Private Residence Investigation – Casey’s House – 01/2013

Casey’s House
Okeechobee, FL

Casey called OPI to tell us that she was hearing noises, seeing figures from the corner of her eye, smelling phantom smells, and had the feeling of being watched. She lived alone with her cats. She wanted to be sure she wasn’t imagining seeing and hearing things. The ghost, she said, didn’t like it when she opened her windows. She heard a man yell, “No!” as she was cleaning.

When we got to her home and began to take readings, we realized that her EMF readings were excessively high! The Mel meter registered lines instead of numbers because the reading was off the charts! Behind the stove and sink, and also in the bedroom closet and especially by the bedroom window, the readings were in the hundreds! High EMF reading can affect people by giving them headaches, making them feel they are being watched, and even cause them to hear things. We set up night vision cameras in the spare room, the living room and the hallway outside the bathroom. Casey claimed that in the bathroom she always felt someone watching her.

We tried using the flashlight to communicate, but the results were minimal. The flashlight would go on, but it was very difficult to get answers. Usually we would have to leave and then come back when the light came back on. EVPs revealed two men talking. One said, “Do it!” with anger and another answered, “It’s hard.” There was a back and forth again. We did manage to glean that one was a male, had never lived in the trailer, wanted her to go and be left alone. Beau, Greg and I tried some mild provocation, but it really did not want to communicate beyond letting us know it was there. I heard something whisper a “Psss” in my ear, and when I told Greg, he said an orb had just passed by my head!

During one EVP session, in answer to my question of “Who is here?” A male voice answered “N####r.” A few seconds later, it repeated the word. The N word is not one we hear today, so I was somewhat taken aback. There were a few “F### you” exclamations, but not much information. In response to the question, “Did you like her husband?” a man stated, “Sort of.” A voice asked me, “Who are you?” A little child’s voice affirmed, “Yes!” when asked, “Do you like Casey?” “Can you say hello?” I asked. A child’s voice responded, “Hello.” Casey told us she heard a man’s voice in the hall that said, “Damn! Shouldn’t be here!”

There are orb pictures in the kitchen near the corner, where Casey said she felt a man watches. I, too, felt as though someone was there, the hairs on my neck and shoulders standing up.

A woman or girl did some chanting, caught on an EVP.

The night vision camera caught several orbs together that came from the second bedroom where the cats stay, and there were orbs in the kitchen.

We investigated the house and the outside, then left the cameras running all night. Casey reported that the house was unusually quiet during the night and she was able to get some sleep.

Dawn, our medium, returned with Greg and me. Her impressions coincided with our evidence. There are children outside, playing with the cats, but they have crossed over and return only to play. The man who was angry was an older black man who once lived on the property. He had a house, and several acres. The property has been parceled. He wanted his house back and felt that Casey was living in his house. He had telekinetic powers. Casey had told me that one night she found the water in her kitchen sink running, and that the TV would go on and off on its own! He gave his name as Harold. Dawn thought she could cross him if she could bring his wife back momentarily. He finally gave her name as Wilma. I asked if he was the one who had called me that name. He was, because I was wearing dark clothing, he claimed. And he was angry that we – OPI – had come into his house. Dawn brought Wilma to the house, through the help of St. Michael and St. Gabriel. We then formed a circle, extended our palms upward and open. Dawn prayed. Casey felt tingling in her fingers, as did Greg. I felt hands on my shoulders. Eventually, Dawn told us they were both gone. Casey said she heard a man’s voice say, “Go together!” She and Greg were feeling emotional. We told Casey she could open her curtains and let in the light and air now. She had been afraid before, thinking the ghost liked the dark. We left her smiling, which made us feel great!

The name had been changed to protect our client’s privacy.