Private Residence Investigation – Dana Stango’s House – Port Orange, FL – May 2016


Port Orange, FL

May 2016

Dana wanted a team to investigate because she and her daughter had seen faces in the mirror, her forks were disappearing, it sounded as if someone had broken in but no one was there, and she felt cold spots. Dana wasn’t really afraid, but wanted to know what was happening. Her mom had died two years before, and she thought her mom might be the cause of some of the activity. She hoped her mom just wanted to communicate. The home was jointly owned by Dana and her mom, Carol, before Carol’s death. Before that it was owned by several others. Nothing that we know of happened that would have encouraged paranormal activity. Presently Dana lives with her teenage daughter and a roommate.

When the team arrived, we did our baseline sweeps. Nothing unusual was recorded. The team for this investigation was Greg, Angel, Shawnie, and me. We began in Carol’s old room. Carol answered to the name Gammy. We had several Class A EVP’s. I asked, “Can you tell us who you are?” A man’s voice replied, “Ray is here.” We asked, “Do you know Taylor?” A woman’s voice said, “We do know her.” Angel, Shawnie and I commented that Taylor looks young, and she’d be glad about it someday, as Angel and Shawnie are. “I think so, too!” a man told us. We heard that clearly at the time. Shawnie searched for the word that represented the shiny specks on the mirror. “Sparkles,” said Greg. “Diamonds,” a female voice said. The word beat came up on the ovilus. A man’s voice said, “Policeman.” There were several Class B’s and Class C’s, too. The suite had a large walk-in closet.

I felt a presence in the closet, so Shawnee and I went in. A voice said, “Hey, Shawnee,” and there were two knocks. I asked if this was a safe place. A female voice replied, “Stay in the closet.” Shawnie also felt the presence. A male wanted to perform a sexual act with her, and used some profane language. We felt a cold spot, and there were a few Class B’s. This was an area of personal experiences along with evidence.

Dana wanted to participate, so we included her in a session. When I turned on the spirit box, I asked if anyone could say hello to Dana. A male voice said “You’re welcome,” and another said, “Hi.” A female voice spoke the names Shawnee and Angela. This is interesting because we introduced her as Angel. When Dana asked if anyone wanted to play, a male voice answered, “Sure, why not.” Shawnie asked who was with us, and a boy’s voice told us, “Mike.” When Shawnie asked if Uncle Julius was with us, a woman told us, “Surely.” As Dana told us a story, two children’s voices said, “Hi mamma.” When I announced I’d be turning off the box, a man asked, “And you are?” When Greg told us the Kinect had died, a female voice said, ”OH!” There were some Class B’s and Class C’s.

The team moved on the family room. I asked if anyone was from St. Augustine. “Yeah,” a voice replied. “Help,” a voice said, just before Shawnie asked, “Do you need help?” The ovilus said wave, and I asked if somebody wanted us to wave. “That’d be good,” a young voice replied. As I spoke about going to the light, and what Terri told me about it, the light in the next room went on. None of us were in there. It went up two more levels. A woman’s voice answered us, “We’re going.” A young male voice said, “Found it.” Angel and Shawnie went over to investigate and found that the lamp needed to be tapped with some force to come on – it wasn’t just a strong gust of air that would make it turn on. A girls voice said, “Love you, Angel.” A voice from the SB 11 said, “I love you.” She repeated it. She also said, “Dana.” As I ended the session, I mentioned that “You made Dana happy.” “As did you,” a man’s voice answered.

We investigated the garage, especially the car. Dana says she gets many pictures of orbs in the car, and believes they are angels. We found no anomalies in the garage, and had no EVPs.

Finally, we checked the bathroom. This is where Dana and Taylor, her daughter have seen the faces in the mirror. We have no anomalies in the bathroom, except for a picture of a man’s face in the mirror. One EVP – I said I was here alone. “You’re not,” a voice declared.

Our conclusion is that there is paranormal activity in the house. We will probably return for further investigations.