Private Residence Investigation – Darin & Charlene’s Home – Graceville, FL – 03/2014

Darin and Charlene’s Home
Graceville, FL
March 2014

When we first spoke with Darin, he told us he had seen a little boy in his son’s room, looking out the doorway at him; a dark figure was in his room; and his sister slept over and saw something that frightened her. Further, his daughter refused to sleep in her room at night and had seen a man in the bathroom. Since the children were only 4 years old and 17 months old, the case became a priority. The family had been in the house 2 years, and the activity began shortly afterwards.

The family lived in a 3 bedroom apartment in the small town of Graceville, in Florida’s’ panhandle. Greg and I arrived and found nothing unusual in the baseline meter sweeps. Since the little girl in the family, Lucie, wouldn’t sleep in her room, we started there. We brought our Raggedy Ann as a trigger object. She will light up in certain areas if she is touched. I told the souls there that we were there to help. “I don’t want help,” a male sounding voice replied. This soul seemed to be angry the whole evening. Dawn, our medium, believed that there were 4 souls there, a little girl and boy who were brother and sister, a young man named Mitchell, and a young woman named Gerri. We believe the angry man was Mitchell. Dawn told us he had given a car accident as his cause of death at the age of 20. Others there asked for help, as we have several EVPs saying, “Help” and “Help me.”

We moved into the son’s room. A voice sounding like a child told me, “I like you.” Another childlike voice asked, “Would you put that down,” when I used the green laser light. There was an audible growl. I turned and said aloud, “What was that?” We heard children giggling on the EVPs. Were they trying to playfully scare me? The children may be Sarah and Adam, who Dawn trusts are the children in the home. I asked if Adam is there, and I heard on the EVP a “hello.” This was followed by a man’s voice saying, “Adams’ not in the family.” This leads us conclude that the man, perhaps Mitchell, didn’t want the children to communicate with us. We also conjectured that they had formed some type of family structure of their own. I spoke to the little girl, and asked if she liked the baby. “No,” she told me, “He’s a bad baby.” I turned on the laser again and asked the spirit children if they liked it. “Pretty,” said one voice. Another responded, “I like that.” We were told several times to “shut up” and “F*** you” by a man and woman’s voice.

We conducted an EVP session in the parents’ bedroom, but the camera malfunctioned and no visual or audio recorded. It’s very unfortunate, since we might have gotten some important information.

Since there had been some activity in the bathroom, we investigated there as well. Darin had heard what sounded like marbles being dropped and the lights flickered. Greg had already taken some photos that showed spirit energy, including one where I was surrounded by 10 orbs in the bedroom. In the bathroom, he took another, and there were 7. “How many are here,” we asked in a spirit box session. “7” was the response! I asked anyone who was angry that Greg and I were here to turn off the flashlight. “Shut up,” commanded a female sounding voice, that we took to be Gerri, the young woman who had perished in a fire, according to Dawn. She also seemed angry. She continued in fact, “F*** you. Leave us alone!” Again we heard “shut up” come through the spirit box several times. I asked if anyone could tell me their birthday. “I really don’t know, I really don’t know,” responded a voice that may have been a child’s. The meter readings continued to be minimal. So far the flashlight method hadn’t worked.

We settled in the dining area of the great room. This was our most active area! I asked Greg to get me the K2 meter. As he stepped in front of the camera, a shrill voice queried, “Who is that?’ The hostile attitude of Gerri and Mitchell continued. As I explained to Darin and Charlene, they may have believed we would try to force them out and wanted to stay. They didn’t really know us or what our goals were. However, they wouldn’t cooperate by telling us much of anything! We used the spirit box and the ovilus. In response to my question about coming from the 1950s or 60s, a woman’s voice said, “No way before.” Later we heard the year “1788.” If that was the truth, it was in the early years of northwestern Florida’s settlement. As I announced I was ending the session, a juvenile sounding voice asked, “Wait!” Listen to me!” We did keep it on for a while, but couldn’t make out anything more at the time. Later, we were able to hear, “listen” and “help me.” We asked Mitchell if he was the one who made Lucie’s room cold. “I do. What about that!” he challenged. The flashlight then flicked on. We had a short conversation with someone who claimed to be Sarah. The flashlight went on and off in response to yes/no questions. She told us she and her brother had been in the house before this family moved in, and that it looked like the house they once had. She liked playing with the little girl in the home, and the toys, and hadn’t gone to school. She also asserted that she had lived in the Graceville area. During the session, an EVP asked in a young voice, “When’d she go and get you?” We suppose she meant when Charlene got somebody who would speak with her. I knocked on the chair to see if there was a response. I didn’t hear it then, but listening to the recordings later, I heard knocking! In a spirit box session, a woman’s voice pled,” Take me away from all this!” We believe Gerri finally was ready to move on. We asked, “What did you like to do? Hunting” “Yup,” a male voice relied. “Could be,” answered a woman’s voice. “Dance?” “Sort of,” a male voice responded through the spirit box. Through the session, we heard “shut up” again.

We considered we had enough results, and were certain that the family was experiencing paranormal activity. They had tangible evidence for themselves now in the photos, spirit box sessions, and flashlight conversation. As usual, we told them that Dawn would help cross the 4 souls over if they were ready to go. Darin and Charlene were concerned that the children might be hurt, but they haven’t been, and the animosity seemed to be directed at OPI and not the family. We didn’t sense anything evil and they hadn’t experienced anything in 2 years that was malevolent.