after a few days, realized that he needed to go, because he could do no more here. The family reports a lighter feel to the home. We consider the case closed.