Private Residence Investigation – Cicely’s House – Tallahassee, FL – 06/2013

Cicely’s house
Tallahassee, FL
June, 2013

Cicely called us with a report of her husband being scratched. Her stepdaughter also had been scratched once. Further, orbs flew around the room where her husband played his music. We visited, and she had further information. She and her step daughter, Jane, had videos on their cell phones of intelligent orb activity. A voice told them he hated them and wanted them to die. They believed he was a type of Hindu deity, because they said he told them this. They had been using a Ouija Board.

Mel meter readings and K2 readings were completely normal. There was a sense of presence in the music room and also in the back yard. After a while, we noticed the same male voice on the Spirit Box. We caught a picture of two heavy dark shapes in the dining room. A bright arc of light was present in the music room. We noticed very cool air in the main part of the house, and the REM pod indicated several times a change in its electromagnetic field. Using the Sprit Box, I heard vulgar phrases numerous times.

In the backyard, we conducted two EVP sessions. A voice asked, “Who’s that?” When I asked “Who is out here?” we received the jocular retort, “MaryJo.” Another joking response was when I asked if anyone had something to tell me. “Get Facebook.” Perhaps someone recently passed on? When I told our medium, Dawn, this she laughed, and said that a similar comment had been made to her on her trip there! A dog barked next door, and a child’s voice, caught on camera said, “He lives around here.” I asked where the negative energy was coming from. “The car has it,” was the reply we heard later. Dawn thinks the negative energy we photographed in the house is two women who followed Cicely home from a friend’s house. Thus, her impression correlates to what the entity told us. We also heard what might be words in a foreign language and a Spanish accent. “Ramon” was a name we heard. It could be Native Americans and Spanish soldiers from the early days of Florida. Many troops crossed from Pensacola to St. Augustine and back through Tallahassee, and many died in the fighting between Spanish and Indians. A child’s voice answered, “Wolf,” when I asked if anybody liked animals. What was even more interesting is that the family dog was in the yard with me at that time! Was she commenting on the dog?

In the music room, I tapped on the drum and cymbal, and two voices responded with, “What’s that?” and “Merry Christmas!” We asked Jane to play her guitar and sing. Three orbs seemed to come out for her! We asked her to do the same thing in her room, and an orb shot across the room. I heard chanting and music in the music room, with my ears, and later on the EVPs!

Listening to EVPs later, we were very surprised at the strong negativity of the ghosts in the main part of the home. When asked why they were trying to scare the family, answers included, “Bite me,” They’re pigs!” and “F*** me.” In the main bedroom, our EVPS had the phrases “I’m going to hurt you.” And “Mark her.” Once I was back at the hotel, we noticed I had scratches on my neck! A man’s voice said “creep” and “creepy”, captured on EVP. We’re not sure who or what he was talking about. An answer that was rather eerie but responsive was “I’m in the room” when I asked “If you are in the room, let us know.” “Let us see you!” we demanded. Through the spirit box, a voice said, “I did!” We didn’t see you, I responded. “What?” came the voice. “Maybe she didn’t” said another. We also had two voices ask for help. This was a site where the ghosts really were hostile, more than is the other places we have investigated. I’ve been cursed at before, but this was a record, and the first time I was scratched. The hostility aimed at the family is very strong!

We explained to Cicely that she needed to do more things that are positive because she admitted she is depressed. The negativity of these ghosts can wear her and her family down. They have all been scratched. There are some funny ghosts there, but they can be overpowered by the negativity, too. We really hope Cicely follows through.