Private Residence Investigation – Clarie’s Property – Woodbine, GA – July 2016


Woodbine, GA

July 2016

Clarie contacted us because she and her young son were hearing noises and felt they were being watched. She had taken pictures in her yard and captured many with orbs and one of a shadow person. She also has the steps from the old courthouse, because she attended church service there as a young child. The property has been in the owner’s family for generations. The tree was near where the courthouse used to stand, and is over 200 years old. Locals believe there were several hangings here. Only one has been documented. However, it is in a very rural area, and many events could have occurred without public knowledge. Also, the courthouse records have burned, and so there is no way to tell with certainty how many deaths can be attributed to legal executions. Clarie’s Native American grandfather is alleged to be buried on the property, although I did not know this before we investigated. An old cemetery is in the back. A street light was going off for no mechanical reason. There are many opportunities in this mix for paranormal activity. We only investigated the yard on this trip.

We held our first session in the yard under the Hanging Tree. We took baseline meter readings, which were normal. There were power lines across and above the yard, but no other electrical appliances. We set up first under the tree. The responses were relevant and intelligent. Almost immediately, as I said, “We’re under the hanging tree”, we heard a moan. This was while listening to the EVPs. We turned on the SB11 and a male voice asked, “Who wants us?” A female voice said her name and “mama.” The male asked, “What are these guys doin’?” The words hid and decapitated appeared on the ovilus. When I asked if any spirits were from the 1900s, a male replied, “Abe,” and then a female chimed in, “Me, too.” I asked about the Klan, since the location would historically have been a Klan stronghold. “That’s rotten,” a male voice declared. I heard this at the time. I then asked, “Why don’t you want to talk about the Klan?” “The killed me!” a young male voice called out. We asked about the family of this person. “Family?” the voice repeated. He then told us, “I’m Nate.” I wondered aloud if he was the shadow Clarie saw. “Not me,” he said. When I asked how many were on the property, he told us, “21.” During this time, we also used the K2 as a communication device and asked yes/no questions. One of the people thought to be hung at the site was man who had stolen a cow to feed his starving family. When we asked if he was with us, the K2 flashed to red, indicating he was. I asked if he was trying to feed his family and again the K2 flashed to read, as a yes.

Next, I used my phone to play some old spiritual hymns. I questioned if they had struck a chord with anyone. The K2 showed that it had, somewhat. I also tried the dowsing rods, but had no clear results. The K2 did flash several times, demonstrating a presence. The bugs were a real nuisance, so we used more insect spray. I asked if anyone there had used it. “Instant,” a female voice told us, through the spirit box. What looks like an orb shot from the K2. I asked if a woman was here. A female voice, not from the spirit box, said, “Yes.” I told them they were scaring Clarie and her family. “I know,” she responded. A female with an island accent retorted, “Need to get over eet!” When I mentioned the little boy, “Bless the little children,” was the response. We asked the spirits to go to the light. The K2 flashed to red, and then did it again. I ended the SB11 session as I always do, by counting back from 3. When I said “2” a voice queried, “That 2?” “Ask Bill,” a male voice stated.

I walked underneath the tree, where it was colder than where I had been sitting. I wondered if Native Americans were nearby. The K2 flashed to red, then orange, and then the camera went out of focus momentarily. I played some Pow Wow music, causing the K2 to again flash to red. I asked if he/she would like to hear more. The K2 flashed to red. We believe these were affirmative responses to my questions.

We moved to the area where Clarie had the photo of the shadow, which seemed to be crouching and propping his head with his hands. The REM activated, signifying spirit energy. I told the spirits that we were from Port St. Lucie, and asked if they knew where that was. “I don’t,” a voice replied. Port St. Lucie was only founded in the mid 1960s, so anyone before that would have no idea of it. When we asked about spirts, a male voice answered, “Ah be one.” I think that shows humor. “Did you die on the property?” was answered with, “I guess so.” This might have been a route of the Underground Railroad, so I questioned if someone was running away. “Runaway,” a voice answered back. A male voice then declared, “We’ll raise him right!” in a New England accent. I asked the spirits to cross the dowsing rods, and they crossed! One of the few times we had a real reaction that night!

Our final site was the steps. Clarie had two sets of steps in her yard that came from the old courthouse. She told me when she was a little girl, her family’s Baptist services were held in the courthouse, and that is why she brought them home. Many prisoners walked these steps going into and out of the courthouse. We asked if anyone knew about the streetlight that went out from time to time, with no mechanical reason. There was a “Nooo,” in answer. We asked about the shadow figure, and a male voice said, “Cop.” I wanted to know if someone resented Clarie living there. The response was an affirmative, expressing anger at her race, which is Black American. Because she told me she had seen her son’s Ironman mask fall from the shelf, I asked about it. “A good sleep,” a female voice replied. Maybe she thought the boy would sleep better without the mask, that she thought it scary. I asked that the spirits stay out of the house, since they were scaring the family. A male voice indicated, “We a visit.” We had a few toys as trigger objects for children, and I commented that the toys couldn’t hurt anyone, that they were there for the children. A child like voice responded, “Thank you.” “Were you in the courthouse as a prisoner?” we asked. “Never!” was the adamant male response. A male voice said, “Beat ‘em boys.” As I closed the session and asked if there was anything anyone wanted to tell me, I heard a “Thank you,” over the SB 11. Greg was able to catch on the Kinect a figure near me.

We will be returning to the property on Sept. 10th to investigate the home, and perhaps the cemetery.