Private Residence Investigation – Inna’s House – Tallahassee, FL – 10/2013

Inna’s House
Tallahassee, FL
Oct. 2013

Inna and her sister had seen a male figure go up the steps of their townhouse. He wore khaki shorts. They heard a man’s voice say their names during the night. Inna thought the man might be named Frank. This had been going on for some time, and now they heard a woman’s voice, too. Our medium, Dawn, detected a man and twin women there. Michael was only 32 when he died of stomach cancers, she said. The women, Beth and Jodi, were twins and had committed suicide. The townhouse Inna and Erin shared was fairly new, and Inna’s 7 year old niece lived there, too. Most of the activity was centered in Innis’ room and the stairs and hallway.

When we arrived, Inna was out of town, but her sister greeted us. She took us upstairs. She dropped the bombshell that Inna had used a Ouija board! That is a tool that we strongly disapprove of, because a Ouija user opens a door but can’t control who comes in. It is the same as leaving your front door one all day if you lived in a crowded urban area. Anybody can walk in, We used the spirit box, flashlight, ovilus and camera to communicate.

Most of investigation was in Inna’s room. By employing the flashlight, we were able to determine that all three were in the room with us. When I asked, “Is there anything we can for you?” the reply was, “There is.” However, there was no elaboration! A male voice said, “I love you.” Moments later, the same voice said, “F*** you.” Quite a change of attitude! We heard over the spirit box, “I know” in response to the statement, “You all died way too young.” The flashlight indicated that at least one of the souls there liked both Inna and her sister, Erin. The feelings about the child seemed ambivalent. What appears to be an orb came up from the bed. A child’s voice said mommy, which may have been a passerby. We did hear a man’s voice on our EVPs say Inna’s name at least twice. We also caught, “Help me. Help me. Help me.”

We did two brief sessions in the child’s room. In answer to the question, “Do you ever come in here?” our EVP session yielded, “No, never.” We asked a question about the Ouija board. “It’s bad,” was the comeback. A voice told me to “go home.” When I remarked, “Don’t tell me to shut up,” someone retorted, “I know that!” “Do you bring in others?” “We do!”

An interesting twist is that Erin thought her Grandmother might be there. When I did ask if she was, a voice replied, “Help me help Inna.” It was repeated. We don’t know if it was the grandmother or not, but someone seems to think Inna needs help.

In the hallway, we heard the name Ronnie. Somebody liked Jazz, according to the flashlight responses. Erin told us the chair at the top of the stairs was an antique from the 1920s, so the time frame seems to mesh.

When we showed some pictures of spirit energy to Erin and her friends, they all exclaimed that they knew something was in the house. They seemed relieved that they had not been imagining the sounds and feelings. We explained to Erin and later to Inna that the Ouija board should go, and told them they could call Dawn to help the spirits there cross over. To date, Dawn has not received a call.