Private Residence Investigation – Callie’s House – Pembroke Pines, FL – 06/2013

Callie’s House
Pembroke Pines, FL
June 28, 2013

Dawn told us that there were several ghosts, mostly men, with the initial “J’ waiting to talk with me. Some of them were at Tonya’s, and some were at her friend Callie’s. Tonya had told her friend about OPI so we were going to investigate Callie’s, too. She and her son Andy felt a presence. Andy was uncomfortable in his room and was sure something was there with him. We had encountered several presences with “J’ names at Tonya’s’: Jevin, Jenny, Jarret, and Jose, to name a few. Here we encountered Jaime, Jim, and John, and Jessica. They seemed to be happy to just have us there to acknowledge them. Callie’s’ house is a fairly new one in a nice neighborhood. There’s an avocado tree in the back. John is Callie’s father, who passed on when she was 8.

We did our baseline sweeps, and found nothing out of the ordinary. The backyard was normal, too. However, there was a cold spot around the corner between the houses. It may be paranormal related, but we aren’t sure. Dawn thought another entity was Aaron, who had once owned the house. He didn’t like them in “his” house and didn’t like the changes Callie had made. A third presence was Jaime, a young girl who had been murdered and sought refuge in Callie’s room.

We began investigating in Andy’s room. We conducted a spirit box session and allowed Andy to ask some questions. “Are you happy here?” netted the reply “Yeah,” in a male voice. “We’d like to know your name.” The answer was, “I know.” However, he didn’t give it. “Talk to me,” I asked. “We’re doin’ it!” was the retort. The male voice said, “Help me. Please.” At the end of the session, when we asked, “Is there anything you want to say?” a man’s voice said. “It’s been grand!” That seems like a rather old fashioned expression, perhaps one Callie’s dad may have used.

We moved into the master bedroom, where Jaime was. Aaron may have followed me! “What can we do to help you?” got the answer, “Get out!” A female voice then said, “Don’t get out!” We think it may have been Jaime, wanting us to help her. Jim was in here, too.

In the family room, Greg told Aaron he needed to move on, it’s not his house anymore. The ovilus spoke the word “comfortable,” maybe conveying that Aaron was comfortable there. “You have no rights here.” Our EVP was “cooperate.” He may have been willing to cooperate at this point.

We didn’t have a lot of activity, so I went back to the master. I put a flashlight down on the bed, turned on. “What’s happening?” was a question we heard later on the recordings. I asked Jaime to turn off the light, and it went off. I tried to get more activity with it, but the flashlight remained off.

Later, in the living room, Andy and I were talking about music. A completely off track comment was made by an unseen presence. It is very clear! “And I can’t even think of his favorite film!” was the comment. We aren’t sure who this might be or why it was said!

Back in the master, Jaime, or what seemed to be her, was playing with the light! We all went in. We asked her to make the light bright, and three times she said, “real bright!” Then, “take me now.” We think this is a reference to Dawn telling her she would help her cross over. “I still love him,” may be referring to the one who killed her. Dawn believes it’s her brother. She told Dawn she was afraid of Andy. When we asked if he could stay during the cross over, the lite brightened to say “no.” He was disappointed, but left. “Take me home!” we heard her say on the EVP. Jaime played with the flashlight and the room freshener light, and then we crossed her over.

In the family room, our EVP session yield a male voice, perhaps Aaron, saying, “You may have bought a house from me . . “ and then trails off. When I focused the camera on the artwork, a voice said, “artwork.” “Do you like the artwork?” A response from the ovilus said, “Artwork.” There was a huffing noise, picked up on EVPs, followed by the comment, “I just breathe.” It’s a little puzzling. Who was speaking? And what did it mean?

The orb activity seemed intelligent. In the morning, after the investigating, we all formed a circle and crossed over Aaron and John. Andy, we hope, is more comfortable in his home and with the idea of other presences. They didn’t hurt him, or threaten him. He just felt intimidated. We hope he no longer feels that way. We’ll continue to monitor.