Private Residence Investigation – BeeBee’s Home – Niantic, CT – 07/2014

BeeBee’s House
Niantic, CT
July 2014

We first met BeeBee while we were investigating her friend’s home. She later moved to her family home in another state and began noticing things that might be paranormal. She had strange dreams; she saw a shadow watching her at night; she and her mom heard voices. Her father had died at the house a year before. Her grandparents had lived there, too, for many years. The home was originally built in 1769, and added to over the years. We took our baseline readings in and out of the house. Everything seemed normal.

We began the investigation in the living room, part of the original house. It was very active. We asked if her dad was there. “Daughter,” said a voice. “Friends, OK?” We wondered if there were children. “There could be,” replied a female voice. “They can play with the Raggedy Ann,” we invited. “No!” the voice responded. We think the woman was jealous that other women had come to stay in the house with the children. BeeBee, her mom, and her grandmother were there during the day. We used the flashlight to ascertain the number of children. When we got to the number “5”, the light went off. The REM pod went off several times in the room, indicating that the spirit was using the energy to communicate, or perhaps because of the lights and noise. When we asked, “Did you live here?” the spirit box answer was, “My room was in here.” BeeBee didn’t know of a time when it was used as a bedroom, but the house has a long history! A young child’s voice told us through the spirit box, “He choked me.” It was a very sad moment for us. A male voice declared, “I missed the car.” Our medium, Dawn, told us one of the spirits had been in a car accident. She also believed several children were in the house, and some had been murdered. A man’s voice asked, “Who are you?” The ovilus said “curious.” When Greg took a picture, the ovilus gave us the word “glamorous.” Rather funny, we thought. Dawn had given us names of the children. As I called for each, I had a response from Harmony, Michael, and Brian. My stomach made a rumbling noise. To show a sure sense of humor, a male voice told me, “Have a mint. You need one!” Greg took a picture of a tall shadow. “Was that you?” I asked. “Yes,” responded a voice. I asked if the children all liked to hang out there. “Yes,” was the answer. “Is she your big sister?” Again, “Yes.” Do you feel safe?” Again, “Yes.” BeeBee seemed happy to her that!

In the laundry area is where BeeBee saw the shadow and felt she is being watched. We think his name is John. “Do you think she is your girlfriend or your wife?” we asked. “She is my wife,” the voice told us firmly. The REM signaled then that someone was taking some energy.

In the family room, we asked who looks after the kids. “Father,” was the reply. Suddenly the dog barked, and Greg caught a dark energy near me. We heard Beebe’s dad’s name again, Wayne. The ovilus gave us the word “sorrowful.” A voice told us, “Honor, the main ingredient.” We believe her dad was trying to communicate with her. There were several other words and phrases, including, “Mama told me read this book.” We were told to “shut up” a few times by a female voice. We think it was Brandi, a spirit who was killed in an automobile accident and seemed possessive of the kids.

In the kitchen, we again asked for Wayne. “Which Wayne?” was the question. Both Beebee’s father and grandfather were named Wayne. Would you like your picture taken,” we queried. “Thank you,” said a voice. Indeed, we did get a photo. The dog seemed to see something on the wall, and we got several light anomalies at the time.

BeeBee told us the dining room was the site of frequent family and holiday gatherings. It seemed to hold lots of energy. We used the spirit box. A voice asked, as we showed our laser light, “What is this parlor trick?” Another voice demanded, “Brandi, stop it!” We asked, “Who likes BeeBee?” A child replied, “Father.” A male voice told us, “Wayne loves her.” Voices asked for help. Since Dawn was able to cross over the children, we believe it was them. We are very glad to have assisted! A woman’s voice told us, “They took the keys.” We are told that someone did take the keys to the truck and barn. BeeBee’s mom told Wayne, “You always told me to take care of your girls.” “Don’t quit!” was the retort. A male voice, not of the box asked, “Forgive me.”

We went out to the backyard, but found nothing paranormal. We were a little surprised, since the history of the house was so old, including Native American lands.

We are certain that there was paranormal activity in the home. Dawn believes that only Brandi and John are still there. We are convinced that John trusts that BeeBee is his wife; either in another life, or because she resembles her so much, he has decided to stay for now. BeeBee will tell John she is not his wife and they have never been married. OPI will continue to monitor the situation and be in touch with BeeBee until she feels comfortable and/or the spirits are all gone.