Private Residence Investigation – Sonya’s House – Brunswick, ME – 11/2013

Sonya’s House
Brunswick, ME
Nov. 2013

For several years, Sonya had been experiencing things: shadows, kitchen drawers opening, glasses clanging, and the radio being turned off. Nothing was major, but she wanted some answers. She thought it was a male spirit who was protecting her. Whenever she spoke to her boyfriend on the phone, there was a lot of static.

OPI found nothing unusual in our meter readings, except in the bedroom. We did find most activity centered there. We conducted EVP session there in in the living room. Prior to our visit, our medium, Dawn, had found four souls there. One was a young woman who stayed outside, mostly, and was a look out. The other three were young men who had been involved in violent lives. One, Tyrone, seemed to be the leader and is infatuated with Sonya. We used the flashlight to communicate as well as the ovilus and spirit box. Through the spirit box, we heard a woman’s voice ask, “Come talk.” When I asked someone to turn on the light, a deep male voice told us, “ Oh, no!” The female voice told us, “Papi, my papa, and tito.” All four of the souls were black Americans. One of them asked the question, “They black?” about us. We asked Tyrone if he liked to hang out in the bedroom. “I do,” he affirmed. “We hear that you like to talk sexy,” we said. “I do, natural,” he replied. In response to our query, “Do you want to date Sonya,” we heard, “I’m datin’ her!” There was lots of slang used by these souls. “My bopper” was one. It’s a female status seeker. When Sonya asked, “Do you like me?” His response was, “No, I love you!” We asked if they were from Brunswick. “No, from Temple,” replied a male voice. Temple is a small town not far away. When we asked Tyrone when he had first seen Sonya, a female voice told us, “Shut up!” “Is she pretty?” we asked. “Fly!” came the reply. “Our bedroom” is how the bedroom was referred to. The spirits had decided that Sonya’s place was theirs! Tyrone liked to say X rated things. As an indication of Tyrone’s devotion, a female told us, “He sleeps with her without a gun!” We confronted the four about a neck injury Sonya suffered, she claims at their hands. We were told, “Shut up. Pork chop.” Pork chop is a term that means stupid. “You have to say you’re sorry,” we told them. “Damn it – I know. My baby.”

In the living room, we asked more questions. The term “papito” kept coming up. It’s a term meaning hot or sexy. Tyrone, we believe, was telling us that about himself, to get Sonya to accept him. We asked about Sonya’s current boyfriend. “He’s bad,” was our answer. We asked Jasmine to come talk with us, and she did! She loved Tyrone. But he was rough with her. He told her to “shut up.” He cursed at her. “They white!” was an incredulous exclamation. The flashlight was a useful communicator, since they liked to manipulate it. Towards the end of the evening we had very little interaction with the spirits. Figuring they had said all they had to say, we ended the investigation.

Dawn was able to cross Darnell, Marc, and Jasmine. Tyrone remains behind for now. Sonya tells us that salt baths reduce his amount of touching. We hope he will eventually realize that it’s best for him to crossover.