Private Residence Investigation – Ellie & Roland’s House – Stuart, FL – 02/2014

Ellie’s and Roland’s Home
Stuart, FL
Feb. 2014

“For 10 years now, my daughter has been seeing apparitions, hearing sounds, hearing voices, and objects are moved,” Ellie told us. “She is becoming very distressed and we want answers.”

We took Dawn, our medium, with us on the investigation. She encountered 6 different spirits at the home. We used our ovilus, spirit box, K2 meter, flashlight, and Raggedy Ann as a trigger object. We conducted several EVP sessions with them, especially with Andy who she said had overdosed at 21 year old. He had quite an attitude! We also met Ray, a 54 year old who died of a heart attack, according to Dawn. Here was a true accident of fate! She actually knew him, years ago, she said! They had a brief reunion! Others in the group, by Dawn’s estimations were Randy, 30, a suicide; Phoebe, 3, a heart defect, Dana, 4, by car accident; and her mom, Wendy, 32, of breast cancer. While all the sessions were interesting, and little Phoebe seemed to really enjoy Raggedy Ann and the K2, our camera malfunctioned, and we did not record any of the sessions but one. We were very upset to not be able to supply the homeowners with our results, but we did have photos, and Dawn was able to help them all cross over. We have checked the camera and it seems to be working fine now. Phoebe called Ellie “mommy and seemed to be there because she felt safe. There was a cat and pool for her to entertain herself. Andy may have been pulled there because he was in construction, as is Roland. Ellie reports that her daughter hasn’t said anything since about paranormal activity.