Private Residence Investigation – Kathy & Robin’s Home – 04/2013

Kathy and Robin’s Home
Rutherfordton, North Carolina
April 2013

When we first spoke to Kathy, she said she knew there was a paranormal presence in her home. She felt she herself was under attack. Shadows glimpsed out of the corner of her eye, her dogs and cats reacting to an unseen presence, feelings of rage and thoughts of hurting her beloved animals were her main concerns. Her husband, Robin, also felt a negative energy whenever he pulled onto the property. He had become short tempered and often didn’t feel well. One bedroom in particular had an unwelcoming presence. Her niece had stayed with her and slept in the room. She always felt uncomfortable and had the feeling she was being watched. The house is relatively new, built in the 1980s. However, it is on land that was part of a tobacco and cotton plantation. Situated at the top of a high hill, it has a breathtaking view! At the bottom of the hill is an old slave home, still being used as a residence. Adjacent to the property is a slave cemetery. During our research, we found that the area had Revolutionary War and Indian War sites. A stagecoach line ran close by. The site was a logging property. Therefore, there were many possible reasons for hauntings. Native Americans, pioneers, slaves, soldiers, and loggers had inhabited the land at various times.

Our medium, Dawn, visited the home psychically. She found several children there. She didn’t know how long they had been there or what time period they were from.

Our first trip to the house was to get acquainted with the homeowners and get a sense of the house itself. We made friends with the dogs and cats. They would have to be restrained for the investigation the next day. We all sensed heaviness in the one bedroom!

When OPI arrived at the house late in the afternoon, we set about taking meter readings and getting a sense of the place. We found nothing abnormal in the EMF. We put our Raggedy Ann doll on the bed as a trigger for the children. In addition, various points on her will light up as energy approaches. The dining room, just below the bedroom, also gave us a feeling of being watched. Kathy told us that often the dogs would sit and stare at the ceiling, although neither she nor Robin saw anything. We set up camera in the hall looking into the bedroom, in the dining room, and in the basement. That is where the shadows were seen. The animals were curious, but very well behaved. Greg took a liking to one in particular and joked that he’d be taking her home.

In the photos, we caught a dark shadow in the living room-dining room which moved higher in the room and then disappeared. In the bedroom upstairs, another dark shadow obscured a picture on the wall! Dawn saw a child in one picture, looking in from the front porch. In the upstairs bedroom, a bright white figure was caught leaping to the dresser top. Kathy told us the beanie babies on top are often rearranged. Dawn believed the figure was an animal. In the living room, we photographed a dark brown spider shaped figure! We think it’s a negative energy! In the dining room, we have a picture of several green orbs. Green is a healing color! By magnifying the photo, we were able to see what looks like a man’s face! Kathy told us the next day that she watched one dog reacting to the orbs as she watched the monitor. Some seemed to frighten him, and he would cower; but other roused him, and he moved closer as if to greet them! Many of the photos have orbs; some of them Dawn says are crossed spirits. Perhaps they are there as protectors. Kathy believes they may be some of her pets who have died.

Angel and I walked out to the barn where we conducted an EVP session. When I asked if somebody had done something to wrong the ghosts in the house, we heard the reply, “Yes.” When we reminded them that Kathy and Robin had done nothing to hurt them, the answer was, “Nope.” We also picked up the names Anna and Ben. We heard an odd noise, but when Kathy came out, she told us it was the pony eating! We couldn’t see him in the dark!

In the basement, our EVP session yielded some interesting results. A woman’s voice asked, “She can’t see us?” This was, we postulate, a reference to me. A man demanded. “Get out!” The name Rosie came through. Another woman said, “Leave us.”

In the kitchen, we had a flashlight session with a ghost who identified herself as Cindy, a 10 year old girl. Dawn had encountered Cindy, too. Cindy seemed to like Greg so he asked most of the questions. She didn’t give us too much information, but would turn the light on and off at request. She liked the animals. Our video camera filmed an orb near the flashlight! “Help me” was heard several times in the session and there was an orb we caught later on the video!

In a second bedroom, a woman’s voice stated, “I’m sorry.” We caught the names Rick and Julie. When asked, “Are you waiting for something? “a man’s voice stated, “Yes.”

Kathy and Robin wanted to do an EVP session in the upstairs bedroom, so we sent up there to record their questions and comments. It was the most interesting session of all! Kathy asked, “Can you hear me?” Her answer was, “Yes. Hello.” Several seconds later, a male voice asked, “Who’s he?” Both Robin and Greg were in the room, but Greg was the stranger there. A female voice spoke the word, “Mommy.” Then there is the sound of a child humming. That relates to Dawn’s claim that several children were in residence. We asked if there were slaves here. “I don’t care!” was our response by a woman. “Did you care for the slaves” “Never!” was the reply. Kathy asked, “Do you like living here?” “Heck, no!’ was the reply! It was a man’s voice. Other EVPs include “my daddy,” “priest,” and “mommy, mommy.” When I was talking to Kathy, a female voice told me, “Quiet!” Then a young child’s voice said, “Mommy, the pigs.” We wondered if the child was referring to wild boars or domestic pigs, or speaking in code. This was an area for the Civil War, and from the location we could see the valley. It was an interesting question. When Robin told the ghost to leave, to cross over, a male responded, “I’ll think about it!” Quite a fascinating comment! Robin continued, “How many are there?” “Us,” was his answer. “What do you want from them” we asked. “Love me,” said a child’s voice. Another voice said, “I go to the light.” A few seconds later, a juvenile voice said, “We’re evil!” When asked how long they have been there, they reply was, “F*** me!” Further comments included “We’ll be good” and “kids.” Robin told them, “You’re making us not feel well.” “You, yes,’ was the rejoinder. Kathy asked, “Did you hurt my animals?” “I did” “Hurt me.” This seemed to be a reason for hurting the animals, much like a child would do. In a separate EVP session, we were told, “They’ll hurt you.” Another voice retorted, “Hurt ’em back!”

In the backyard we captured some energy orbs on camera. EVPs include “I live alone!” “No! “Want to hurt them” in answer to the question, “Do you like animals?”

Dawn crossed the children, and their mother, who was reluctant to leave. She told us one child was rather negative. We saged the house, but Kathy and Robin say the negative energy is still there in the bedroom. The case is still open as we continue to help them rid the home of negativity and be at peace.