Private Residence Investigation – Gayle & James’s House – Quincy, OH – September 2013

Gayle and James
Quincy, Ohio
Sept. 2013

Gayle called OPI because she had two children who were being frightened by “a monster.” She and her husband, James, were seeing shadows and feeling cold spots. They said things were being moved. Their 7 year old son would sometimes sleep in their bed because he was afraid. The 6 year old daughter didn’t like being in her room alone.

Their house was built in the early 1990s. The neighborhood is surrounded by cornfields. A neighbor reports that there once was cemetery there. They aren’t certain if the graves were moved or not.

Our first step, of course, was meter sweeps. We had 0.0 on the Mel meter throughout most of the house. Near the refrigerator, coffeemaker, and the wall with the porch lights, there was spiking, but that is expected. However, at seemingly random points, the meter would go to 0.1 and immediately back to 0.0. This happened in the hall, over the daughter’s bed, near the bathroom door, in the living room, and at the kitchen table. In the master bedroom, over the pillow, it did the same thing, and the K2 meter I was carrying flashed to orange! This seemed to be a prankster, letting us know he was there. I had the feeling this might be a child.

We began with a session in the living room. We started with a flashlight conversation. Through asking yes/no questions, the entity present told us she/he lived on the property in the 1600s. This is possible, but since he told us he wasn’t Native American, this would have to be an adventurous explorer! Western Ohio in the 1600s was still unexplored as far as we know. The frontier was still east of the Appalachian Mountains. We were told that there were 6 energies present. During the investigation, we ascertained that there were 2 children, at least 2 men and at least 2 women. That would make a total of 6. Gayle told us that she had 2 family members who have passed on, and she wondered if either of them was there with her. One was her infant son. One EVP told us, “Hello, James, I’m your son.” Whether or not he really was, we don’t know. The ovilus did give us the word “boy.” While I was sitting at the table, the flashlight rolled. I had not bumped or hit the table. When Gayle thought her son might be in the room, she became emotional. A voice told her sympathetically, “There’s nothing that bad.” After several minutes of turning the light off and on, the light began to waver. Thinking the ghost might be tired, I asked, “Are you tired? You’ve been using lots of energy!” Our EVP response was, “Out of energy.” We did get several pictures in the living room of energies. Most of them were positive.

Our second session was in the daughter’s room. A male sounding voice threatened me, “Headache next time.” A very young child’s voice piped up, “Potty.” There was also music coming through. I got words that sounded like, “Wooh, yeah, ya drive me crazy!” Gayle told me it sounds like a song she listens to when she is alone. I had been using the spirit box, and when I said aloud I was ending the session, a male voice intoned, “The big boom boom.” The word “enough” came through the ovilus. It seemed that that was enough in that room, because we got nothing else!

On to the boy’s room! This is where we had the most EVPs! This is where he often sees “the monster.” “Why do you show yourself to Jimmy?” we asked. “I need help.” The voice was labored. “Do you need his help?” we asked. “Yeah, light the fire. Help me” was the answer. The dog barked, and someone asked, “Who’s that?” Dawn, our medium, told us a woman named Charlotte was in the house. She was exceedingly heavy and liked to smoke. She did not like children at all! Dawn believes her to be the most negative energy! Could she be the monster? She might be scaring Jimmy because she doesn’t like him. The excess weight and smoking could give her voice a labored, gasping quality. She could also be the one who tried to crawl into bed with James the night he was sleeping in that room! The same voice pleaded, “Help me, and please help me!” Why was she there? Possibly she was attracted to Gayle’s condition, which makes it difficult for her to walk. Charlotte must have had a hard time moving around. Another voice mocked, “Are you Professor Gambit?” I’m guessing that this was some reference to the character Gambit in the X Files series. “Do you know who we are,” I queried. “What’s your background,” challenged the voice. The other negative energy Dawn found was a man. He was Charlotte’s caregiver, but behaved very inappropriately with her! He refused to give Dawn his name. A female voice lamented, “Nothing’s changed here. Nothing’s changed.” We don’t know what she meant. A very young child chirped, “Hi!” and was told by a masculine voice, “Step aside!” This might have been Charlotte, since she was a smoker, and long years of smoking can deepen a voice. “Did you know we were coming?” we asked. Either a female or juvenile voice told us, “I’ve been tracing you!” We took this to mean, she knew we were coming and has been tracking our progress. “Are you glad we’re here,” we wondered. “I’m not,” growled a deep voice! “Are you the growler,’ we questioned. In response, we got a growl of frustration! “Under” came through our ovilus. “Should I look under the bed,” I asked jokingly. In response, the labored voice told me, “I’ll f*** you. Shit you.” My humor was not appreciated. During this session I used the spirit box, which yielded some result, and the flashlight, which gave us nothing.

I began a session in the master bedroom. I was hoping for some increased activity, since the K2 spike in there, and since both Gayle and James reported shadows. Unfortunately, the first part did not record! In the second part, a child’s voice told me, “I’m not Christian.” I had been asking about religious beliefs. A female voice said, “Never!” responding to “Are you Shinto?” “Where’s the growler,” I asked. “Son of a bisk!” was the retort. I’ve heard “son of a biscuit” before, so maybe this was a form of that. It seemed this soul didn’t like the line of questioning. Our ovilus gave us the name, “Nick.” “I’m Nick,” said someone. “Are you the monster?” “Sure!” was the answer. I asked if he showed himself as the monster. “Gotcha!” was the response. This might have been one of the children, who wanted to play tricks. This might be the same one who took the TV remote and then put it back! “You cannot see me!” gloated someone. Again, this might be the same young soul!

In the living room again, the ovilus gave us the word “mommy.” This could be Gayle, or me. Both James and Gayle wondered if any of James; relatives were there. “Is Dale here?” we asked. “Turn off the light if Dale is here.” The light went off. Dale was James’ brother. We then asked if Clyde, his birth father, was present. The flashlight did an interesting strode effect that we hadn’t seen before! “Clyde’s’ outside,” someone told us. James recounted how one day he felt a cold hand on his shoulder as he stood in the front yard. The flashlight didn’t turn off any more. While using the spirit box, I stated, “Talk to me.” “Good morning!” said a very cheerful male voice! “Do you like dogs?” netted a child’s reply, “Just him.” “I’m trying to help you,” I declared. “Thank you,” was the simple answer. A voice sounding like a woman’s voice said, “James.” Greg was able to get a picture of a red energy that traveled across my legs as I sat in the chair. We couldn’t see it at the time. As I ended the session, I asked if there was anything anyone wanted to say. “Only, how did you find us?”

I was standing near the corner of the living room where they heard the growls. “Why the corner” I wondered aloud. “Stones,” came through the ovilus. Grave stones? I walked around in the yard. The ovilus gave us the words, “soldiers, beat, disaster.” I had a sense of great grief. Was there a battle there, or was it souls buried and left when the homes were built, or was it something else?