Private Residence Investigation – Kathy & Robin’s Home – 2nd Visit – 07/2013

Kathy and Robin
Visit 2

“They’re showing themselves to me,” Kathy told me over the phone. “I see a little shadow run across the basement towards the stairs.” She and Robin wanted us to do a further investigation to determine what other energies might be there. Back to the mountains of North Carolina! This time Greg and I were sleeping in the “spooky room.” This was the room where we all felt the negative energy. The Civil War soldier was no longer there, according to our medium. She told us that he had come to her to cross over. Dawn, our medium, said he told her there was too much negative energy in the house for him! This was the negative force, leaving because of too much negativity!

We began in the basement. Our first EVP was a woman’s voice saying, “Help!” That was followed by a male voice saying, “Getting the devil.” Then a male voice said words that sounded German: “Gott sprachen” which translates to “God spoke”. We were able to capture pictures of bright spirits in the basement. A man’s voice asked for the homeowner. When I asked, “Do you mean harm?” the response was “hardly!” During another session, we used the flashlight method. Our encounter claimed to be a Native American girl child, but gave us little else. We got the name Liam on both an EVP and the ovilus. Another EVP asked, “Why don’t you breed them?” We guess this was about the rescue dogs Robin and Kathy care for. The entity said “no” in reply to “Did you live on the plantation?” “Are you sad?” we asked. “Oh yes,” was the retort.

In the room we were staying in, I played a hymn. I did this because a medium from another group told us she saw a Quaker family there. When the song finished, I had conflicting comments. A female voice said, “Stop!” A male said, “Yes, be!” which seemed to indicated approval of the hymn. At a later session, a female told me to “get out!” “Is there a family here?” I asked. “No!” was the reply. “Would you hurt anyone?” we queried. The answer was, “That’s trouble!” The woman rejoined, “Devils!” We did capture spirit energy on the bed that was quite bright.

In the upstairs office, a malicious comment was made by a male voice. “You two will be the next to die!” It was unsettling! We don’t know if he was referring to Greg and me or the cat and me, since we were the only ones there at the time. After hearing that, I went back up and demanded to know why the remark was made. All I could get was a male voice saying, “You were way out.” And a female voice saying, “You want out?” Something was trying to scare me, but it didn’t work! Other EVPs included “Where’s your halo?” and a voice telling me “I hate ‘em!” in answer to my question, “Do you play with the cats?”

A dark brown energy was in the living room. It was the only photo of negative spirit we have.

Next to it is the family room. “Get out now!” and “F**** you,” said a male voice. Kathy and I used the flashlight to communicate with the ghost in there. Asking it to turn the light off and on, we determined it was a woman. She said the word ‘mother.” She told us “I’m so lost here.” When we asked about crossing over, the ovilus spoke the word “Jesus.” It then spoke “hid.” “Are you afraid of Kathy,” we asked. “No.” “Are you afraid of her mom?” “She’s like a child,” was the response. “I’m afraid of my” either mother of father, she told us. “Lost’ was the next word on the ovilus. The light went on after a question about being afraid of being judged. This indicates to us that she is, and has chosen to remain here.

Kathy and I also encountered someone in the dining room. We had several “hellos.” The flashlight turned on and off in response to questions, demonstrating that someone was indeed in the room with us, although we gleaned very little information from that method.

The kitchen also had energy. Greg had taken a photo of a bright energy in the basement. I asked, “Are you the one her took the picture of?” The flashlight grew very bright! Kathy told the spirit that it was beautiful. Again, the flashlight grew very bright! We asked if it was spirit guide. It replied in the affirmative. It told us it was there to help both Robin and Kathy’s mom.

We held a long session in the master bedroom. We used the flashlight, spirit box, video camera, and ovilus. Whoever was there told us his name was Clarence and he was Native American, using the flashlight. Using that method, we also learned he was between 50 -60 years old and was somehow connected to the homeowners. When we asked about other ghosts, he answered on an EVP, “my brothers.” We thought he might be either Kathy’s father or Robin’s, but he said no. He answered, “Six” to the question, “How many of you are there?” We then got a photo of spirit energy with six distinct parts! Was that a demonstration?

There seemed to be constant activity during our investigations. Kathy makes her own sage candles and burns them all day to help keep the house positive. The rescue animals thrive with her and Robin looking after them! We continue to monitor the case. There will always be spirits there. The house is on the top of a mountain, on very old property, adjoining an old cemetery, with several streams.