Private Residence Investigation – Carol & Tim’s House – Venice, FL – 02/2014

Carol and Tim’s House
Venice, FL
Feb. 2014

Carol told us that she had been experiencing activity for years. None of it was threatening, although it could be annoying. Her granddaughters had recently moved in and one was afraid to be in her room alone. Carol and her family wanted validation, and wanted to know who might be sharing the home with them. When we arrived, Carol, her husband, Tim, and daughter, Jenny were waiting. Our medium had reported that a total of 8 spirits were in the home, including 3 little girls. One was a male, one teenage, and three women. One of the women was the mother of the twins. This checked with the little girl’s report that a little spirit girl was in her room, and that was why she was scared. Carol told us she would see a small figure peek around the corner at her. The entire family as witnesses various events. Things were starting to disappear, including a hair straightener. She was the first resident of the home, and had resided there for over 20 years. There had always been activity, although it seemed to have become more frequent in recent years.

Meter readings throughout the house seemed normal. However, as soon as we took the K2 from the case, it began to light up, flashing to red, indicating a paranormal presence. The Raggedy Ann doll, which we had brought as a trigger for the little girls, also showed activity.

Since we were in the living room, we began there. Through the spirit box, we got a “hello.” I then asked to speak to each soul individually, using the names Dawn, our medium, had provided. “Is Kelly here?” “No.” was the reply. “Denise?” “What up?” answered a feminine voice. “Kathy?” “Right . . .here”, was the response. Greg was taking pictures, so I said, “You’re getting your picture taken.” “We’d like that!” spoke what sounded like two little girls. During the session, both the K2 and the Raggedy Ann were blinking in response to questions, demonstrating activity. Afterwards, we checked the Mel meter, and it showed a temperature difference of four degrees, significant for something sitting in the same place over a period of about 15 minutes.

Since the granddaughter was afraid to stay in her own room, we went there next. She said a little girl stayed in her closet and said mean things. We held the session next to the closet. Both the K2 and the Raggedy Ann were active. The flashlight went off and on in response to questions several times, too. There were several pictures showing spirit energy. Using the spirit box, we asked questions. A child’s voice told us, “People smoke”. Carol confirmed they do smoke. I asked if the girls liked video games. The lights on the K2 and doll indicated a yes, but a voice through the spirit box told us, “No”. It may have been 2 of the children speaking to us. Also, what sounded like a child’s voice chanted, “Calling all children. Calling all children”. The little girls names were Marsha and the twins were Kristen and Kayla. We asked Marsha when she went to school, and the meter response indicated the 1970’s. If so, that validates Carol’s claim that there has always been a presence. Marsha has been there a long time.

From there we went into the master bedroom. “Howdy”, said a voice through the spirit box. We also heard, “Help me”. When I told the little girls again that Raggedy Ann was there for them, we heard “Thank you”. An interesting response to the query, “Do you like the children in the house?” was, “That’s us!” Did the ghost children resent the living ones? Did they not see the granddaughters? We asked if they were in the home because of Carol. “Mom”, was the reply. Carol is a mom, and perhaps Marsha saw her as a mother figure. She followed up with, “I love her”. When I asked, “Did you have a Barbie doll?” a woman’s voice replied, “I owned a Barbie”.

In another bedroom, the family reported an occasional foul odor. We asked who made the smell. We determined through a flashlight conversation it was Kathy, the teenager. When we asked her about it, she replied, “Shut up”. We then asked her if she could give us that smell. Greg and I smelled something like a gym locker-room. We thanked her for cooperating with us. Carol and her daughter said they smelled something, too, but not quite what we smelled. Kathy told us with the flashlight that she felt safe in the house. We asked if she had a favorite space. “This room is”, she reported. She also spoke through the spirit box, “Tell me you love me”. She seemed like such a sad girl. A fascinating comment was made by a female voice when I asked for Anise: “Show yourself. You don’t have to be afraid”. Could this soul not see us? Were we both is the same situation, hearing but not able to look at who was talking? When asked for a name, a male voice told us, “Swampthing”. We believe it was Jonathon, the male entity. I commented that Jonathon seemed to be the boss, since his voice came through so often. “That’s what men do”, commented a woman’s voice.

We checked the Mel meter in the living room again, and this time it showed a temperature change of almost three degrees. Greg was able to capture some pictures showing orbs and spirit energy.

The family was happy to have validation for their experiences. Carol told me that since her granddaughter wasn’t sleeping through the night, she went into the bedroom, and spoke to the spirit girls about behaving. That night, the child slept all through the night. She is the mom, after all.