Private Residence Investigation – Curt’s Home – Knoxville, TN – September 2013

Curt’s House
Knoxville, TN
Sept. 2013

Curt told us he had lots of activity: he’d seen shadows in his home, heard voices, things were knocked off tables, items were moved, he and his sons heard footsteps, his dog barked at nothing he could see, and two of his dogs had died within 6 months. His nephew claimed he saw an apparition of Curt’s dad. Curt said that when he and his sons try to record, the activity dies down. He lives next door to his mother. The property has been in the family for 80 years. Before that, it was part of a farm belonging to someone else. His mother’s house is 100 years old, originally just 2 rooms. He and his sons have been to Waverly Hills and Old South Pittsburg Hospital, and he was concerned something had followed him home.

Dawn, our medium, paid an astral visit to the property. She reported that as many as 30 entities were sharing the two homes. When we arrived, Curt told us his mom was hearing her husband’s voice. He also thought the grandparents might be there. He called them Ma and Pa. Since we were investigating 2 properties this night, we started with his mom’s house. It was small, but well organized. Both Curt’s dad and grandmother died in the home.

At Curt’s suggestion, we began an EVP session in his mom’s room. There was no communication for several minutes, but then a voice announced, “I’m Michael.” Curt told us he didn’t know a Michael. “Angel,” said a voice. This could be an effort to contact our investigator, Angel, or he could be telling us he was the Angel Michael. The male voice told us, “I have Nickelman to help me.” We asked Curt about Nickelman, but he was at a loss. We had active meter readings with the Mel meter in the bedroom, especially on the side of the bed which Curt said was his Ma’s. I sensed a presence there, too.

In the living room, we began our next session. I used the spirit box. Curt’s dad died in his chair in this room. It was an active session. “Who’s here?” we began. “I’m Thomas. I’m here!” Thomas was Curt’s dad! Since Curt told us the family was musically inclined, we asked, “Did you play an instrument?” “We did,” was the response from a male voice. Continuing that train of thought, we asked, “You must have liked gospel music.” I mentioned a few gospel melodies, and when I came to, ‘Let There be peace in the Valley’,” he replied, “That one!” “Did you like Flatt and Scruggs?” .“Good one,” he answered. After that, other entities seem to have entered the conversation because we had some foul language. When we asked, “Did you follow him from Waverly?” our answer was, “Yes!” One voice told us, “We’re devils!” Another retorted, “We’re priests!” We had some other responses, but nothing made much sense.

Into the kitchen for another session, a man called out, “Howdy!” which we picked up later. Curt said that was an expression his dad used. “We’re often around the best around,” was a puzzling statement from one of the souls there. We heard the names Howard, Aysha, and Angel. When we asked, “What do you think of his sons?” we heard two responses: “Hey, f*** you,” and “I hate ‘em.” This might be the ones who followed them from one of the haunted locations they investigated. At the end of the session, a singsong voice intoned, “Everybody’s kind!” We believe we were getting all the spirits in the area to talk with us.

Back in the living room, I asked, “Do you have anything to say?” I do. Robo. I’ll kill him!” Robo is the nickname for our tech guy, and this entity obviously didn’t like him at all! Other EVPs include “”He waits for me” in a sobbing female voice; “I think he’ll do it – the project;” and “Give up! Get weapons!” These didn’t make rational sense to us, or Curt.

We didn’t get a “creepy” vibe in the house. It was full of spirits, and some wanted to scare us, but nothing seemed really threatening. It was a little different when we went over to Curt’s. We started in the living room. Again, it took a couple of minutes for communication to really begin. Using the spirit box, we heard the name Bernadette. We seem to have come upon a conversation between two spirits: “Don’t you get it” asked a woman’s voice. “No,” answered male. Another male retorted, “You wouldn’t’!” When I asked again about Waverly, the rather angry response was, “We did. What about it?” The reply to “Where are you from?” netted, “The devil.” “Go back. Just leave us, I don’t want it to work,” was a statement from what sounded like a young girl. It was in answer to our query, “What can we do to help you?” We also had some more foul language.

We moved to Curt’s room. This was definitely the heavy area of the two properties. The corner is where he sees the shadow most, so I stood there. We have pictures of a dark energy around me, while I was being told, “Get out of here. We’ll get you. Hate you. Kill you. “ A male voice, very soft did most of the speaking. “Shut up. You bore me. F*** you.” I didn’t like that corner.

In the second bedroom, we heard many “get outs. ” An intriguing statement was “I stopped living,” It didn’t seem like the same voice as in Curt’s room. We did hear many times “shut up” and “f*** you.” When I asked, “Where’s Pa?” a male voice said, “Get her. Get her for me.” We’re not sure if it was one of us or another spirit he was referring to!

When we moved back out to the living room, I sat in Thomas’ chair – the one he died in, and asked if it was alright for me to do so. He didn’t seem to respond one way or the other. I asked him to turn on the flashlight, but it only went on when I moved, so we ruled out the probability that he was manipulating it. We asked, “Can you show yourself?” The ovilus answered “can’t.” Many of the EVP indicated very negative presences, including one that answered, “your blood” when we asked, “What do you want?” “Who are?” gave us the retort, “We’re bikers!” We also heard some pleas for help. I addressed Curt’s dad. “Do you know he is taking good care of your wife?” “Hell yeah!” said male voice. Do you come back to check on things?” “Hell yeah,” he said again. Curt told us that sounded just like his dad! Finally, as I ended the EVP session, there was a laugh, which none of us made.

We recommended that Curt call Dawn and ask her to cross over many of the spirits, the ones that were willing to go. Perhaps Thomas has already crossed over and is here to protect his family. One EVP told us “We did,” when we asked if they wanted to cross over. They may have been Curt’s family, but we don’t know. Dawn is able to help them move on, if they are willing.